Scoops of coffee per cup

The piping hot coffee cup in the morning makes your day pleasant. Its heavenly aroma offers you a fresh start.

Coffee lovers have set their preferred servings and they can easily make their coffee daily. But they find trouble when they have to make a pot or coffee for a crowd. They get confused about coffee to water ratios. Moreover, sometimes you do not get the same taste each day despite using the same espresso machine and coffee grounds; the reason is bad measuring. 

If you are facing the same situation or investigating scoops of coffee per cup; this article will help you to figure out the exact ratio and brew perfect coffee each time. Let’s go!

How many grams of ground coffee per cup?

Generally, 10.6 grams of coffee grounds in 6 oz water offer a perfect coffee cup. However, the amount of ground coffee vary per cup such as;

  • In the US, 14 grams of coffee grounds are mixed in 8 oz water for one cup.
  • According to SCA, the standard coffee to water ratio is 55 grams per one liter of water. 

The amount of ground coffee also varies in different brewing methods such as; espresso machines and Aeropress require fine grind size while French Press uses coarse grind, so, the amount of coffee grounds varies. Keep scrolling to solve all your queries! 

How many tablespoons of coffee is used for one cup?

The amount of coffee in the cup depends on your taste. If you do not use any tool to weigh your coffee grounds you can  use this ratio i.e. two tablespoons of coffee grounds in 8 oz water. This ratio will work for French Press, automatic drip, and pour over coffee; offering you a strong coffee cup. If you want light or mellow shots, use 1-1.5 tablespoons of coffee grounds per cup. 

How many scoops of coffee per cup?

If you want to brew your coffee effortlessly and enjoy your morning time; it is better to measure your coffee grounds with a scoop or tablespoon. Coffee scoop measures how much coffee grounds you should use for one cup. Wondering how to use a scoop to measure coffee grounds? You are at the right place!

A coffee scoop holds two tablespoons of ground coffee. If you prefer a strong shot one scoop per cup is enough however, for a light coffee go for 1-1.5 scoop per two coffee cups. So, what is the standard cup size?

The cups size vary for different beverages such as;

  • The piping hot coffee cup is 5-6 oz.
  • Standard cup size for most beverages is 8 oz.
  • For drip coffee makers one cup is 5 oz.

Despite the cup size, the perfect coffee to water ratio is essential for a delicious shot. For more understanding, keep scrolling!

Coffee to water ratios

The below mentioned table will help you to brew an exceptional coffee cup each time. Let’s have a look!

Serving Coffee Water 
4 cups (per 5 Oz)5 Tbsp.20 oz
6 cups7.5 Tbsp.30 oz
8 cups10 Tbsp.40 oz
10 cups12.5 Tbsp.50 oz
12 cups15 Tbsp.60 oz
4 cups (per 5 oz)2.5 scoops20 oz
6 cups3.5 scoops30 oz
8 cups5 scoops40 oz
12 cups7.5 scoops60 oz
1 cup (per 8 oz)2 Tbsp.8 oz
2 cups4 Tbsp.16 oz
3 cups6 Tbsp.24 oz
4 cups8 Tbsp.32 oz
5 cups10 Tbsp.40 oz
1 cup (per 10 Oz)2.5 Tbsp.10 oz
2 cups5 Tbsp.20 oz
3 cups7.5 Tbsp.30 oz
4 cups10 Tbsp.40 oz
5 cups12.5 Tbsp.50 oz
1 cup (per 12 Oz)3 Tbsp.12 oz
2 cups6 Tbsp.24 oz
3 cups9 Tbsp.36 oz
4 cups12 Tbsp.48 oz

Conversions from tablespoon or teaspoon to scoop

These conversions will make your coffee measurements simple and your morning refreshing.

  • One teaspoon is equal to ⅓ tablespoon
  • Three teaspoon is equal to one tablespoon
  • Two tablespoon is equal to one scoop

Equivalent volume

For more understanding check out these equivalent volume;

  • 1 oz = ⅛ cup = single espresso shot
  • 2 oz= ¼ cup = double espresso shot
  • 4 oz= ½ cup 
  • 1 US standard cup = 8 oz
  • 5 oz = 1 cup (carafe)

Why is there a need to measure coffee before brewing?

Measuring a perfect amount of coffee grounds makes your coffee delicious and worth enjoying. The amount of coffee affects your coffee tastes such as low quantity results in weak/watery drink while high amount offers bitter or sour coffee. So, for a consistent and balanced coffee, it is essential to measure your coffee grounds.

How to measure coffee grounds?

You can measure your coffee grounds with several methods including;

  • Cups
  • Coffee scoops
  • Tablespoon
  • Scaling technique

Cups, scoops, and tablespoons would give incorrect measurements as coffee beans from different regions have different densities. So professionals frequently use a scaling technique. It is an efficient and precise method. According to roast specialists, Acaia scale is perfect as it uses advanced technology and includes flow rate meter, brew instructions, and a Bluetooth connection. 

How to achieve perfect coffee strength?

For perfect coffee strength use a standard amount of coffee grounds i.e two tablespoon or one scoop per cup. The professionals said that if you can see through your drink when light passes through it; your coffee is weak. If your coffee is strong, it is difficult to drink it without milk/cream. In the end, the choice depends on your needs. 

