Nespresso Vertuo Red and Yellow Light

Nespresso has made coffee making so much easier that you just now have to insert a capsule and your coffee is ready. But despite being the most advanced and convenient coffee-making technology your Nespresso can show some errors and we are going to discuss a few of them in this article.

The issues we are going to address in this article are related to the red and yellow or green lights of Nespresso Vertuo. 

Below are some problems that you might face while using Nespresso and their solutions are also mentioned in detail for your ease.


Why does scale build-up happen on Nespresso?

The reason behind the build-up of scales in your Nespresso is the water used for brewing in this machine. The minerals present in the water get piled up and they may have adverse effects on the efficiency of your machine as they will hinder the water flow, and mess with the flavor and temperature of your machine.

 Scale build-up happen on Nespresso Vertuo machine
Nespresso half red half green (yellow) light is in steady mode.Descale your machine with a descaling solution.
Red light pulses(fades on & off).You can get rid of it by cleaning your machine.
Nespresso Vertuo’s red light blinks continuously.Close the machine head of your Nespresso Vertuo properly.
The Red light blinks once per second.This is the indication of an error and you need to find out what it is.
Nespresso’s red light blinks twice and turns green.Insert the capsule in your machine correctly or maybe re-insert it to solve this issue.
VertuoPlus red light is steady but the machine is not running.Let the machine cool and then use it again.
VertuoPlus red light flashes 3 times every 2 seconds and turns steady red.Clean your machine to solve this problem.
VertuoPlus red light blinking twice and then blinking orange.If a special function has been selected on your machine.
VertuoPlus red light flashes twice and then steady orange.This happens when a special menu and you want to change a few settings.
When Nespresso’s red light fades out and turns to steady green light.This means your machine is cool enough and you can use it again.

How to fix the problem of red and yellow light on Nespresso Vertuo?

Here we will be discussing some methods that can be very helpful for you to solve the issue of red and yellow lights on Nespresso Vertuo.

 Red and yellow light on Nespresso Vertuo

1. Resetting the machine

The first option to get rid of the red and yellow light on your Nespresso Vertuo is to reset it and you can simply reset it by leaving the lever unlocked.

Now you need to push the button 5 times within only 3 seconds. If the reset is completed successfully then you will see 5 blinks on your machine.

Resetting the Nespresso Vertuo machine

2. Descaling your machine

The second method that we are going to discuss is the descaling method where you can use descaling solutions available in the market to get rid of this problem.

Descaling your Nespresso Vertuo machine

Step 1: Choose the right descaler

The 1st step of the descaling method is to choose the right descaler that is safe to use. The Nespresso machine itself comes with two sachets of descalers but you can also use any other descaler available in the market as well. The only thing that needs to be done is to follow the instructions carefully regarding the quantity of descaler needed.

Step 2: Add water

Now add the water and descaler to the water tank of your machine to start the descaling process. You will need to add 0.5 liters of water per descaler sachet as per the instructions of Nespresso. Now place the water tank back in its place and you should have two containers so that you can replace once a container is filled up with a descaler and machines feed water.

Step 3: Put your machine on descaling mode

Now, you should put the machine on descaling mode and you can get the information about how to exactly do it by taking help from the guide because this process may vary from machine to machine. But generally, you can do it on Nespresso Vertuo by pushing the top lever and you need to hold it for three seconds. 

Step 4: Rinse with water

Now you will need cold water to rinse the descaling solution out of your machine. A clean container should be placed under the spout so that no spilling of water takes place. Fill the machine to its complete water capacity and flush it and you are good to go.

Step 5: Turn off the descaling mode

Once you have gone through all these steps, the descaling mode needs to be turned off and this can be done by simply pushing the power button and down the lever of the machine for three seconds simultaneously. And if you want to read a complete and detailed guide on descaling then see:

3. Add water

After doing all this you will not see a red and yellow light on your Nespresso Vertuo which is an indication that your machine is ready to serve you with boosting and refreshing coffee. But if the problem still continues then you might have not added enough water to your machine. You can solve this problem by simply adding hard water to the water reservoir of your machine and then placing it back in its original position.

