how to reset nespresso Machine

Getting late from work just because your Nespresso Vertuo isn’t working?

Simple! Just consult Nespresso user Manual.


Don’t tell me that you have thrown it away and don’t remember where it is. No worries, there’s no need to waste your time finding it. We have compiled simple points to reset your Nespresso Vertuo quickly. 

Usually, you need to reset it when you have messed up with settings, or the machine is giving some error. In both cases, it just takes a few minutes to reset your coffee machine on default settings.

So the good news is that you won’t miss your morning coffee.

When and why should you reset your Nespresso machine?

Let’s answer how you know your Nespresso machine needs a reset.

You should reset your Nespresso coffee machine in the following cases:

  1. If there’s a problem with coffee brewing
  2. The temperature of the coffee isn’t right
  3. An issue with water quantity
  4. The taste of coffee isn’t good 

How often should you reset your Nespresso machine?

Let’s move to answer “When” and “Why.”

After every 6 months or 600 coffees, you should reset your Nespresso coffee machines, but in some instances, when it gives some errors, you can reset it. 

Conditions when you’re suggested to reset your coffee machine:

  1. If accidentally you have messed up the single serve coffee maker’s settings and find it difficult to readjust settings, then it is good to go for a reset.
  2. The advanced variants of Nespresso coffee machines offer temperature, milk foam, and amount customization. If you’re a new user, and after customization, you aren’t happy with the results, you can move back to the original settings with a quick reset.
  3. After you descale Nespresso machines, sometimes the orange light blinks or the white light keeps flashing, and there seems to be no other way than to activate the machine. You can reset the Nespresso machine.

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How to reset Nespresso Vertuo machines

You can consult our simple guidelines when you have to reset Nespresso machines. Just move down to find your machine model and follow the quick steps to rest your machine. 

Let’s dive directly into the resetting steps!

Nespresso Vertuo

  1. Open the machine head
  2. Eject the used Nespresso pod from machine
  3. Close the machine head and leave the lever in an unlocked position
  4. Press the button on the head five times (5x) in three seconds
  5. Your Nespresso machine blinks orange light five times, and then get ready to work with a steady white light

Nespresso Vertuo Next

  1. Open the machine head
  2. Remove the used capsule
  3. Close the head and leave the handle in an unlocked position
  4. Press the button at the head five times (5x) in three minutes
  5. You observe the orange light blink five times and will turn to a steady white light, indicating a successful reset  

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Nespresso VertuoPlus and Nespresso Vertuoplus Deluxe

  1. Turn off the machine by pushing down the lever for three seconds
  2. Enter factory setting mode by pushing down the head button and lever for three seconds
  3. A steady Nespresso blinking orange lights indicate that you have entered to “Special Function Menu”
  4. Now press the lever down three times to choose the function of “Reset to Factory Settings”
  5. The Orange light starts blinking and will blink three times in three seconds, indicating that the reset is done
  6. After three seconds, it turns into steady green light

You can only choose the function within two minutes; otherwise, the machine automatically returns to Ready mode.

Nespresso Evoluo

  1. Open the machine head 
  2. Eject the used coffee capsule
  3. Close the head of the machine
  4. Keep the lever in unlock position
  5. Press the head button five times within three seconds
  6. The orange light will blink the button five times, indicating reset is done
  7. Your Nespresso Evoluo is ready to make coffee with a steady white light  

How to reset Nespresso Original Line Machines

Everything will shift to default factory settings whenever you reset your Nespresso Original Line Machines. Like cup size, water hardness level, Bluetooth pairing, Wi-fi, etc. So make sure to change the setting as per your needs after a reset. 

Let’s start discussing how you can reset Nespresso Original Line machines. 

