Best Nespresso Machine for Latte

“Get your Latte fix: Discovering the best Nespresso machine for Lattes”

Who doesn’t love a good latte? Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or just looking for a pick-me-up, there’s nothing quite like a delicious, frothy latte to start your day off right. And if you’re a fan of Nespresso, you’re in luck – there are plenty of Nespresso machines out there that are perfect for making lattes. But with so many options available, it can be tough to choose the right one for your needs. That’s where we come in – in this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the best Nespresso machines for making lattes and help you find the perfect one for your morning routine. So sit back, relax, and get ready to discover your new favorite Nespresso machine!

Importance of having the right Nespresso machine for lattes

Well, let me tell you, my friend, having the right Nespresso machine for lattes is key to getting that perfect, creamy latte you’ve been craving.

  • First of all, not all Nespresso machines are created equal. Some are better suited for making espresso shots, while others are designed specifically for frothing milk. If you’re serious about your latte game, you’ll want a machine that can do both.
  • Secondly, the quality of the machine can affect the taste and texture of your latte. A high-end machine will have more precise temperature controls, which is important for getting the milk to the right temperature for frothing. It will also have a powerful frothing wand that can create the perfect foam for your latte.
  • Lastly, having the right Nespresso machine for lattes can make the process a lot easier and more convenient. If you have a machine that can froth milk and make espresso shots, you won’t have to mess around with separate frothing pitchers or steam wands. Plus, many Nespresso machines have automatic milk frothers that can make the process even easier.

So, my advice to you is to do your research and invest in a Nespresso machine that’s specifically designed for lattes.

Criteria for choosing a Nespresso machine for lattes

Here are some criterias to consider when choosing a Nespresso machine for lattes:

1. Power and pressure

The power output and pressure of a Nespresso machine are important factors in determining the quality of the espresso shot and milk frothing capabilities. Machines with higher power outputs and at least 11 bars of pressure will produce better quality espresso and frothed milk.

2. Water tank capacity

The size of the water tank is an important consideration, as a larger tank will allow you to make more drinks before needing to refill it. Machines with larger water tanks are more convenient for frequent use, while smaller tanks may require more frequent refilling

3. Frothing capabilities

If you want to make lattes, choose a machine that has a built-in milk frother or steam wand. This will make it easier to create creamy and frothy milk for lattes. Look for machines with adjustable frothing settings for more control over the texture of the milk.

4. Ease of use

Choose a machine that is easy to operate and clean, with simple controls and intuitive features. Machines with easy-to-use interfaces and automatic cleaning cycles are ideal for those who want a hassle-free experience.

5. Price point

Determine your budget and look for a machine that fits within your price range, without compromising on features and quality. Higher-end machines may have more features and better build quality but also come with a higher price tag.

6. Machine-type

Nespresso machines come in fully automatic, semi-automatic, and manual options. Fully automatic machines handle all the steps of making a latte, from grinding the beans to frothing the milk, while semi-automatic and manual machines require more user involvement. Consider your personal preferences and level of expertise when choosing a machine type.

7. Drink options

Some Nespresso machines offer a wider range of drink options, such as cappuccinos and espresso shots, in addition to lattes. Consider the types of drinks you want to make and choose a machine that offers those options.

8. Size and weight

Think about the size and weight of the machine, especially if you have limited counter space or need to move it frequently. Smaller, lighter machines are more portable and convenient, while larger machines may be more difficult to move but offer more features.

9. Style and aesthetics

Nespresso machines come in a variety of styles and aesthetics, from sleek and modern to classic and traditional. Choose a machine that matches your personal style and aesthetic preferences, as it will be a prominent feature in your kitchen.

10. Delivery method and retailer

Consider where you want to purchase your machine from and whether you want to buy it in-store or online, and from which retailer. Look for a reputable retailer with good customer service and warranty options. Additionally, consider the delivery time and shipping options if purchasing online, as some retailers offer faster shipping or free shipping for certain orders.



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Nespresso Creatista Plus

Nespresso Lattissima Pro

Nespresso Essenza Mini

Nespresso Vertuo Plus

Nespresso CitiZ

Top 6 Nespresso machines for Lattes

1. Nespresso Creatista Plus

The Creatista Plus is a semi-automatic machine, which means that it has both automatic and manual functions. It comes equipped with a built-in milk frother, allowing for customized frothing and temperature options. Ease of cleaning is high, with a self-cleaning function for the milk frother and a removable drip tray for easy cleaning. Customers praise the high quality of the brew, the customizable milk frother, and the overall ease of use. Some of the cons mentioned by customers include the price and the limited capacity of the used capsule container. Overall, the Nespresso Creatista Plus is a great option for those who want a high-quality, customizable latte experience at home.

