This guide will help you to descale your Nespresso machine. This is a great way to Descaling your Nespresso if you’re new to the world of Nespresso. It’s a quick and easy way to descale your machine and ensure it’s running at its best. I’m sure you will be able to maintain your machine’s cleanliness and keep it looking new.
We will show you how to descaling some top Nespresso machines like Gran Lattissima, Essenza Mini, Pixie, and Citiz.

Mornings are incomplete without a perfect cup of coffee to boost your productivity. But just imagine, you woke up, about to start your day, marking the tasks to accomplish and What!! Your Nespresso machine is not working to deliver your coffee. As a joe lover, I can understand how easily it can suck all of your motivation out. So, pay attention!!

This horrible scenario can turn into a reality if Nespresso Machine, aka your own home barista, is not appropriately maintained. But you’re already done with cleaning? Well, when we say maintenance, we do not only refer to cleaning, but the complete wellbeing of your machine also demands to descale. Cleaning is related chiefly to washing different machine equipment to avoid blockages and mold formations. Descaling, on the other hand, functions to remove scales. Quite fancy words?! Don’t worry. We are here to explain every bit of this process with an easy step-by-step guide. Follow us!


What is descaling?

As the article informed earlier, descaling is meant to remove limescale with a Descaling solution to keep the machine working appropriately. However, the basic question arises what scale is? Let’s answer it first.

What is scale?

Scale is literally defined as thick dry flakes of skin. In the case of the machine, scales are the build-up of minerals, mostly deposits of calcium and lime from water that turn into a hard skin on your machine. It affects the essential functions of the machine and cannot be removed without chemicals.

Mark the list prior to descaling your machine

1. Owner’s manual

As we have mentioned earlier that Nespresso machines have an inbuilt descaling function. The steps to activate this mode vary from model to model. That is why you need the Owner’s manual of your model of the machine to run descaling. But what if you have lost the manual? No need to panic. You are in the right place. Our step-by-step guide to dealing with descaling modes of various models of Nespresso machine will be your guru!

2. Nespresso Descaling kit

Earlier, descaling was enough to haunt the users of Nespresso machines. It was a time-consuming and painstaking task without inbuilt descaling modes and a Nespresso descaling kit. One has to apart the machine and then, with different tools, scratch the scales himself. But these times have gone. Now Nespresso facilitates its users with a convenient Nespresso Cleaning and Descaling Kit. Let’s discover more about this magic kit to find out how helpful it could be for the reinvigoration of your machine.

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How To Descale Nespresso Machines?

Time required:

To do descaling seems like a big task, Right? No doubt it is significant in terms of improving the durability of your machine but surprisingly, Not big enough to take much of your time. Descaling your machine, which can be quickly and effectively executed by following our simple yet comprehensive guide, can hardly take 36 minutes to finish. Not a big deal!


A Cup or a container carrying at least 4 cups of water is the only required item to accomplish this task.


Nespresso Descaling solution. Yes, that’s it!


We have an easy step-by-step guide for you to descale your Nespresso machine efficiently and adequately. Just follow these steps, and you’ll do this critical task:

1. Make your machine ready

So, you are going to start the descaling, but before that, some preparations are mandatory. Firstly, check if the machine has capsules, capsule holders, or drip trays. If yes, remove them.

2. Fill the water tank

Now when you have prepared your machine. Make the arrangements for its bath. For that, fill the water tank with approximately four cups of warm water. But remember to leave some space on the top for descaling solution.

3. Add Descaling solution

Here comes the main ingredient!! Nespresso descaling solution. Add one unit of Nespresso descaling liquid to the water tank.

4. Take an empty container

To proceed with the descaling process neatly, take an empty container that can hold up to four cups of water. Place it carefully under the nozzle or coffee spout to avoid a mess, or otherwise, your kitchen would be descaled!

5. Heat the machine

So you are done with the outer arrangements. Now your machine has to do some work. Turn on the machine and let it heat up.

6. Activate the descaling mode

Yes, you guessed it right! You need the services of your manual because the procedure to run descaling mode varies from machine to machine. But in case you lose it or find it difficult to comprehend, we -the pro baristas are here to serve you. Below we have guided you to execute the descaling mode for different models of Nespresso. Find yours and follow the easy steps.

7. Repeat the process

Nespresso suggests repeating the descaling cycle more than once. So following the most credible recommendation, refill the water tank with the used solution and repeat the process.

8. Detach the water tank

After circulating the descaling solution twice, you need to remove the water tank for further steps. Empty it and rinse it thoroughly with water.

