It is a question that is irritating espresso-lovers around the globe, and here is the answer. Nespresso pods cannot be used in Keurig machines, here’s why these cannot be used. Fundamentally, Nespresso pods are different, unique, and specifically designed for the Nespresso machines; having different size, shape, and functionality that does not conform with the Keurig machine.

In this article, I will differentiate between Nespresso pods and K-cups providing three fundamental differences between them following the FAQs that address your further queries about trying different combinations from the Nespresso pods and K-cups.

The following description would clear your mind about your tendency to try Keurig for realizing the true taste of Espresso.

Difference in Size

K-cups are huge in their sizes as compared to the Nespresso pods which are small in size and come with a different strength of ground coffee. Nespresso pods have brewing sizes ranging from 1.35 oz to 14 oz which is way too small than the K-cups brewing size which ranges from 4.0 oz to 30 oz. That difference in size prohibits the direct use of Nespresso capsules for brewing your ultimate espresso using the Keurig machine.

Difference in Size between Nespresso and Keurig pods

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Difference in Shapes

The dome-shaped Nespresso pods are specifically made up of Nespresso machines. Even though Nespresso Vertuo machines that Nespresso launched in 2014 cannot handle Nespresso pods (old Nespresso machines) to brew the ultimate aroma and taste that Nespresso promises with Vertuo machines. The design of the capsule would ensure greater aeration and repeating oxidization which means drawing more flavor from the coffee and ultimately increasing the crema – the layer of form formed on the top of perfect espresso.

Difference in Shapes between Nespresso and Keurig pods

The cylindrical-shaped K-Cups are way too different from the Nespresso capsules. They are having different sizes and different strengths of ground coffee. However, there are K-Cups of different brands like Green Mountain that claim to have extreme ground coffee which makes strong Espresso using Keurig machines. That difference in shapes categorically shows why Nespresso pods cannot be used for the Keurig machines.

Functional difference

The built-in mechanisms of Keurig machines and Nespresso machines are very different. That is why neither Nespresso machines can handle K-cups, particularly due to their size nor Keurig machines can best utilize Nespresso pods.

Functional difference between Nespresso and Keurig machine

For the Nespresso pods as it will be inserted a needle-like spout would open one end and that builds pressure inside the capsule which will push the foil bursting it into hot water and allowing the espresso to run into the water. That unique method of opening up pods into the water would dramatically change the taste, aroma, and increasing form that would represent the best possible espresso which cannot be output from Keurig machines.

Final thoughts

People prefer the taste of things when they are deciding which product to be chosen. But for espresso-lovers, who own Keurig, here are the ways you can use Nespresso pods in your Keurig machine to get the maximum feel of espresso. Remember that, it would not be the real espresso at all.

  • It is not possible to use the Nespresso pods directly in Keurig. But you can cut the Nespresso pods and pour ground coffee in K-cups which are made up of Keurig machines. 
  • You can also use the Starbucks espresso K-cups to get a taste of espresso using your Keurig. 
  • You can use other brands’ espresso K-cups which can stimulate your espresso in Keurig, like Cafe Bustelo Espresso K-cups.

Keeping this fact that there is no guarantee of taste if you are in Nespresso club as there will be no espresso at all using Nespresso pods in Keurig machine. For your mornings, the Nespresso machine’s hum, clunk, and whirr is a mood-changing voice. Nespresso coffee is not just a coffee and easy way to get your morning coffee but it is a way of life that shapes your whole day.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you make espresso with a Keurig machine?

The simple answer is no. You cannot make real espresso with a Keurig machine. But if there is no other option available then yes you can try to draw the strongest possible espresso using a Keurig machine. For that, you need to use the smallest, dark roasted K-Cups. There are some espresso K-Cups brands available in the market. But these make brewed coffee, not the espresso but these also taste good. The aroma and frothiness that Nespresso brings would be missing, unfortunately.

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Can you use Nespresso pods in other machines?

No. Nespresso pods are specifically designed for Nespresso machines. These cannot be used in other machines. It is because of the size and shape of Nespresso pods which are small and unique in their size. In 2014, Nespresso launched Nespresso Vertuo machines. Even the pods of these machines cannot be used in other models of Nespresso Machines. That makes them unique as they are designed for specific models to provide an extremely unique Espresso and coffee taste.

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Can you use other brand pods in a Keurig?

Generally, pods are not for Keurig machines. The size and shape of pods are not made for Keurig. Pods are using K-cups. But the outcomes are not well desired. But several brands design the K-Cups pods specifically used in a Keurig that are K-Cups, in simple words. Starbucks K-Cups pods can be used in a Keurig as these are specially designed for the Keurig. Walmart great value pods are also designed for Keurig 2.0 which can be used.

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Can you use Nespresso pods without a machine? 

Yes. You can use Nespresso pods without a machine. But that does not provide the desired outcome. The perfection that a machine brings in making espresso cannot be achieved without a machine. You just need to place the pod on your mug after removing the packaging and pour hot water into 3 parts of the whole. Let the pods merge and if it floats, hold it underwater with a spoon. If the Nespresso pods are not properly dipped, you will not get your favorite coffee.

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Can I empty Nespresso pods into a reusable K-cup?

Absolutely. You can cut your Nespresso pods with a knife and carefully put coffee into reusable K-Cups. If you think you do not have sufficient coffee in your cup, you can cut another pod. But that does not increase the strongness of your coffee as it is squarely dependent upon the stirring technique.

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