Weight11.4 Pounds
Size15.4 x 12 x 6.7 inches.
Heat up time3 Sec
Coffee sizesOption to program cup sizes
Cup sizeAny size of cup
Water capacityRemovable water tank 50.7 ounces
Machine typeEspresso machine
Milk frotherSteam pipe for milk frothing
Ease of cleaningDescaling alarm
Used capsule capacity12

2. Nespresso Lattissima Pro

The Nespresso Lattissima Pro is a high-end coffee machine designed for making lattes and other milk-based drinks. It features a 19-bar high-pressure pump, integrated milk frother, 6 pre-programmed drink options, removable milk container, and adjustable cup support. It has a sleek design and is energy-efficient, but it is relatively expensive compared to other Nespresso machines. Customer reviews are positive overall, with users praising its ease of use and reliability. Some have noted issues with the milk frother, but most agree that it is a minor inconvenience. If you’re looking for a high-end Nespresso machine for making lattes, the Lattissima Pro is definitely worth considering.

Weight12.6 Pounds
Size7.6 in x 13 in x 10.8 in/ compact
Heat up timeFast heat up
Water capacity43.96 oz
Machine typeEspresso machine
Milk frotherOne-touch system with removable milk container
Ease of cleaningSemi-automatic daily cleaning/descaling alert
Used capsule capacity13

3. Nespresso Essenza Mini

The Nespresso Essenza Mini is a compact and convenient Nespresso machine that offers high-quality espresso shots and the option to make lattes and other milk-based drinks with the included Aeroccino milk frother accessory. While its small size and ease of use are positives, the machine’s small water tank and inability to make larger cups of coffee may be drawbacks for some users. Customer reviews are generally positive, but there have been occasional complaints about the machine’s durability over time. Overall, the Nespresso Essenza Mini is a great choice for those who want a compact and easy-to-use Nespresso machine for making espresso and lattes at home.

Weight5.1 lbs
Size4.3″D x 8″W x 12.8″H
Heat up time25 seconds
Cup sizeEspresso & Lungo
Water capacity20.3 oz.
Machine typeEspresso Machine

4. Nespresso Vertuo Plus

The Nespresso Vertuo Plus is a coffee machine that features a centrifugal brewing system, a large water tank, and the ability to brew five different cup sizes ranging from 5 ounces to 14 ounces. Its pros include versatile cup size options, an easy-to-use interface, and innovative brewing technology. While it may be a bit noisy and the capsules can be expensive, customer reviews for the machine are generally positive, praising its convenience and the quality of coffee it produces. Overall, the Nespresso Vertuo Plus is a great option for those looking for an easy-to-use, versatile, and high-quality coffee machine

Size9.8W x 13.3D x 12.7H
Coffee sizesCoffee 5oz, 8oz, 14oz
Cup sizeSingle & Double Espresso
Water capacityStandard: 40oz; Deluxe: 60oz
Machine typeEspresso machine
Brew qualityCentrifusion with barcode reading
Used capsule capacity10

5. Nespresso CitiZ

The Nespresso CitiZ is a sleek and compact coffee machine with a 19-bar pressure pump for optimal espresso extraction. It features a modern design, quick heating time, and easy-to-use functionality, making it a popular option for those with smaller spaces. The machine offers a range of Nespresso capsule options for customized taste, but some customers have reported issues with durability and compatibility with non-Nespresso pods. Overall, the Nespresso CitiZ has received positive reviews from customers and is a solid choice for those in search of a stylish and functional coffee machine.

Weight8.9 pound
Size11.3″D x 14.6″W x 12.44″H
Heat up time25 sec
Cup sizeEspresso & Lungo
Water capacity33 oz
Machine typeEspresso Machine
Milk frotherOne-touch system with removable milk container
Used capsule capacity9

How to make a latte by Nespresso 

Making a latte with Nespresso is easy and can be done in just a few simple steps. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make a latte using Nespresso:

1. Fill the water tank: 

Make sure the Nespresso machine’s water tank is filled with fresh water and turned on.

2. Choose your capsule: 

Select the Nespresso capsule of your choice for making espresso. For a full cup of coffee, use a lungo capsule.

3. Brew the espresso: 

Place the capsule in the machine and press the button to brew the espresso. Wait for the machine to finish brewing the espresso shot.

4. Froth the milk: 

If your Nespresso machine has a built-in milk frother, use it to froth the milk until it’s hot and has a creamy texture. If you are using the Nespresso Aeroccino milk frother accessory, pour cold milk into the Aeroccino and press the button to froth the milk.

5. Mix the milk and espresso: 

Pour the frothed milk into the espresso shot and stir gently to combine.

6. Add latte art: 

If desired, use a spoon to add some of the frothed milk on top of the latte to create latte art.

7. Enjoy your latte: 

Your Nespresso latte is now ready to be enjoyed!


In conclusion, Nespresso machines offer a convenient and easy way to make delicious lattes from the comfort of your own home. With the right Nespresso machine and technique, you can create a perfect cup of latte with a rich and creamy foam that will rival your favorite coffee shop. Whether you prefer OriginalLine or VertuoLine machines, or you want a machine with a built-in milk frother or you prefer to use the Nespresso Aeroccino milk frother accessory, there is a Nespresso machine out there that is perfect for making lattes to suit your individual taste preferences. So go ahead and try out some of the best Nespresso machines for lattes, and start enjoying your homemade lattes today!

