Keurig Water Filter

Keurig coffee makers are a popular and convenient way to make coffee at home without the hassle of measuring, grinding, and heating water. However, this convenience comes with a downside, as coffee made with a Keurig machine can be bitter and taste stale if the machine isn’t properly maintained. This is why it’s important to use a Keurig water filter.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of using a Keurig water filter, choosing the right one, and properly using and maintaining it. By the end of this article, you’ll know everything you need to do to have the best-tasting coffee from your Keurig machine.

Do all Keurigs have a water filter?

No, not all Keurig coffee makers come with a removable water filter. We have listed down all the Keurig models for you to find out the right information.

Brewers with a FilterBrewers without a Filter
K-SupremeK-Mini Plus
K-Supreme PlusK15
K-Duo PlusRivo
K-CafeSmall Office Brewers
K 425 
K 525 
K 250 
K-Duo Essentials 

Where is the Keurig water filter located?

The Keurig water filter is located inside the removable water reservoir of the Keurig coffee maker. It is typically found on the inside wall of the reservoir, near the bottom. The filter should be replaced every two months or after every sixty liters of water used. To replace the filter, the user should remove the reservoir, remove the old filter, and insert the new filter. The user should then reattach the reservoir to the machine and run two to three tanks of water through the machine to flush out any impurities.

How to replace a Keurig water filter – 3 Simple Steps

Replacing the water filter in your Keurig coffee maker ensures that your coffee is clean and tastes great.

Step 1: Remove the old filter

To access the water filter, you must first remove the top of Keurig’s water reservoir. With this, you can have access to the filter. It doesn’t matter if the reservoir is full or empty. It can be done either way.

Remove the old filter from Keurig

1.1. Take off the Keurig water tank’s cover

To remove the upper filter holder from the reservoir, grab its handle and pull it up. Plastic tabs on the reservoir’s base will engage with the bottom of the filter holder device, securing it in place. You may need to jiggle the filter-holder device back in place or push it hard to dislodge it.

Take off the Keurig water tank's cover

1.2. Remove the used filter by opening the holder

To close the filter unit’s tabs, pinch them together with your thumb and index finger. First, pull down to open the lower filter holder to remove the old filter. Your kitchen trash container is fine for disposing of the old filter.

Remove the used filter by opening the holder

Step 2: Install the new filter

Install the Keurig new filter

2.1. Filter should be soaked in water

Once you’ve obtained your replacement filter, you should let it submerge in water for 5-10 minutes before giving it a quick cleaning under running water for 60 seconds. This step will remove the excess carbon dust from the charcoal filter.

Filter should be soaked in water

2.2. Alter the filter in the filter housing

The fresh filter is put into the filter holder with the rounded top facing up. Arrange the lower filter holder directly below it, and then snap its two sides into position around the filter.

Reattach the Keurig filter in the filter housing

2.3. Set the replacement dial 2 months forward

The filter replacement unit’s replacement dial is situated atop its handle. The numbers 1 through 12 will be displayed (each of which stands for the corresponding month).

Set the Keurig replacement dial 2 months forward

2.4. Schedule a filter change reminder on your Keurig

Turn the dial two months ahead of the current month by turning it clockwise.

With this option, the Keurig will send you a digital reminder in two months. However, a reminder must be manually scheduled. Select “Water Filter Reminder” from the “Settings” menu to accomplish this. To turn it on, click the “Enable” button.

Schedule a filter change reminder on your Keurig

Step 3: Verify the positioning with care

Place the Keurig water filter device into the Keurig reservoir.

The last step is to install the Keurig water filter device into the water tank. When the lower filter holder is placed firmly into the reservoir’s bottom, the exterior side should snap into place.

Verify the Keurig's positioning with care

Make sure the grooves on the lower filter holder are lined up with the raised plastic on the floor of the Keurig’s water reservoir, then try reinstalling the filter to see if it clicks into place.

A vital aspect of routine maintenance for your Keurig coffee maker is changing the water filter. If you follow these instructions, you can guarantee that your coffee will always taste great.

How to change the water filter in Keurig k-supreme plus

There is a compartment for a water filter in the side water reservoir of the Keurig K-Supreme (K910), K-Supreme Plus (K920), and K-Supreme Plus SMART coffee makers. This compartment is located on the left side of the machine. The filter is positioned within the water tank that is situated on the side of the machine after being placed inside a clear plastic filter handle that is normally purchased separately from the brewer. You can find the accurate filter on amazon for Keurig 2.0.

Change the water filter in Keurig k-supreme plus

Step 1: The clear plastic filter housing can be removed from the water tank’s base by twisting and pulling it.

Remove filter from the water tank's base

Step 2: Unsnap the bottom filter holder and pull the old charcoal water filter out of the housing using the tool provided.