Nespresso essenza mini

  1. Press both buttons to turn off the machine
  2. Press the Lungo button, and hold it down for five seconds
  3. The quick blinking of LED lights three times indicates the machine is restored to factory settings
  4. Lights keep blinking and then turn steady to ensure the machine is ready to use 

Nespresso Pixie

  1. Turn the machine off
  2. Push the Lungo button, keep holding it for five seconds, and turn the machine on
  3. While holding the button, turn the machine on
  4. The quick blinking of lights indicates that the machine has been reset 

Nespresso CitiZ

  1. Switch off the machine
  2. With the machine off, press the Lungo button and hold it for five seconds
  3. A quick blinking of LED lights three times indicates that CitiZ has been restored to factory settings 
  4. Blinking will continue until the machine is heated up
  5. Steady lights mean the machine is ready to make coffee

Nespresso Creatista Uno

  1. Turn on the machine
  2. Press and hold the Lungo button and Ristretto button at the same time for five seconds
  3. To confirm reset, press either the Ristretto button or the Lungo button
  4. To exit, press any non-blinking button on machine
  5. The machine is ready to work

Nespresso Inissia

  1. Ensure the machine is turned off
  2. With the turned-off machine, press and hold the Lungo button for approx. five seconds
  3. Rapid blinking of light three times indicates the machine is reset
  4. LED light will keep blinking until the machine is heated up
  5. The steady light means the machine is ready

Nespresso Gran Lattissima

  1. Turn the machine on
  2. Press and hold the “Hot Milk button” and “Flat White Button” simultaneously for three seconds
  3. Cleaning lights and descaling lights start blinking
  4. After you see blinking, press the Flat White Button
  5. Confirm the reset by pressing Flat White Button once again

Nespresso Lattissima Plus

  1. Turn the machine on
  2. Press and hold all four buttons simultaneously for five seconds
  3. You see all buttons blink three times, indicating reset has been done
  4. The machine is ready to use

Nespresso Prodigio

  1. Make sure the machine is OFF
  2. Press Espresso and Lungo buttons and hold them at the same time for five seconds
  3. Blinking of all coffee buttons and LEDs indicates that the reset has been done
  4. The machine is ready to make coffee

This guide can help you in resetting all your Nespresso coffee machine models. Still, if your problem still needs to be solved, you can contact Nespresso Customer Service anytime. They are the people who can guide you properly to adjust your machine’s settings.    

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if Nespresso Vertuo is not working?

Unplug your machine, and after 10 seconds restart your machine and wait for 3 minutes. When the light becomes steady you can make your coffee. If the problem still exists, you should contact Nespresso customer service.   

How to reset nespresso vertuo after descaling?

After descaling as soon as the water tank is empty, press the button on the machine head for three seconds. The front light of the machine will start blinking as you leave the head button. This blinking indicates the reset has started, after 30 seconds the light will stop blinking and go steady. Your Nespresso Vertuo is ready to use. 

What is the lifespan of a Nespresso machine?

The lifespan of a machine always depends on proper care and maintenance. With good care and maintenance, it can have a life span of 5-10 years. So if you want Nespresso to have a maximum lifespan, you should take care of your machine.   

How often do you need to service a Nespresso machine?

Nespresso should be descaled every 600 capsules or 6 months. Remove the coffee remains once you remove the capsule; you can do it by flowing water through the area.  

How do I force clean my Nespresso machine?

  1. Turn on the machine
  2. Position a cup under the hot water nozzle 
  3. Press the button three times within two seconds
  4. Flow comes out within two minutes
  5. The cleaning process will run for the next five minutes automatically
  6. After five minutes, your machine is ready to work

How do I reset the cup size on my Nespresso?

You quickly set the cup size in a Nespresso machine. If you want to reset the cup size from 10 milliliters to 500 milliliters, just press the lever upwards and open the machine head. After inserting the capsule, push the lever down and close the head. 

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How do I fix my Nespresso flashing orange light?

The flashing orange light indicates that your Nespresso needs a reset. First, check your Nespresso machine and ensure there’s no forgotten capsule; if there’s a capsule, remove it. 

Close the machine head and leave the handle in an unlocked position. Then press and hold the head button five times in three seconds. You will see blinking orange light, which then changes into a steady white light.


Machines commonly give standard errors, and there’s no need to panic. If you have lost your Nespresso User Manual, you can follow the simple steps discussed above. 

We have covered the factory reset process of almost all popular Nespresso machine models. In this user guide, you can find the reset process of Nespresso Vertuo and Nespresso Original Lines Machines. I am sure there’s no need for a user manual after reading the simple guidelines in this article. 

Everyone’s taste is different. There’s no need to compromise on your taste when you have Nespresso coffee machines. You just need to know how to use Nespresso machines to make a coffee that meets your preferences. 

So stop worrying about messing up your machines to get a coffee mug that meets your standards. And reset your Nespresso machines with this simple guide.

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