how to clean a nespresso machine

If you are a coffee lover you can understand the worth of a perfect cup of joe to make you ready for your Mondays! And who knows this better than your little Barista – your Nespresso machine. The machine enables you to enjoy a desired cup of coffee in the comfort of your home by simply clicking a few buttons. This luxury cannot be replaced by any trendy coffee house. But this convenience demands a little effort. Yes, we meant it, only a little effort! And that is cleaning.

Your Nespresso machine works wonders at your one signal, Right? Believe me, it can also work otherwise by testing your patience, delaying your orders, ruining the taste, and unfortunately destroying your coffee experience, if and only if you are not ready to clean it. It is possible that cleaning might not be your favorite task to do but we are sure your love for this beverage will make you do this. And we are also here to help you, to make this task a piece of cake! You only have to follow this easy step-by-step guide and boom! You’ll get that rich cup of coffee back on your table.

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Why should you clean your Nespresso machine?

1. Dirty taste

You are fond of your Nespresso machine because it entertains you with delicious coffee without much effort. But, what if your machine resigns from doing this basic function. The milk residues stuck in the steam wand could be one of the reasons. That is why you need to clean this part regularly to maintain the quality of your drink.

2. Noisy machine

Nespresso machines are known for their efficiency and user-friendly system. This machine can prepare a wonderful cup of joe smoothly and silently without making a fuss about it. However, a filthy machine can cause dysfunction. A blockage caused by mineral deposits or dust makes it difficult for the machine to execute tasks. Proper cleaning is an easy and reliable solution for this.

3. Slow functioning

Your Nespresso machine is definitely your morning partner. You wake up, perform some simple actions and without any complaint, the machine provides you with your dearest caffeine. To keep your morning partner safe and sound, one needs to be careful about its proper maintenance. If the remainders of the coffee stay stuck in the machine it will slow down the speed of brewing coffee and also reduce the rate of pouring beverages. So, if you are not ready to clean your machine yet, be ready to test your patience.

4. A hot cup of coffee will become a dream

If you are one of those who relish a hot cup of coffee that instantly energizes you soon after its first sip, then cleaning your machine should be on your checklist. An unclean machine with mineral formation cannot function efficiently which results in delayed operations and affects the temperature of the coffee. Regular cleaning of your machine can prevent these outcomes.

5. Bacteria and mold formation

Cleaning is not only essential for the quality of your beverage but also for health concerns. The residues, if not removed from the machine for a longer time, can cause further reactions and build bacteria and molds. To avoid an unhealthy cup of coffee proper Cleaning is mandatory.

6. Durability increases

Every machine requires proper maintenance to keep it functioning. No matter how amazing or expensive a device is, if not handled carefully all of its skills will be wasted. That is why cleaning is very beneficial to increase the life of your Nespresso machine.

7. Revive your first-ever coffee experience

Do you remember when you first used the Nespresso machine? That rich creamy coffee which it had delivered. But with the time when the machine is not cleaned, that perfect cup of coffee becomes a dream. To relive that wholesome experience, only a little effort of cleaning is required.

Signs that your Nespresso machine needs cleaning

If the Nespresso machine is working unusually, it is a signal that your machine desperately needs you. Too much noise, bad taste, and slow proceedings of tasks are a few of the signs that communicate, that immediate cleaning is required. Ideally, cleaning should be done before these signs appear but if that is not the case, it is still not too late. These symptoms can be cured through proper cleaning.

Things required for cleaning:

  1. Dish Soap
  2. Container (that can contain 4 cups)
  3. Dish Cloth

How To Clean a Nespresso machine

1. Prepare your machine for the cleaning process

Before cleaning your machine it’s necessary to make it ready for the process. For this, you have to check if there is a used capsule, if yes then eject it from your machine. Now your Nespresso machine is ready for a bath!

2. Rinse and refill the water tank

Your next step is to take the water tank out of the machine and gently clean it with your hands by using a bar of dish soap. After that, wash it properly underwater. Refill the tank with fresh water and put it back on the Nespresso machine.

3. Remove and clean the drip tray

Detach the drip tray from your machine. And shower it with soap and water.

4. Clean the inside of the capsule container

You have ejected the used capsule, Right? Now it is time to clean it. Take the capsule and wash its inner part with dish soap and water. Put the container aside to be dried.

5. Clean the capsule detector lens

After that, you have to disconnect the maintenance module and clean the capsule detector lens with a clean soft, and dry cloth. It is advised to not wash the capsule detector lens with water and soap. Rather, a microfiber cloth should be used for cleaning purposes.

6. Look after your steam wand

A steam wand is a necessary component that demands regular care. As the wand could have milk residue that is why it is important to wipe the steam wand after every use.

7. Look after your built-in milk solution

The milk container in your machine is another part that needs regular cleaning. For making milky coffees, some machines provide the facility of milk containers. But these containers are required to be removed and cleaned with water and soap after each use.

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8. Clean the cup support

The next step in your cleaning process is to separate the cup support shelf. Then rinse it with water and soap. And let it be dry.

9. Wipe down the capsule head

Now you have to clean the capsule head. For that, a damp cloth should be used and wiped well. Do not put it underwater for cleaning as it may damage the part.

10. Wipe down the machine (external parts)

In order to clean the machine thoroughly, the external parts of the machine also need to be dirt-free. Take a damp cloth and wipe the external parts gently. A cleaner can also be used if required.

11. Heat the machine

Now the cleaning process is almost done. You are just a few steps away from getting your top-notch barista back. Heat up the machine for the next step. For this, you have to see the light on the machine. When it stops blinking and becomes steady, it means that the machine is heated up.

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12. Run the cleaning process

After the machine is heated, put a container under the head on the cup tray which can hold 1 litre (at least 4 cups) of water. Next, press the start button three times in rapid succession, within 2 seconds. The cleaning process would start and the water should start coming from the coffee outlet within 2 minutes. Three cycles of water would complete in almost 5 minutes.

13. Reassemble

Lastly, reassemble the machine by putting the dip tray, cup support and capsules container back into place.

14. Avoid strong cleaners on your Nespresso machine

One last suggestion in our cleaning guide is that don’t use extremely reactive cleaners on your machine. A small amount of gentle dish soap will do the job. Also, do not wash the components of the machine in a dishwasher, rather a hand wash or a damp cloth is suggested for cleaning.

How often should you clean your Nespresso machine?

The better a machine is maintained, the longer it will serve you. That is why it is recommended that you should clean your machine regularly after every use. As we have discussed earlier in our article, some components of the machine are required to be clean on a daily basis. The cleaning process does not take much of your time but improves the quality and increases the life of your machine to a great extent.


So, the problem is resolved, Right? Daily cleaning as explained to you in this article, would prevent any issues regarding your Nespresso machine.  In case, you got us late and your machine is already not behaving the way it used to. Still, you don’t need to worry, just follow this easy step-by-step guide and it will result in a beautiful cup of coffee. We suggest that you should repeat this cleaning cycle regularly to never ever have a bad coffee day!

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