Nitro Cold Brew vs Cold Brew

“Cold coffee in summers performs miracles.”

In the past, coffee was simple and did not have many varieties but today, coffee has become an important part of everyone’s lives and is a vast and ever-evolving field. Coffee lovers become fussy about their coffee types, their origin, taste, roast level, style, etc. to find the ultimate cup of joe. 

Besides all types, in summers, there are die-hard cold coffee drinkers. Some prefer cold brew while others go with nitro cold brew without knowing the exact difference between them. I am here to clear up all your confusion regarding these chilled drinks. Let’s have an in-depth sight in these two cold coffees. 

Let’s scroll. 

Cold coffee

Cold coffee is one of the most popular drinks at coffee shops. It comes in many variations such as iced cappuccino, macchiato, iced latte, iced americano, nitro cold brew, etc. However, it is challenging to decide which one is best. If you are a cold coffee lover and stuck between cold brew and nitro cold brew, here are answers to all your queries. Let’s dive into it!

Cold brew

Cold brew

Cold brew is not a new thing, it has been around since the 17th century. However, it gained popularity in the last 5-10 years due to its unique flavor profile and health benefits. Now it is available at all coffee shops and online grocery stores. However, you can also brew it at home with a little effort and a few ingredients. 

In cold brew, the coffee grounds are steeped in cold water for 24 hours and are served cold. Besides using temperature for flavor and oil extraction, cold brew uses extension of time. This method extracts less oil from coffee beans, resulting in a concentrated brew with low acidity. 

Benefits of cold brew

The health benefits of cold brew include:

  • Easy on stomach
  • Mellow and smooth on tongue
  • Reduce the risk of heart diseases

How to make cold brew coffee at home?

Refresh your mind on hot days with cold brew coffee. You can easily make it in your home’s comfort with a few ingredients. Let’s start!


Ingredients QuantityGet it
Medium-dark roast ground coffee beans (coarse)1 cupGet it on Amazon
Filtered water 4 cupsGet it yourself
Ice cubesAs you requiredGet it yourself


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Coffee mug1Get it on Amazon


  1. Steep coarse coffee grounds in filtered water for 12-24 hours at room temperature or in the fridge.
  2. After this, strain the coffee.
  3. Add cold water, milk, or ice to your cold brew.
  4. Enjoy your coffee.


  • You can store the cold brew concentrate in the fridge for 7 days.
  • Cold brew has a high coffee to water ratio and is stronger. You can dilute it with water, milk, or ice according to your taste. 
  • You can also serve it as a hot coffee by warming it in the microwave.

Features of cold brew

Below are the significant attributes of cold brew coffee. These features separate this iced coffee from other cold coffees and help you to decide when to brew it, whether it will suit you, is it with the purchase, and much more. Let’s go!

1. Taste

In cold brew, the brewing method extracts less aromatic chemicals from the beans, resulting in a sweet and mellow taste. The gentle aroma and flavor soothes your mind and allows you to gulp the cup quickly. 

2. Calories

Cold brew has 5 calories per serving, making it a best option. It offers many health benefits and offers balanced and refreshing coffee cups without harsh or sour notes. 

3. Caffeine 

Cold brew offers 250 mg caffeine per serving, giving you a strong kick for the day. The steeping process extracts more caffeine from the coffee grounds, offering you a strong cup. However, you can adjust the strength or caffeine level according to your taste with cold water, milk, or ice. 

4. Body 

Cold brew has a thick syrupy texture due to the long soaking process. It offers balanced and consistent coffee cups with rich character, pleasant mouthfeel, mellow notes, and smooth body.  

5. Acidity 

Cold brew extracts less oil and compounds from the coffee grounds, offering you a less acidic profile. The low acidity enhances its taste and does not add sour or acrid notes. 

6. Bitterness 

Cold brew hits your tongue with a bit of bitterness. It offers mellow and sweet taste, making it perfect for light-roast coffee lovers. It offers a balanced cup without harsh flavors. 

7. Price 

Cold brew is expensive than other iced drinks but it is less expensive than the nitro cold brew. However, cold brew is worth the purchase due to less acidity, smooth texture, and robust flavors. 

Nitro cold brew

Nitro cold brew

Nitro cold brew has been in the market since 2013 and is a variation of cold brew that is fizzy and bubbly. It offers a treat to those who love coffee and beer as its taste is a combination of these two. Many people may have heard of or even tried nitro cold brew but they still did not know how it is prepared and what it is exactly in it. 