9. Rinse the machine

When you have cleaned the tank, refill it with water. To ensure that all the descaling solution is wiped out, run the cycle a few times with water. This step is vital if you don’t want your first few cups of coffee to taste ugly.

10. Exit Descaling mode

Don’t forget to turn off the mode once you are done with descaling. Again, you need help as exiting requires the exact operation you executed to activate. Follow the easy steps we have discussed further in the article to accomplish this task. Once you have turned off the mode, you are done with the descaling – the task which is a matter of life and death for your machine! Let it dry for a few minutes, and then it will be ready to satisfy your cravings.

Here is the solution to your problem. We have a step-by-step guide for different models of Nespresso machines. Now you can descale your model properly with convenience.

How to descale Nespresso Vertuo Next

1. Prepare your machine

Before starting the process, it is important to prepare your machine for descaling. For this, empty the drip tray and capsule container. Then put them back on the machine. However, cup support can be separated during descaling.

2. Fill the tank and add Nespresso descaling solution

Take the water tank and fill it with 0.5 L of water, approximately 2 cups. Mix 1 unit of Nespresso descaling liquid. And put the tank back on the machine.

3. Turn on the machine

In order to turn on the machine, it has to be closed and locked. If it is already in this condition, simply turn the machine on by pressing the button.

4. Heat up the machine

Soon after the machine is turned on, it will start heating. And the blinking light would be its signal. When heating is done, the light will turn steady.

5. Eject the capsule and reclose the machine

To eject the capsule, open the machine, and the capsule will be ejected. After that, reclose the machine and remember to keep the lever in the unlocked position towards the front of the machine.

6. Before descaling mode

To prepare the machine for descaling mode, you have to press and hold the button until that steady light turns off and instantly begins blinking orange. It can take approximately 7 seconds before the light starts blinking.

7. Move to descale mode

Once the light starts blinking, you have to be super fast as the descaling mode should be activated within 45 seconds; otherwise, it will return to brewing mode. So let’s quickly move to the next step to execute descaling mode.

8. Lock the machine and place a container

Lock your machine by moving the lever towards the lock symbol and unlock by turning right. Then press until the light turns off and starts blinking orange again. In addition, place a container under the coffee outlet which can hold at least 1L of water.

9. Activate descaling mode

In order to start descaling mode, lock the machine by moving the lever left to the locked symbol. Then push on the button. It will blink orange quickly and continuously as long as the descaling process keeps functioning. After completing the first phase, the machine will stop automatically.

10. Rinse, refill and reassemble

Take a water tank, drip tray, and capsule container, empty them and rinse them thoroughly with water. Then refill the tank and put all the equipment back on the machine.

11. Rinse the machine

Put an empty container containing approximately 4 cups of water under the coffee outlet. Then push the button to rinse the machine. The machine will automatically stop after rinsing.

12. Descaling is done!

Yes, you have completed this seemingly monstrous task. Thank us later! Now throw away the rinsing water and refill the water tank. Put it back in the machine. After it is dried out, your machine will be ready to use.

Bustler’s instructions:

  • The whole descaling process can take approximately 20 minutes, so separate out these few minutes for your machine.
  • Plus, once you have executed the descaling mode, it can’t be interrupted or exited. Therefore, activate it after complete preparations.
  • If the machine gets unplugged during the procedure, it will restart the whole process when it gets plugged. To save time, ensure the power supply.

How to descale Nespresso Gran Lattissima

1. Descaling alert

Nespresso facilitates its users by installing a descaling alert in the machine. You need to descale your Nespresso Gran Lattissima if the alert shines orange in ready mode.

2. Empty and eject

Lift and close the lever to transform the capsules in the used capsule container. After ejecting the capsule, you need to empty the drip tray and used capsule container, cup support, and drop collector.

3. Fill the tank and add descaling solution

Fill the water tank till the descaling mark, which means you have to pour 500 ml of water. Now you need the most important thing of the descaling process- Nespresso descaling liquid. Add 100ml of the solution to the tank.

4. Enter descaling mode

To start descaling mode, you have to connect the descaling pipe fixed at the back of the machine to the steam connector of the machine. The descaling alert will blink orange, and the flat white button shines white if the mode is activated. Also, replace the water tank.

5. Place a container

Take a container that can carry 1 liter of water. Place it under the coffee outlet and the descaling pipe nozzle.

6. Start descaling

To begin descaling, press the flat white button. As a result, descaling liquid will flow alternately through the coffee outlet, descaling pipe, and drip tray. When the machine completes its descaling, the flat white button will shine to inform.