 Unsnap the K-supreme plus bottom filter holder

Step 3: Put in a brand-new filter cartridge designed specifically for use with fresh water, and then reattach the filter holder so that the cartridge is held firmly in place.

Reattach the K-supreme plus filter holder

Step 4: Finally, align the markings on the bottom of your water tank with the corresponding creases on the bottom of the filter housing, and then push down until the housing snaps into place.

Fix K-supreme plus filter holder into its place

How to change the water filter in Keurig k-compact

Maintaining your Keurig k-compact coffee maker is key to brewing the perfect cup of coffee. One important maintenance task is to regularly change the water filter. Having a clean filter will ensure your coffee tastes its best, and it also helps to extend the life of your machine. If you’re ready to replace your k-compact filter, follow the steps below, and you’ll be enjoying a delicious coffee in no time.

Change the water filter in Keurig k-compact

Step 1: Start by turning off your Keurig K Compact and unplugging it from the wall.

 Turn off Keurig K Compact

Step 2: Remove the water reservoir by pressing the release button located on the side of the machine. 

Remove the Keurig K-compact water reservoir

Step 3: Take the filter out of the packaging and wet it with cold water.

Wet K-compact filter with cold water

Step 4: Place the filter in the reservoir and make sure it is securely in place.

Place the Keurig filter in its place

Step 5: Reattach the water reservoir to the machine, ensuring that it is securely in place. 

Step 6: Plug the machine back in and turn it back on. 

Step 7: Run two cycles of water through the machine to flush out any impurities. 

Step 8: Enjoy your filtered, delicious cup of coffee!

How to change the water filter in Keurig slim

The Keurig K-Slim brewer utilizes Charcoal Water Filter Cartridges, which are positioned within the Slim coffee machine’s back water tank reservoir. This allows for filtered water to be delivered to the brewer.

Change the water filter in Keurig slim

Step 1: Insert the charcoal water filter into the bottom of the tall plastic handle attachment on the K-Slim coffee maker to begin the process of installing the water filter on the K-Slim coffee maker.

Insert K-slim charcoal water filter into the tall handle

Step 2: You will need to rejoin the bottom piece so that it stays in its proper position.

Rejoin the Keurig K-slim bottom piece

Step 3: Insert the filter handle into the rear water tank of the Keurig Slim, positioning it so that it is aimed directly above the black plastic entrance located at the bottom of the reservoir.

Insert K-slim filter handle into the rear water tank

Step 4: Apply downward pressure to fasten the filter holder into position firmly.

Apply downward pressure  on K-slim filter

How to change the water filter in Keurig mini

Keurig K mini doesn’t have a filter. This is a simple pour-in and brew-out machine. So the water you put in the coffee maker brews out as it doesn’t possess a large water reservoir.

How to change the water filter in Keurig duo

Changing the water filter in your Keurig Duo is an essential part of maintaining your coffee maker. By replacing your filter regularly, you can ensure that you get the most out of your machine and enjoy the best possible coffee flavor. Follow the steps above to change your water filter quickly and easily.

Change the water filter in Keurig duo

Step 1: Turn off and unplug the Keurig. 

Turn off Keurig Duo

Step 2: Locate the water filter inside the water reservoir of the Keurig. 

Step 3: Remove the filter by turning it counterclockwise until it is released from the reservoir. 

 Remove the Keurig Duo water filter

Step 4: Insert the new filter into the reservoir and turn it clockwise until it is tight and secure.

Insert Keurig Duo new filter into the tall handle

Step 5: Fill the reservoir with cold, filtered water and replace the lid. 

Fill the Keurig duo reservoir with water

Step 6: Plug in your Keurig and turn it on.

Turn on Keurig Duo

Step 7: Run a few cups of water through the machine to flush out any carbon or other debris from the filter.

How to change the water filter in Keurig K300

Changing the water filter in your Keurig 2.0 K300 is a quick and easy process that will help ensure your machine is always working optimally. Following the steps outlined above, you can keep your Keurig running smoothly and your coffee tasting great.

Change the water filter in Keurig K300

Step 1. Start by lifting the handle on the top of the machine to open the lid.

open the Keurig K300 lid

Step 2. Remove the empty water filter from the side of the reservoir if it is still present. 

Remove the empty water filter from the Keurig k300 reservoir

Step 3. Take out the new water filter and remove the protective cover.

Install a new filter in Keurig K300

Step 4. Insert the water filter into the reservoir with the arrow pointing up. 

Insert Keurig K300 water filter into the reservoir

Step 5. Close the lid and press the button to select the “water filter” option. 

Close the lid of Keurig K300 water tank

Step 6. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate the new water filter.

