If you are worried about cleaning your espresso machine. If you cannot find a perfect cleaning solution for the small parts of your espresso machine and if you are not able to clean the parts of your espresso machine thoroughly with a regular soft cloth or a towel. Then; you are at the right place. A Barista towel is the perfect solution for you to clean your espresso machine. It is a long-term solution for you that can help you clean your accessories with either a dry or slightly wet barista towel. It is a perfect thing to have if you want to clean your mess while using your machine. This perfect-sized towel can help you do multiple things at the same time. Although it does not cost a lot it can surely enhance the quality of your coffee. Maintaining your machine on a regular basis helps you increase the lifetime of your machine as well. So, overall this regular-looking tool can help you a lot in many ways.

What is a Microfiber Barista Towel?

The Microfiber Barista Towel is a special type of Barista towel that works just like a regular Barista Towel. The Microfiber Barista Towel is made from soft material and synthetics. It is particularly designed for cleaning the small parts of your coffee machine. It can even clean the small places in your coffee machine that can not be cleaned with ordinary clothes.

One advantage of this Microfiber Barista Towel is that it goes gentle on the sensitive parts of your coffee machine which ensures the long life of your machine. Another good thing about this tool is that you can use it for multi-purposes. For example, this cloth can help you dry your machine, absorb the water on the machine, and polish and clean. The Microfiber Barista Towel, unlike other cleaning clothes, can be scratchless on stainless steel. It is larger in area than all other Barista Towels. The size of the Microfiber Barsita Towel is roughly 30 X 30 cm. It also comes with a loop that can make you fold it and place it every time after using it. It is made in such a way that it can not stick to your hands. It will only stick to the coffee. Usually, cleaning the coffee is sticky and messy work to do but Microfiber Barista Towel is not going to disappoint you in any way. 

If you are not very concerned about cleaning your machine parts with a specific cloth then you can use a simple cloth as well. You can buy them at very low prices at an amazon or any other store. 

Why should we use a Barista Towel or Cloth?

There are many reasons why you should use these Barista towels or clothes. But there are two main reasons why you should use a Barista Towel or cloth for your cleaning. 

  1. The first one is to take care of hygiene and cleanliness around you. These clothes or towels can help you clean every kind of mess around you. They are primarily made for cleaning coffee machines and the mess around them. But you can also use it for many other purposes as well such as cleaning your kitchen. As making coffee involves using many components and ingredients so it is possible that they create a mess in your kitchen. So it is very essential to clean them at least daily. 
  2. Another possible reason is that sometimes the ingredients residue is left in the machine that can possibly damage your machine or can reduce the quality of your coffee production. For example, using a coffee pod in your coffee container or milk steaming wands need to be cleaned immediately after being used. Otherwise, as mentioned earlier it can leave residue behind and can cause great damage to your machine. If you are a person that has to make coffee daily and if you own a Barista towel then it becomes very easy for you to hang it around you and clean the mess. Things are going to become very easy in this case. 

6 Best Barista Towels

The Barista Towels come in different sizes and categories, so it is important for you to pick the perfect one for your coffee machine. As it feels like just a simple cleaning cloth it becomes difficult to select the perfect cloth for you. Each Barista Towel has its own features, characteristics, and importance varying depending on your needs. The first thing that you must see while buying a Barista Towel is a loop that comes with some of the Barista Towels. It can help you fold your Barista Towel whenever you want. It will reduce the size of the towel and ultimately can be placed anywhere due to its small size. So, you must select a towel that has a hook or loop in it. You can buy a Barista Towel without a loop but it will become difficult for you to handle the towel. The suggested size for a cleaning towel is 30 X 30 cm. 

Barista Towels

Depending on the different colors and sizes. There are six of the Barista Towels mentioned below that you can select depending on your choice:

1. Microfiber Cloth:

The most simple type of Barista cloth is Microfiber cloth. It is a type of cloth that can easily fit into your budget. This most affordable type of cloth can help you clean the outer as well as inner parts of your machine. These clothes are mostly used in cleaning shiny and painted surfaces. 

The simple Microfiber cloth comes in three different colors Green, Yellow, Blue, and Pink. The size of this cloth is around 12” X 12”. This cloth is made of 80 % Polyester and 300 gsm of polyamide. Another advantage of this towel is that you can wash it in your machine with a detergent in warm water. But you should not bleach it. The single Microfiber cloth can cost you around $0.50 only. 

2. Bar Towels:

The 100% cotton-made Bar Towels are also very useful for cleaning your coffee machine. These towels are very cheap compared to the other cleaning towels in the market. 

The size of this towel is 16” X 19”. It is a multi-purpose cleaning towel that is primarily known for its absorbing purpose. These bar towels come in two variations. The first one is a white-colored towel that has a colored strip in its center. The other one is a colored plain towel that comes in different colors such as Orange and Blue. You can use these towels for industrial purposes, in your offices, and for the drying of your dishes as well. The Bar Towels can easily clean any dirt from your vehicle, tools, and paint brushes. These towels are durable,  made in such a way that they can be washed many times and can be loyal for a long time. You can buy these Bar Towels in a combo pack of 24 pieces which is roughly going to cost you around $24.99. One single piece costs around $1.04.

3. Crema PRO Barista Micro Cloth:

One of the most popular Barista clothes is a Crema Pro Barista Micro Cloth. A well-known coffee company Crema pro provides a complete tool for you to clean every kind of mess in your coffee machine. The well-made and reliable Crema Pro Barista Micro Cloth are professional cleaning tools that are not going to disappoint you in any way. 