In nitro cold brew, the cold coffee is infused with colorless, odorless nitrogen gas, offering you a creamy, smooth, and velvety coffee. The creamy foam on top of the glass makes your taste buds sing. Let’s have a look at this cold coffee in detail. 

Benefits of nitro cold brew

The benefits of nitro cold brew include;

  • Addition of nitrogen enhances the taste and purity of coffee.
  • The bubbling of nitrogen oxide acts as a preservative, eliminating the chances of oxidation and alteration to coffee’s integrity. 
  • Nitrogen gas adds foamy texture and robust notes.
  • Nitro cold brew has less acidity so it is easy on the stomach and does not cause digestive issues. 

How to make cold brew coffee at home?

With a little trick and effort, you can brew nitro cold brew at home. Enjoy your summer with this drink and cherish your cup of joe. Let’s start!


Ingredients Quantity Get it
Medium-dark roast ground coffee beans (coarse)1 cupGet it on Amazon
Filtered water 6 cupsGet it yourself
Nitrogen oxide cartridge 1Get it on Amazon


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Whipped cream dispenser1Get it on Amazon
Coffee mug1Get it on Amazon


  • Steep coarse coffee grounds in filtered water (4 cups) for 12-24 hours at room temperature or in the fridge.
  • After this, strain the coffee.
  • Dilute the cold brew with two cups of filtered water.
  • Pour cold brew in a whipped cream dispenser and seal it.
  • Charge the dispenser with a nitrogen oxide cartridge.
  • Shake it for 30 seconds.
  • Dispense nitro cold brew through spout into your cup.
  • Enjoy your drink.


  • You do not need to add ice in nitro cold brew as nitrogen naturally keeps it cool. 
  • However, you can add sweetener of your choice. 

Features of nitro cold brew

I have listed significant characteristics of nitro cold brew that differentiate it from regular cold brew. These features help you to know whether it will satisfy your taste, whether it lives up to its hype, and much more. Let’s scroll!

1. Taste

Nitro cold brew is charged with nitrogen and pulled from the spout like a beer, offering you a smooth and creamy coffee cup. Its chocolatey undertones, slight sweet flavor, and robust aroma take your heart to heaven.

2. Calories

Nitro cold brew offers 5 calories per serving, making it a best choice. It does not affect your health, so you can enjoy it anytime of the day. 

3. Caffeine 

Nitro cold brew is a variation of regular cold brew, containing 250 mg caffeine content. It gives you enough caffeine for the day, allowing you to perform your tasks efficiently. 

4. Body 

Nitro cold brew is smoother than the regular cold brew. It amazes you with rich character, creamy texture, and robust flavors. 

5. Acidity 

Nitro cold brew has low acidity, making it easy on your stomach. The low acidity enhances its flavors and makes it more palatable. 

6. Bitterness 

Nitro cold brew offers you a pleasant mouthfeel with low bitterness. The low bitterness notes allow you to enjoy the coffee, making it perfect for sweet or mellow coffee lovers. 

7. Price 

Nitro cold brew is expensive due to nitrogen infusion, extra steps, and costly equipment. It involves a time-intensive process so you have to spend more. However, it is 100% worth the purchase. 

Difference between nitro cold brew and cold brew

Both drinks are delicious and worth the purchase however, the significant differences between these chilled drinks include; 

Features Cold brewNitro cold brew
Making Procedure Coarse coffee grounds are steeped in filtered water for 12-24 hours. The concentrate is filtered out. Cold brew is charged with nitrogen gas and is pulled from the spout like beer.
Texture Thick syrupy textureSmooth, foamy, and creamy
Acidity Low Low 
Flavor Sweet, smooth Sweet, chocolatey
Caffeine 250 mg250 mg
Calories 55
Strength High Low 
Serving Cold water, milk, ice, or sweetenerIce or sweetener
Price Less expensive Slightly more expensive 

The verdict

Cold brew and nitro cold brew offer you a delicious coffee experience. Which one is best? Well! It depends on your taste. If you want a creamy mouthfeel and sweet flavor, try nitro cold brew. However, if you love classic coffee taste with robust notes, go with cold brew. Both offer beneficial health benefits, balanced, refreshing coffee, and allow you to pair them with your favorite seasonings. So, grab a cup and brew your favorite drink according to your personal preferences. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is nitro cold brew stronger than cold brew?