Scoops of coffee for different brewing methods, coffee makers, and travel mug

The coffee scoops vary for different brewing methods such as;

  • In drip coffee makers, use 24 tablespoons or 12 scoops of coffee grounds for 6 cups of water. 
  • For cold brew and French Press use 8 tablespoons or 4 scoops for 6 cups of water as the brewing process is long. 

Carefully balance the coffee to water ratio and you will get the delicious flavor and aroma. The coffee to water for espresso machines include;

  • Ristretto = 1:1 to 1:2
  • Standard espresso shot = 1:2 to 1:3
  • Lungo = 1:3 to 1:4

As mentioned, one scoop per cup offers a consistent coffee, so you can adjust the coffee to water ratio according to your taste for a travel mug. It depends on the number of cups and your personal preferences. 

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Specialty Coffee Association Of America (SCAA) standards

According to SCAA, the ideal coffee to water ratio is 1:15 to 1:18, meaning 8.3 grams of ground coffee per golden cup. Do you not have a coffee grinder? Don’t worry, measure 1.6 tablespoons (equal to 8.3 grams) of coffee grounds for one cup.

However, this ratio is not set in stone, it varies according to the brew style. Moreover, for a golden cup, time, flow rate, temperature, and other factors should be taken into consideration. For a great coffee cup;

  • Use freshly roasted coffee beans.
  • Grind your beans just before extraction to ensure coffee freshness.
  • Ensure optimum water temperature i.e. 195-205 Fahrenheit.

The verdict

If you do not have a well-advanced scale, it does not mean you can not measure coffee precisely. The best alternative method is scoop. It offers straightforward measurement as one scoop per cup offers a perfect coffee cup. Moreover, the amount of coffee grounds depends on your taste so play until you get what you need. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many scoops of coffee for a 4 cup?

The scoop of coffee will vary according to the cup size such as;

  • If your cup is 5 oz then for 4 cups you will need 2.5 scoops of coffee grounds.
  • You will require 4 scoops of coffee grounds for 4 cups if your cup is 8 oz.
  • If your cup is 10 oz then for 4 cups you will need 5 scoops of coffee grounds.
  • You will require 6 scoops of coffee grounds for 4 cups if your cup is 12 oz.

How much coffee do I put in a 12 cup coffee maker?

For a 12 cup coffee maker you will require 12-24 tablespoons of ground coffee. The 12 cup coffee maker will yield 12.6 oz servings or 6 coffee cups, each of 12 oz. 

How much coffee do I use for 8 cups of water?

You will require 14-18 tablespoons of coffee grounds for 8 cups of water. If you have a digital scale and want to measure the exact amount then weigh 72 grams of ground coffee for 40 oz of water and enjoy eight cups of joe. 

Is a coffee scoop 1 or 2 tablespoons?

A coffee scoop is equal to two tablespoons. If you like strong coffee use one scoop of coffee grounds per cup; however if you prefer mellow drink, use 1-1.5 scoop per two cups. 

Is a cup of coffee 6 or 8 Oz?

In the US the standard coffee cup for most beverages is 8 oz. However, a piping hot coffee cup is 6 oz and in drip coffee makers one cup is 5 oz.

What is the perfect coffee ratio?

The golden coffee ratio is one to two tablespoons of ground coffee in 6 oz water. You can increase or decrease the amount according to your desired taste, strength, and other personal preferences. 

How many scoops of coffee for a 12 cup Mr. Coffee maker?

For a 12 cup Mr. Coffee maker, you need 70 grams, 14 tablespoons, or 7 scoops of coffee grounds. Each cup weighs 6 oz serving and you should use medium-coarse grounds for a better taste in this coffee maker. 

How many scoops of Folgers for a 12 cup coffee maker?

For a 12 cup coffee maker, you need 6-12 scoops of Folgers coffee. You will get 6 coffee cups with consistent taste. You can also adjust the amount according to your preferred taste. 

How many scoops of coffee do I need for 8 cups?

If your cup is 5 oz, you need 5 scoops of coffee grounds in 40 oz water. However, in an 8 oz cup, you need 8 scoops of coffee grounds, in a 10 oz cup, you require 10 scoops, and in 12 oz you will need 12 scoops of coffee to prepare 8 cups. 

How much coffee do you put in a drip coffee maker?

In drip coffee makers, two tablespoons or one scoop of coffee ground is added in a 6 oz cup. It will yield a strong cup if you like light coffee, use 1-1.5 scoops per two 6 oz cups. 

How much ground coffee for 10 cups?

For 10 cups, use 20 tablespoons, 10 scoops, or 90 grams of ground coffee in 50 oz water. This ratio will yield medium strength coffee. If you want 10 bold coffee cups, use 102 grams, 11 1/3 scoops or 22 2/3 tablespoons of coffee.

How to make coffee for 4 cups?

To prepare 4 cups, add 4 scoops of ground coffee in 32 or 24 oz water. Increase or decrease the amount of coffee to attain your desired strength. 

What is the standard scoop size?

The standard scoop size is two tablespoons, 10 grams, or 0.36 oz. One scoop of ground coffee per 6 oz cup offers you a strong coffee cup, making your morning enjoyable. 

Are 2 scoops of coffee too much?

For a strong coffee you just need one scoop per cup. If you use two scoops, you will get an extremely bitter or burnt taste. However, for a light cup, use 1-1.5 scoop per two cups. 

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