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Arooj Ishtiaq

Meet Arooj Ishtiaq, a coffee aficionado and expert content writer with over three years of experience in writing about everything coffee-related. As a self-proclaimed coffee addict, Arooj’s love for this rich and complex beverage has led her to explore and learn about the nuances of coffee from around the world.

Arooj’s passion for coffee is matched by her ability to craft engaging and informative content on the topic. She brings her unique perspective and expertise to every piece of writing she produces, whether it’s a blog post about the latest coffee trends, a product review of the newest coffee brewing equipment, or a deep dive into the history and culture of coffee.

With her wealth of knowledge and expertise, Arooj is the go-to content writer for anything and everything coffee-related.

Location: Westridge 3, Rawalpindi

Education: Bachelors in Medical Labortory Technology from NUMS

Expertise: Arooj Ishtiaq is not just a content writer, but a wordsmith who has mastered the art of crafting compelling and engaging content on all things coffee-related.

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At Bustler Coffee you will get to know each and everything related to coffee. We are not only giving you detailed information about the taste, recipes and machines used for making coffee but we are also providing complete guides on how to solve any issue related to this field. Our intention is to share the information through our own experience.

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