The Crema Pro Barista Micro Cloth comes in a set of two towels. One is a larger one that can be hung with your belt. It has an outlet on it that makes it very easy to handle. It is used to clean the larger components such as the outer portions of your machine or you want to clean the mess around your coffee machine. The other one is comparatively smaller in size that is specifically made for the absorbing purpose. 

This pair of cleaning clothes is never going to disappoint you in any way. The professional pair of these towels can help you clean any kind of mess around your coffee machine. The price of Crema Pro Barista Micro Cloth is $17.95. It is made of 100% microfiber. 

4. Barista Micro Cleaning Towels:

Another good option to select for cleaning your coffee machine is Barista Micro Cleaning Towel. These cleaning towels are easy to wash. The non-adhesive and dry fast-washing towel will help you remove any kind of residue related to your coffee machine. This cleaning towel is strong enough to clean milk residue. It can also be used to clean the countertops as well as the precision baskets. Dirt particles can also be removed using these cleaning towels. These washing towels come with a hook that is used to hang the cloth after being used. It can also be used to clean the counters of the kitchen. You can use these cleaning towels as dish towels and tea towels as well. 

The price of these towels is  $3.00 per piece. They usually come in a pack of 4 that costs around $11.99. The size of this cleaning towel is around 12” X 12”. These towels come in four solid khaki colors that can match your kitchen. 

5. Rhinowares Barista Cloth:

The Rhinowares Barista Cloth is a type of barista cloth that is usually much more expensive than other Barista clothes. But the quality and the lifetime of this cleaning cloth is satisfying. The Rhinowares Barista Cloth is hard, tough, non-sticky, and handy barista clothes. This barista towel has everything that you need while cleaning your coffee machine. 

The Rhinowares Barista Cloth comes in a set of four clothes. Each one has its own usage. One cloth comes with a clip. The second cloth is a special cloth for absorbing and polishing the mess. The remaining two clothes are steam wand clothes. 

Although these clothes become a little difficult to fit in your pocket they are going to be with you forever. The multi-functional Rhinowares Barista Cloth can give you a solution to every type of cleaning problem related to your coffee machine. 

The price of this Barista towel is around $13.89. It comes in three different colors black, blue, and brown. The material used in it is polyester. 

6. CAFEMASY Barista Towel:

Another popular Barista Towel is a CAFEMASY Barista Towel. The CAFEMASY Barista Towel comes in pairs of two towels. Both the towels come with a hook that can help you hang them anywhere after use. The CAFEMASY Barista Towel has small portions made on its surface that make it a very good absorber. This towel is made of soft microfiber that is not going to harm your Espresso machine in any way. The main advantage of this towel is that it is made in such a way it can absorb a large amount of water. So, overall this towel is a very good absorber as compared to the other Barista Towels. It is also very easy to wash. You can clean it in your washing machine as well. These towels are steam wand clothes that can even clean the milk residue very fast and easily. This towel is a multi-purpose towel that can be used to clean the outer as well as the inner part of the machine. You can also use this machine to clean coffee cups, and kitchen dishes as well. You can also use this towel in your office or for cleaning your vehicle. 

The price of the CAFEMASY Barista Towel is $14.99. The CAFEMASY Barista Towel comes in two different colors white and grey. These towels come in the perfect size which is 30 X 30 cm. 

How to choose the best Barista Towel for you?

A Barista Towel usually has many more benefits than a simple cleaning cloth. A good Barista cleaning cloth usually has a size of 30 X 30 cm if you want a square cloth. Otherwise, a cloth with dimensions 30 X 40 cm is also a good option. Another important thing to consider while buying a suitable Barista cleaning cloth is a hook or a loop that comes with some of the Barista clothes. If you own such a cloth that has a hook around it to be hung then things become very easy for you to manage. You can hang it wherever you want even if it can be hung with your belt strip. The best material to choose for a Barista towel is Microfiber. It is a soft material that does not damage any part of the machine. It can be scratchless with stainless steel. It soaked liquid very fast and easily. Coming down to the colors you can select any color you want but the most preferable colors are dark ones such as Black, Khaki, Brown, and even Grey. The light colors may have a spot around them that can make you feel uncomfortable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What towels do baristas use?

Professional baristas use any random towel that can be within their reach. It can be kitchen towels, tea towels, or standard kitchen towels. But the material used is mostly Microfiber because it is a material that does not leave any scratches. It is also a good absorber. 

How to clean barista towels?

You can wash Barista towels in your washing machine. You can use detergents and hot water. The average time to wash your towels is 10 to 15 minutes. You can also wash it with your hands. But you must not use bleach for the cleaning of Barista towels, 

How many towels does a barista need?

You should have at least three Barista towels. One for the steam wand, and the second for the cleaning and drying of the machine components. And the last one is for the cleaning of the drip tray.

Which is the best towel for cleaning a steam wand?

A damped cloth that dries quickly is a good option for cleaning a steam wind. The damped cloth will be damped and it will throw the water or milk cleaned with it very quickly. 

What is a barista cloth?

Barista cloth is a cleaning cloth that is primarily used for cleaning your espresso and its components. It can also be used for the cleaning kitchen, countertops, and vehicles as well.

What is the best towel to use for a coffee machine?

A towel that is made of Microfiber is usually the best. A perfect size for a Barista towel is 16” X 16”. A towel with a hook is usually preferred. 

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