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Syeda Batool Zehra

I’m Karachi-based content writer. In addition to having a Master’s degree in sociology, my expertise is in writing persuasive material, developing interesting features, and refining effective advertising approaches. I’m an avid adventurer, love to read, and am a foodie. As a lifelong learner, I’ve been able to hone my writing skills in a variety of fields, including business and web3.0. My intention is to provide value and insight to my customers through material that is both educational and engaging. I’m excited to be part of the content creation industry and look forward to helping my clients achieve their goals.

Location: Karachi, Pakistan

Education: Masters in Sociology

Expertise: Topic map research, SEO optimizations, User experience & engagement optimizations.

About Bustler Coffee

At Bustler Coffee you will get to know each and everything related to coffee. We are not only giving you detailed information about the taste, recipes and machines used for making coffee but we are also providing complete guides on how to solve any issue related to this field. Our intention is to share the information through our own experience.

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