Add water to the Nespresso Vertuo

4. Clean your machine

Another method to descale your machine is by cleaning it with simple water. There is no need to use the descaling solution every time as the machine can be simply cleaned manually or by adding water.  This can be done by simply adding distilled water in your machine and then starting brewing. After this process is completed you can collect the water and discard it.

Clean Nespresso Vertuo machine

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5. Remove blockages

Another reason for the red and yellow light is that the water flow in your water tank is not proper due to some blockage. You need to remove that blockage and your machine will be good to go. The complete process to remove blockages or obstructions is given below in this article.

Remove blockages from Nespresso Vertuo

What do the different colors of light on the Nespresso Vertuo mean?

The lights on Nespresso Vertuo vary depending upon the model of machine that you have. Here we are discussing four common colored lights that you will see on almost every Nespresso machine.


If the red light of your machine is blinking then you might have not inserted the capsule in it and it is on standby mode.

Red Light on Nespresso Vertuo


If you have been using the machine for a long time or you have plugged in the switch for a long duration then your machine might get overheated and that will result in the display of yellow light blinking on your machine.

Yellow Light on Nespresso Vertuo


If the capsule is not correctly inserted in the machine and its head is not properly closed then you will see a green light blinking on your machine. So to get rid of this color you have to make sure that you have properly closed your machine head.

Green Light on Nespresso Vertuo


If you see orange light on your Nespresso Vertuo then it indicates that there is some issue in your machine and you need to solve it. This issue can be solved by resetting your machine.

Orange Light on Nespresso Vertuo

What should I do if the Nespresso half-green (yellow) and half-red lights are in steady mode?

The red and green light (that is also considered yellow) shows that there is an issue with your machine and you need to descale it. But it is not compulsory to descale it immediately as it is just an indication that lime is building up in your machine and if you do not address the issue in a certain time then your machine will get locked and you will not be able to use it until you descale it.

Nespresso half-green (yellow) and half-red lights are in steady mode

Why does the red light on Nespresso fade out and then turn to steady green?

If the cooling process of your machine is completed and you can start using it then the green light of your Nespresso Vertuo will turn steady and the red light will fade out.

Red light on Nespresso fade out and then turn to steady green

Why does the Red light on Nespresso Vertuo pulses (fades on & off)?

The fading on and off of the red light means a hindrance in the performance of your machine and it needs to be cleaned.

Red light on Nespresso Vertuo pulses

Why does the red light on Nespresso keep on blinking continuously?

If the head of your machine is not rotating properly then you will see a red light blinking continuously on it and you can solve it by cleaning the machine to remove any foreign object hindering the movement of your machine head or can remove it and then reset it to the exact position.

Red light on Nespresso keep on blinking continuously

Why does the Red light on Nespresso VertuoPlus blink once per second?

If the red light on your Nespresso is blinking once every 30 seconds then this is an indication of an error and you should stop using it until the error is found and solved.

Why does the red light on my Nespresso blinks twice and then turn green?

This might be the result of the incorrect insertion of your Vertuo capsule in the machine and can be corrected by either replacing the capsule or inserting it correctly.

Why is the VertuoPlus red light steady but the machine is not running?

If this happens to your machine then the reason behind it might be overheating. So just push the power button for 3 seconds to shut it and then unplug it from the power source and let it cool. The cooling may take 15 minutes and your machine will be ready to use if this does not work then just call the Nespresso helpline to get guidance.

VertuoPlus red light steady but the machine is not running

Why is the red light on my Nespresso VertuoPlus flashing 3 times every 2 seconds and then turning steady red?

This can also be due to any obstruction hindering the movement of the machine head and you need to remove it. You can also solve this problem by removing any capsule present in the container and then inserting it again properly.

What does it mean if my VertuoPlus red light blinks twice and then blinks orange?

This will happen if you have selected a special function on your machine or you might need to empty the water tank.

Why is the red light on my VertuoPlus flashing twice and then turning steady orange?

If the red light of Vertuo Plus blinks twice and then turns steady orange it means that you have opened the menu to activate a specific function on your machine.

What should I do if the yellow and red light remains on even after descaling?