Frequently Asked Question 

Is there a Nespresso machine that makes lattes?

Yes, there are Nespresso machines that are capable of making lattes. Nespresso offers several models of machines that can make both coffee and milk-based beverages such as lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos. These machines typically have a milk frother built-in or as an accessory to steam and froth milk to create the milk-based beverages. Some popular models that can make lattes include the Nespresso Lattissima, Nespresso Creatista, and Nespresso Essenza Mini with Aeroccino.

Which coffee machine makes the best lattes?

There are several coffee machines that make great lattes, including the Breville Barista Express, and Nespresso Lattissima Pro. The best one for an individual depends on personal preferences and needs.

What size is Nespresso for a latte?

The Nespresso Grand Cru capsules for making lattes are available in different sizes, including Espresso (40 ml), and Lungo (110 ml). The size of the capsule used to make a latte depends on the desired strength and taste preferences of the individual making it. However, most Nespresso latte recipes recommend using two shots of espresso or two Nespresso capsules with the Lungo size (110 ml) to create the base of the latte, and then adding frothed milk to fill the cup.

Which Nespresso makes the most foam?

The amount of foam produced by a Nespresso machine depends on several factors, including the type of Nespresso machine, the type of milk used, and the frothing method. However, Nespresso machines with built-in milk frothers, such as the Nespresso Lattissima models, are generally known to produce more foam than machines without frothing capabilities. The Nespresso Aeroccino milk frother accessory is also known to produce thick and creamy foam for use in lattes and other milk-based coffee drinks.

Which Nespresso machine is best for lattes and cappuccinos?

Some of the best Nespresso machines for making lattes and cappuccinos include the Nespresso Lattissima Pro, Nespresso Creatista Plus, Nespresso VertuoPlus, Nespresso Essenza Mini with Aeroccino, and Nespresso Gran Lattissima. The choice of machine depends on personal preferences, budget, and desired features.

Does Nespresso make a good latte?

Yes, Nespresso makes a good latte. Nespresso machines are designed to produce high-quality espresso shots and can be used to create the base for a latte. Many Nespresso machines also come with a built-in milk frother or can be used with the Nespresso Aeroccino milk frother accessory to create the frothed milk needed for a latte. With the right Nespresso machine and technique, it is possible to create a delicious latte with a rich and creamy foam.

What type of machine makes a latte?

Lattes can be made using different types of coffee machines, including espresso machines, pod/capsule machines, automatic coffee machines, and manual coffee machines. The choice of machine depends on personal preferences for features such as convenience, ease of use, and customization options.

Which coffee does Starbucks use for a latte?

Starbucks uses its own signature espresso blend to make lattes and other espresso-based drinks, which is a proprietary recipe made from high-quality Arabica beans sourced from different regions around the world and roasted in a unique process. The specific blend used for lattes is not available for purchase outside of Starbucks locations, but Starbucks does offer a range of whole bean and ground coffee blends for customers to enjoy at home.

Which Nespresso pods make a full cup of coffee?

Nespresso offers several types of pods that can be used to make a full cup of coffee or “lungo,” including Fortissio Lungo and Vivalto Lungo for OriginalLine machines and Altissio, Stormio, and Odacio for VertuoLine machines. The choice of pod depends on personal taste preferences for flavor, strength, and intensity.

What is the ideal latte size?

The ideal size for a latte depends on personal preference and can vary based on cultural norms and regional preferences. In general, a traditional latte is made with a single shot of espresso and approximately 8 to 10 ounces of steamed milk, resulting in a total drink volume of around 10 to 12 ounces. However, some coffee shops and regions may offer larger or smaller latte sizes, such as 16-ounce or 20-ounce sizes.

Which cup is best for a latte?

The best cup for a latte is typically a glass or ceramic cup that is able to hold the right amount of liquid and showcase the beautiful layers of the latte. The ideal size for a latte cup is usually between 10 and 14 ounces, depending on personal preference. A latte cup with a curved design and a wide brim is preferred, as it allows the frothed milk to mix with the espresso shot and create the signature latte art.

What is the best milk ratio for a latte?

The best milk ratio for a latte depends on personal preference and the strength of the espresso shot. However, as a general guideline, a standard latte is typically made with a 1:3 to 1:5 ratio of espresso to milk.

This means that you would use 1-2 shots of espresso and approximately 6-10 ounces of steamed milk for one latte. A ratio of 1:3 will give you a stronger espresso flavor and a thicker, creamier texture, while a ratio of 1:5 will give you a milder espresso flavor and a lighter, more frothy texture.

How much milk is required for one latte?

The amount of milk required for one latte depends on personal preference, the size of the latte, and the strength of the espresso shot. However, as a general rule of thumb, a standard latte is made with 1-2 shots of espresso and approximately 6-8 ounces of steamed milk.

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