Blonde Espresso

“Espresso shows the miracle of chemistry in a mug.”

Everyone prefers to start the morning with a perfect espresso shot. Some want a strong cup while others prefer mellow shots with subtle notes. If you like light roast coffee; this article will amaze you.

Let’s talk about blonde espresso. It is a popular drink among coffee aficionados. But how is blonde espresso different from regular espresso shots? Scroll down, explore amazing facts about blonde espresso, and solve your burning queries. 

Let’s go!

What is a blonde espresso?

Blonde espresso refers to the espresso shot having light roast coffee beans. It means the beans (particularly from Latin America and East Africa) are roasted for a short time at a low temperature, resulting in light color and less bitter taste. Blonde espresso is getting famous day by day and got the attention of many coffee lovers. The characteristics of blonde espresso includes;

  • Blonde espresso has light color and involves light-roasted coffee beans.
  • It hits your palate with sweet, smooth, and mellow notes, offering you a creamy mouthfeel.

In the past, blonde espresso was also called cinnamon roast. Is it better than black espresso? Whether it is worth ordering or brewing? To get the answer to these questions; keep scrolling! 

Different names of blonde espresso

The other names of blonde espresso include;

  • Light roast
  • Light city
  • Half city
  • Nordic Style Roast
  • New England roast
  • Cinnamon roast

Where does the blonde espresso beans come from?

Coffee beans from different origins exhibit different flavors; some offer sweet chocolatey notes while others show bright citrus flavors. For blonde espresso you can use coffee grounds from single-origin or multiple areas  such as Latin America, East Africa, etc. It is better to taste coffee grounds from various places to decide which one will suit your taste. 

How to use blonde coffee beans at home? 

If you are a mellow coffee lover; enlighten your taste buds with blonde espresso. Brew this drink with a few ingredients at home and enjoy your morning moment. Let’s dive into it!


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  1. Grind your coffee beans with your grinder.
  2. Add coffee grounds in the portafilter, tamp it, and fix it in a lock position.
  3. Place an espresso cup under the coffee outlet.
  4. Extract one or two shots.
  5. Enjoy your blonde espresso.

Tips for making blonde espresso

If you do not like black espresso and prefer to enjoy it with milk, cream, sweeteners, etc.; enhance the flavor of your blonde espresso with the following tips; 

  • Use Starbucks blonde roast ground coffee, Nespresso light-roast coffee pods, or get the coffee grounds from other countries.
  • Add a dash of almond milk in your blonde espresso for a more robust taste. 
  • Add vanilla syrup for a unique flavor.

Features of blonde espresso

I have listed major attributes of blonde espresso here. These notable features separate this drink from regular espresso and other coffee drinks. Moreover they also help you to decide whether it will suit you. Let’s indulge in these characteristics. 

1. Origin of blonde espresso

With 45 years of roasting experience, Starbucks master roasters and blenders launched blonde espresso in 2017. Blonde espresso has smooth body and mellow taste, making it perfect for light-roast coffee lovers

2. Roast level

In blonde espresso, the fresh coffee beans are roasted for a short time at a low temperature (356°F – 401°F) to bring out gentle notes. Blonde/light roasting is also named as cinnamon, half city, or new England roasting. 

3. Color

In blonde espresso, the coffee beans have a light color while the drink possesses a blonde color. You can easily examine and depict the color difference in both. 

4. Acidity 

Blonde espresso has less acidic notes than the regular espresso shot. The mild acidity balances the flavor profile and offers you a great mouthfeel. 

5. Bitterness

Blonde espresso is less bitter than the black espresso shot. It doesn’t offer a harsh or sour flavor, making your morning enjoyable. 

Does blonde espresso have more caffeine?

Blonde espresso has higher caffeine i.e. 77-85 mg than the dark black espresso (55-65 mg). Sounds contradictory? Let me explain!

In blonde espresso, the beans are roasted for a short period, making the beans heavier and denser than the dark roast. So, each light roasted bean exhibits more caffeine than the dark roasted coffee bean. 

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Is blonde espresso stronger?

Blonde espresso has high caffeine and concentrated coffee so it is stronger than the cold brew or drip coffees. On the other hand, blonde espresso is lighter, less bitter, and less strong than the dark roast. 

Blonde espresso calories

Blonde espresso contains minimal calories. If you add milk, cream, or sweeteners, the calories will increase. The complete information about calories is listed in the below table. 

Calories 2.4Percent value
Total fat (0.1 g)0%
Saturated fat (0g)0%
Trans fat (0g)0%
Cholesterol (0mg)0%
Sodium (4.7mg)0%
Potassium (116mg)2%
Total carbohydrates (0g)0%
Dietary fiber (0g)0%
Sugars (0g)0%
Protein (0.3g)

Blonde espresso taste

Blonde espresso has a sweet flavor and offers less bitter coffee cups, making it perfect for mellow coffee lovers. It contains more body and texture than the regular espresso and graces your palate with nutty, fruity, or chocolatey depending on the type of coffee beans. 