The descaling step is a continuous process and you should not put any gaps between any steps. So, if you have followed the right procedure without any gaps then you will not face such an issue but if it happens then the first reason behind it might be any gap of more than 2 minutes between any step.

The second reason is excess lime build up in your machine just because you haven’t been cleaning it regularly and the scale is not cleaned after one process and you need to repeat the process again.

Yellow and red light remains on even after descaling

Why does the light on my Nespresso turn on and how should I stop it?

If there are no issues like descaling or cleaning but the light is still on then you just need to turn off the machine and then on it again after 10 minutes.

Light on Nespresso turn on and how should I stop it.

How often should I descale my Nespresso machine?

If you are using purified water in your machine then it can work properly until 300 capsules or for approximately four months because there will be a balanced amount of minerals in it. But if you are using regular or tap water then you will not have any idea about the ratio of minerals in it and you may need to clean your machine even before three months. And you can also use a water testing kit to know how much minerals are present in the water that you are using. You will also get an indication for descaling when your machine needs it by seeing red and yellow lights on it.

But red and yellow light is not the only indication as if the flow of a water pump is not proper then this also shows your machine needs descaling.

Which solutions are available in the market for descaling Nespresso machines?

Here are some descaling solutions that are safe for your Nespresso Vertuo and can easily descale it.

1. Nespresso Descaling Solution, Fits all Models

Nespresso has introduced their own descaler in the market and they recommend using this one only to descale your machine. Lactic acid is present in this descaler which makes it safe to use and it does not cause any leakage or other issues in your machine rather it just smoothly cleans the scales that are built up in your machine.

2. Impresa Descaler for Nespresso, Delonghi, Keurig & All Single Use Machines

This is a good scaler and you can use it in your machine without worrying about any damage. Its composition includes sulfamic and citric acid which is safe for aluminum and metal. You will get two bottles in each pack and one bottle can be used twice.

3. Caffenu Descaler for Vertuoline and all Single Serve coffee machines

This descaler also contains lactic acid just like the official Nespresso one so in addition to being safe to use it also comes at very affordable rates. You can use a single pack with two bottles for a whole year if you clean your machine after three months as each bottle comprises enough solution to descale your machine two times.

How often a Nespresso machine needs cleaning?

It is instructed to clean your Nespresso machine every week because it will help you get rid of any foreign objects or obstructions that can cause damage to it or may affect its taste and efficiency. But the descaling process should be done after every 3 months or 300 capsules. 

How can a Nespresso machine be descaled without using solutions?

If you don’t have a descaling solution then you can use the below-mentioned few methods to descale your machine.

  1. You can use lime juice to descale your machine but it will be difficult as you will need a lot of juice to complete the process.
  2. You can simply use distilled water and start brewing and collect the water in the cup and discard it.
  3. You can also use distilled vinegar and water in 1:2 and add it to the reservoir to start brewing. Leave the mixture in the cup for almost 15 minutes before discarding it.

How to properly maintain your Nespresso Vertuo?

If you want to extend the shelf life of your Nespresso Vertuo then we recommend you to descale it every 3 months and to clean it properly every week. Besides this, you can always check for any blockages and make sure that the capsules are also inserted properly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the red and yellow light on Nespresso Vertuo mean?

The red and yellow light on the Nespresso Vertuo means that your machine needs descaling but you don’t need to do it immediately as you can still use the machine a few more times.

Why is it a bad idea to descale Nespresso with vinegar?

Lactic acid is not good for metals and your machine can leak due to it and 5-8% acetic acid is present in white vinegar so it is not a good idea to use it for descaling your machine. Rather you should use descaling solutions that are safe for your machine.

What should I do if water is leaking out of my Nespresso Vertuo?

If the water tank and base of the machine are not connected properly then you may face water spillage or leak.

Why is the yellow and orange light blinking on my Nespresso?

The orange and yellow light blinking indicates some error or it can also happen if your machine needs cleaning. You can also see the complete guide on how to fix Nespresso orange and red light.

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How do I get my Nespresso out of descaling mode?

You can exit the descaling mode by simply pushing the lever and button simultaneously for three seconds.

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