7. Empty and refill

In order to have proper cleaning of your Nespresso Gran Lattissima, rinsing is mandatory. For this, empty the drip tray, capsule container, cup support, and drop collector. Then wash and refill them with water to level MAX.

8. Rinse the machine

For rinsing the machine, press the flat white button. The water will flow through the coffee outlet, descaling pipe, and drip tray. Once the machine completes rinsing, it will automatically turn off.

9. Remove and reassemble

Remove the descaling pipe with the help of handles or knobs and save it for later use. Also, clear the drip tray and used capsule container. Fill the water tank with water and put it back in the machine.

10. Clean the machine, and descaling is done!

In addition to the inner cleaning, outer cleaning is also essential to maintain the grace of your Nespresso machine. Take a damp cloth and clean the machine to give it a chic look! Now your machine has been descaled. Go and enjoy your coffee again!

Bustler’s instruction:

Despite its in-built function, descaling of your Nespresso Gran Lattissima still needs you for 20 minutes to descale the machine. So, select the part of the day when you can stay in your machine’s service without any interruption.

How to descale Nespresso Pixie

1. Remove the capsule and empty the equipment

Before starting descaling, you have to remove the capsule and close the lever. Plus, make your drip tray and the used capsule container empty of any stuff.

2. Fill the tank and add the solution

Pour 1.5 L of water into the water tank and add Nespresso descaling liquid to it, which is a must-have to execute this process.

3. Place the container and turn on the machine

Put a container that can hold a minimum of 0.6 L of liquid under the coffee outlet. Then turn the machine on by simply switching it on.

4. Heat up

Soon after, the machine is turned on. It will start heating. Blinking light will give its proof. Light will turn steady when the machine is heated up.

5. Press the coffee buttons

Press both coffee buttons at the same time for 3 seconds. If done correctly, it will start blinking.

6. Press the lungo button

Press the lungo button. And wait until the machine runs its first cycle of descaling. The empty water tank will inform you when the cycle completes.

7. Refill the tank

Refill the tank with the used descaling solution to run another cycle and press the lungo button again.

8. Empty and refill

Once the cycle is completed, detach the water tank, empty it and rinse it. Then refill the tank with freshwater.

9. Rinse the machine and exit the mode

To rinse the machine, press the lungo button. When rinsing is done, exit the descaling mode by pressing both buttons simultaneously for one second.

10. Descaling is completed

That was all! You are done with this important step of maintenance of your machine.

Bustler’s instruction

While using a descaling solution, you need to be careful regarding its contact with your eyes or skin. It is entirely safe for the machines but not that friendly to your skin or other surfaces.

How to descale Essenza Mini

1. Empty and eject

Eject the capsule into the used capsule container by lifting and closing the lever. Then clear the drip tray, drip base, and used capsule container for further procedure.

2. Fill the tank and add descaling solution

Take the water tank and fill 0.6L of potable water in it. For further steps, the Nespresso descaling solution is essential as you need to add one sachet of it to the tank.

3. Place a container and enter descaling mode

Then place a container that can hold a minimum of 1L of liquid under the coffee outlet. First, see if the machine is on to activate the descaling mode. Then press both the espresso and the lungo button simultaneously for 5 seconds.

4. Start descaling

Both LEDs will blink to inform if the descaling mode is successfully executed. Start descaling by pressing the lungo button and wait until the water tank gets empty.

5. Refill the tank

Refill the water tank with the used descaling solution to run the cycle again for thorough cleaning. Then repeat the same steps to execute descaling (steps 5 and 7)

6. Empty and refill the tank

Unload the water tank and rinse it properly. Refill it with fresh drinking water.

7. Put a container and rinse the machine

Put a container under the coffee outlet, which can carry up to 1L of water.

8. Rinse the machine

Press the lungo button to rinse the machine. Repeat the rinsing process twice.

9. Exit descaling mode and empty the base

To exit this mode, press both espresso, and lungo buttons at the same time for 5 seconds. After this, clear the drip base.

10. Mission: descaling, achieved!

Congratulations!! While following the step-by-step guide, you have completed this mandatory task properly and smoothly.

Bustler’s instruction

The descaling process may take about 15 minutes, which is not a big deal, right? Therefore save these few minutes from your routine for the durability of your machine.

How to descale Citiz

1. Remove the capsule and empty the equipment

Remove the capsule and close the lever. If the drip tray and capsule container are occupied, clear them before starting descaling.

2. Fill the tank and add descaling solution

Then the water tank is supposed to be filled with 0.5 L of drinking water. Pick out your Nespresso descaling kit, without which this whole procedure is impossible, and pour 1 sachet of descaling liquid into it.