Is nitro cold brew coffee stronger? Nitro cold brew is not stronger than the regular cold brew as infusion of nitrogen oxide makes it sweeter and creamier. However, it offers high caffeine content and allows you to kick start your day with a clear head.

Is cold brew or nitro cold brew healthier?

Both drinks are healthy as they have low acidity. These beverages are easy on the stomach and assist in digestion. Both drinks also have low calories so lower the risk of heart diseases. 

Why can’t Starbucks sell a venti nitro?

The purpose of nitro cold brew is to enjoy a foamy texture and rich character. Serving it into the venti cup may lose the purpose so Starbucks does not sell venti nitro. 

Why doesn’t Starbucks put ice in nitro cold brew?

Ice can reduce the creaminess and thick texture so Starbucks does not add ice in nitro cold brew. This enhances the smooth, creamy finish, offering you an enjoyable coffee experience. 

What is the difference between Starbucks cold brew and Nitro?

Starbucks cold brew has a smooth, thick texture while nitro cold brew has cascading frothy texture. Cold brew offers sweet-bitter taste and low acidity while Starbucks nitro cold brew has twisted coffee flavor and natural chocolatey aftertaste. 

Why is nitro cold brew so popular?

Nitro cold brew is smooth and creamy and does not require milk, making it a great choice for those who dislike traditional black coffee and dairy beverages. Moreover, it has natural sweetness and low bitterness, making it perfect for beginners or mellow coffee lovers. 

What is the point of nitro cold brew?

Nitro cold brew includes the infusion of nitrogen gas, offering smooth and creamy texture. It also adds natural sweetness, low bitterness, and mild bitterness, making it more palatable to non-coffee drinkers. 

Why do people drink nitro cold brew?

The addition of nitrogen makes the nitro cold brew creamy and sweet. It does not require milk or sugar so has low calories, making it a perfect calorie-conscious caffeine lover’s dream. The silky texture and enhanced flavor profile win people’s hearts.

What are the side effects of nitro coffee?

The side effects of nitro coffee include:

  • It lacks some beneficial antioxidants.
  • Not best for caffeine sensitive people due to high caffeine levels.
  • Can cause headache or anxiety. 

Why does nitro cold brew hit so hard?

Does nitro cold brew hit you faster? Nitro cold brew includes the infusion of nitrogen gas which takes hard time for dissolving, offering a thick, heavy feel. Moreover, it has high caffeine so it gives you a strong kick for the day. 

Is nitro cold brew good for weight loss?

Nitro cold brew has low calories so it helps in weight loss if used in moderation. It has high caffeine which boosts metabolism and improves calorie burning. 

Is nitro cold brew worth it?

Nitro cold brew lives up to its hype. It offers creamy texture, pleasant mouthfeel, velvety body, and enhanced flavors. It offers an incredibly worth-sipping coffee cup. 

Is nitro cold brew more caffeinated than cold brew?

Both contain equal amounts of caffeine i.e 250 mg. Both cold beverages offer you a strong kick for the day and allow you to kick start your day with a clear head. 

Is nitro cold brew stronger than iced coffee?

Nitro cold brew has higher caffeine (250 mg) than any other iced coffees. So it is stronger, boosts your metabolism, and offers a strong caffeine kick. 

Why does nitro cold brew make me feel weird?

The high caffeine in nitro cold brew may make you feel weird. High caffeine causes acid production in the stomach, offering stomach ache or discomfort sensation. It also may lead to digestion problems or anxiety.  

What is the hype with nitro cold brew?

Nitro cold brew has low acidity and bitterness so it does not bother your stomach. It is less jittery than any other cold coffees, making it perfect for every type of coffee lover. 

Does ice ruin nitro cold brew?

Are you supposed to put ice in a nitro cold brew? Ice can ruin its foamy texture or consistency so it is better to enjoy nitro cold brew without ice. The ice can also ruin its smoothness and creamy finish. 

Do you put milk in nitro cold brew?

Usually, nitro cold brew does not require milk as it is naturally sweet, smooth, and creamy. However, if you want to enhance its creaminess or sweetness, you can add milk. 

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Do you add anything to nitro cold brew?

You can add sweeteners of your choice such as caramel, chocolate, vanilla, etc. to enhance its flavor. Moreover, you can also try it with milk, whipped cream, or other seasonings, depending on your personal choices. 

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