Benefits of blonde espresso

The benefits of blonde espresso include;

  • Low acidity level so it is easy on your stomach and does not give a jittery sensation.
  • A mellow flavor profile and does not offer harsh or sour notes.
  • It is lighter than the dark-roast coffee so it relaxes your mind and nerves, making your day enjoyable. 
  • Blonde espresso contains high antioxidants due to short roasting, making it an excellent choice. 

Is blonde espresso found only at Starbucks?

Starbucks introduced blonde espresso and is referred to as “softer, more mellow” coffee. It contains high caffeine and offers less bold and bitter flavors, attracting many coffee lovers and fervent hater’s crowd. 

If you love a gentle coffee cup, you can purchase Starbucks Veranda Blend. It has light-roasted Latin American coffees and glows  in your cup with toasted malt and chocolate notes.

Although Starbucks introduced blonde espresso, it is not limited to this place, you can find it on many coffee shops, grocery stores, or online sites. You can also brew a delectable blonde espresso in your home’s comfort and can make your day memorable.  

Blonde espresso vs regular espresso

What is the difference between blonde espresso and regular espresso? The major differences between blonde and regular espresso includes;

Features Blonde espresso Regular espresso
Coffee beansSmall, dense, and less oilyLarge and shiny
Origin Latin America and East AfricaLatin America and Asia/Pacific region
Roasting processLight roast at a low temperature for a short timeDark roast at a high temperature for a long time
Strength Low High 
Flavors Mild, smooth, and sweetBold and bitter notes
Body Gentle, creamy Rich, complex
Caffeine High (77-85mg per cup)Low (55-65mg per cup)
Color Light brownMedium-dark brown
Pairing Almond milk and vanilla syrupMilk, chocolate, or other sweet ingredient
Health aspectsMore healthySlightly less healthy

Blonde espresso vs decaf espresso

The difference between blonde espresso and decaf coffee include the following;

  • Blonde espresso is light roasted while decaf drinks can be light, medium, or dark roasted.
  • The blonde drink offers mellow, sweet, and smooth notes while decaf espresso varies in flavor. It depends on the type of coffee beans and roasting level. 
  • Blonde espresso is stronger than decaf coffee as the former contains high caffeine.
  • Decaf coffee is healthier than the blonde espresso due to lack of caffeine.

The verdict 

If you want a strong caffeine kick with mellow taste and smooth texture, blonde espresso will satisfy you. It is different from regular espresso in many aspects and is perfect for light-roast coffee lovers. You can order it from your desired coffee shop or brew it at home with ease. What are you waiting for? Grab a cup and brew a delicious, creamy espresso coffee and enjoy your day! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is blonde espresso just a light roast?

What kind of roast is blonde espresso? Blonde espresso contains light-roast coffee beans and offers a smooth drink with gentle notes. It is also called cinnamon roast. 

Is blonde espresso sweet?

Blonde espresso has a smooth texture and offers sweet notes. It can also hit your  palate with fruity, nutty, or chocolatey notes; depending on the type of coffee beans used.

Is blonde espresso stronger than espresso?

In blonde espresso, the beans are lightly roasted so it is less strong than the black espresso; involving dark-roasted coffee beans. Blonde espresso also offers low strength, making it perfect for mellow coffee drinkers. 

Is blonde espresso less bitter?

In blonde espresso, the beans are roasted for a short time at a low temperature; offering less bitter taste. It glows in your cup with smooth texture, sweet notes, and less bold notes. 

Is blonde espresso unhealthy?

Blonde espresso is healthier than the regular espresso because it contains;

  • Low acidity and does not affect your stomach.
  • Mellow flavor profile and does not offer harsh taste.
  • High level of antioxidants, making it a great choice.

Why is Starbucks blonde espresso so good?

Is blonde roast Starbucks a light roast? Starbucks is notorious for its intense roasting but its blonde espresso offers new roast profile. It is light-roasted, revealing coffees’ natural smoothness, sweetness, and creamy texture. Blonde espresso does not offer burnt taste and makes your morning pleasant. 

Is blonde espresso stronger than a dark roast?

In blonde espresso, the beans are lightly roasted so it is less strong than the dark-roasted coffees. Blonde espresso also offers a low strength and light body, making it perfect for mellow coffee drinkers. 

How much caffeine is in 2 shots of blonde espresso?

Blonde espresso has 77-85 mg caffeine per shot so in double shot it will be 80-160 mg caffeine. It offers a strong caffeine kick, allowing you to jump start your day with a clear head.

Is blonde espresso smoother?

Blonde espresso is smoother than the regular espresso due to light roasting. It adds low acidity, silky texture, and sweet flavor to your cup. Blonde espresso does not offer harsh or sour notes. 

What’s the difference between blonde roast and blonde espresso?

Is blonde roast different from blonde espresso? Blonde roast is the type of roasting while blonde espresso is the brewed blonde coffee. Blonde espresso is prepared with light/blonde roasted coffee beans; offering creamy mouthfeel and gentle flavors. 

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