3. Place a container

Place a container under the coffee outlet which can hold a minimum of 1L of liquid. 

4. Enter descaling mode

To activate the descaling mode in Nespresso Citiz, you have to press espresso and lungo buttons for 3 seconds simultaneously. Blinking LEDs will indicate that mode has been activated.

5. Run descaling mode

To execute descaling, press the lungo button. And wait till the water tank gets empty.

6. Refill the tank

Refill the water tank with the used descaling solution to repeat the descaling cycle. Then repeat steps 5 and 6.

7. Empty and refill

After repeating the descaling cycle, take the tank and unload it. Then refill it with water.

8. Rinse the machine

To rinse the machine, follow the same steps you executed for descaling (steps 5 and 6).

9. Exit descaling mode

Exit the mode by pressing the espresso and lungo buttons for 3 seconds.

10. Accomplished the task!

Just follow these easy peasy steps that we specially constructed for the beginners, and you will accomplish this important task of descaling.

Bustler’s instruction

Although this model of Nespresso machines does not have a descaling alert, you need to descale your machine frequently. Otherwise, it will cease functioning and ruin the taste of your coffee.

Our tip!

For the descaling of your Nespresso machine, a Nespresso descaling kit is the top priority. However, if it is not available and your machine desperately needs descaling, then there is a tip that may help you for the time being. Vinegar can be used as a descaling liquid. Yes, you read it right! A 50/50 ratio of water and vinegar can do your work. But!


But this is not a reliable and permanent source for descaling. It does wonders for some machines but does not suit others. This tip should only be used once and in the most urgent cases.

Why descaling is essential – 5 benefits

You get your dearest machine back

Your Nespresso machines are your morning partners. But if the machine is not maintained correctly or, in other words, not descaled as per the instructions, you are in danger of losing your morning bliss. As clogs and scale will damage the machine, which will automatically affect the taste of coffee. Contrary to this, descaling which hardly takes 15-20 minutes, can return you that same creamy unforgettable cup of coffee.

Get rid of foul odor and slow functioning

You have your favorite book in your hands, a cozy cushion is waiting for you, and you dash towards your Nespresso machine to complete the picture. But, alas! Your machine is not responding to your commands. If you refuse to remove the scales, you may also suffer from this pain as delaying descaling becomes a driving force for lousy odor and slow functioning.

Your machine is now in safe hands

Descaling is not only crucial for the quality of your coffee but also for the durability and safety of the machine. If you keep using the machine without descaling (although it is no less than a challenge to use the machine in that state), it may heat up to a dangerous level, which will result in a breakdown due to overheating.

Healthy to use

Descaling also makes your machine healthy to use. How? Let me explain to you. If any piece from your meal gets stuck in your teeth and you fail to remove it. The piece will definitely turn into a cavity. Likewise, if scales are not taken seriously, they’ll take revenge for ignorance by producing bacteria.

Outrightly cleaned

Many users complain that they do cleaning regularly, but still, the coffee tastes bitter. It is because proper cleaning is incomplete without descaling. To serve your machine the way it serves you by satisfying your cravings, you need to perform thorough cleaning. This will increase the life of your machine and reward you with the refined taste of coffee.

Final thoughts

Descaling is the magical spell that can turn your old stubborn machine into an obedient brisk barista! And this spell does not demand much from you. A manual that is already explained to you in the form of a handy step-by-step guide, a Nespresso descaling kit whose specifications with a link are provided for your convenience, and a few relaxing minutes as you had while reading this blog. So, when are you going to thank your machine? What about 1st October – national coffee day? Let’s celebrate this day by bestowing your machine through descaling.


When to descale a Nespresso machine?

Many of the models of the Nespresso machine have descaling alerts. The light starts blinking to alarm the users. However, not all of the models incorporate this facility. Well, don’t worry! By identifying the slow functioning of your machine, foul odor, or bitter taste of your coffee, you find out that your machine needs descaling. 

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How often does descaling need to be done?

According to official Nespresso guidelines, you should descale your machine after every 300 days, which is once a year.

Why is the Nespresso descaling kit a must-have? 

Nespresso has specifically designed its solution and guide for its machines which is easy to use and quite effective as well. That is why if you are a Nespresso user, this kit should be your first preference. Plus, this one kit not only works for all the models of Nespresso but is also applicable to machines other than Nespresso. In addition, it is totally safe, or I must say ideal for the machines, unlike some home remedies that affect the machine and thus ruin the taste of coffee, as informed by some users.

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