 Follow the K-300 on-screen instructions

Step 7. Your Keurig 2.0 K300 is ready for use with the new water filter.

 Keurig 2.0 K300 is ready for use

What happens if you don’t replace the water filter?

If you don’t replace the water filter, you risk consuming harmful contaminants. The filter will become clogged with dirt and debris over time, which can lead to poor water quality. This can cause you to become ill from consuming contaminated water. Additionally, if the filter is not replaced, it can lead to a decrease in water pressure and an increase in energy costs. It is important to properly maintain the filter by replacing it regularly to ensure safe, clean, and high-quality water.

Why filters are important in coffee machines? 

Using a Keurig water filter has many advantages. It can reduce the amount of chlorine, sediment, and other contaminants in your water, improving the taste of your coffee. It also helps to extend the life of your Keurig machine by reducing the buildup of minerals from hard water. Additionally, using a Keurig filter can reduce the need for descaling, saving you time and money. With the right filter, you can be sure you’re getting the most out of your Keurig machine and the best-tasting coffee.

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How to check which filter my Keurig uses?

The easiest way to check which filter your Keurig uses is to look at the model number on the side of the machine. The model number should include the filter type that your machine uses. Some of the more common filter types used by Keurig are K-Cup and My K-Cup. If you have a Keurig from the Classic series, the filter will be black and have a timer in the shape of a circle on the end of it. The filter will be transparent and shorter if you own a K200 Plus model. However, in the K300 and higher versions, the filters will be vertically elongated, extremely thin, and transparent.

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Do all Keurigs have a removable filter?

In a conventional sense, no. The Keurig brewing systems do not come equipped with a water filter right out of the box. Instead, the majority of coffee brewer models come equipped with a removable water reservoir that may be used as a place to store a water filter.

Where to buy the best Keurig filter?

Keurig water filters are not sold individually, so you will need to buy a set. These are commonly sold in groups of 6 or 12 and can be found in stores that sell Keurig machines or online through major retailers like Amazon and Walmart. 

The best filter to use is: 

Keurig Water Filter Refill Cartridges

Keurig Water Filter Refill Cartridges

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Frequently asked questions

How to remove the Keurig water filter?

Removing the Keurig water filter is simple. Follow the following steps.

  1. Turn off the water supply to the Keurig.
  2. Remove the top lid of the water reservoir and pull out the filter. Gently pull the filter out and discard it.
  3. Replace the lid of the water reservoir and turn the water supply to the Keurig back on.

Make sure to replace the filter regularly for optimal performance.

How long does a Keurig filter last?

The length of time that a Keurig filter lasts depends on the frequency of use. Generally, it is recommended that the filter be replaced every two months. However, some users have reported that their filters have lasted up to a year. It is important to keep track of the filter’s lifespan and replace it when necessary to ensure that your drinks consistently taste their best.

How to change Keurig water filter cartridges?

To change your Keurig water filter cartridges, begin by locating the water filter in the water tank. Then unscrew the cap of the filter cartridge and discard the old cartridge. Next, remove the new filter cartridge from its packaging and rinse it with cold water. Insert the filter into the water tank and screw the cap back on. Lastly, fill the water tank with fresh cold water and discard the first 3-4 cups of brewed coffee. This will ensure that the new filter is properly installed.

Does the Keurig 2.0 come with a water filter?

Yes, all Keurig 2.0 coffee machines come with filters that can be replaced, and it is recommended to replace the filter every month if you are a frequent coffee drinker.

Should I descale my Keurig before changing the filter?

Yes, it is important to descale your Keurig before changing the filter. Descaling helps to remove calcium and other minerals that build up in the machine over time, which can affect the taste of your coffee and other beverages. Additionally, descaling can help the machine run more efficiently since the buildup of minerals can cause the Keurig to take longer to heat up. You can follow my article “how to descale Keurig” to learn how to descale.

How often do you need to change the filter in a Keurig?

The Keurig filter should be changed approximately every two months. However, this may vary depending on how often the machine is used and the type of water used. It is recommended to check the filter monthly and replace it when it appears to be clogged. If the filter is not changed regularly, the quality of the coffee produced may be affected. Additionally, the machine may take longer to heat and produce the drink.

What parts are removable on a Keurig?

Removable parts on a Keurig include the water reservoir, water filter, K-cup holder, drip tray, and K-cup drawer. The water reservoir is where the water is stored and can usually be taken out and refilled. The water filter (when present) helps to purify the water before it is brewed. The K-cup holder holds the K-cup, which contains the coffee grounds. The drip tray collects any excess liquid and can be removed for cleaning. Finally, the K-cup drawer is the storage area for K-cups and can be taken out for refilling.

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