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Are you a new Nespresso machine owner? Hello and welcome to the group! I’m sure you’re eager to get your hands on your new Nespresso machine straight away. Do you know “how” to use a Nespresso machine correctly?

There are numerous reasons to become familiar with Nespresso machines. It will not only assist you in making high-quality drinks that are adequately adaptable to your likes and preferences, but it will also assist you in making your coffee a budget-friendly option by eliminating your daily trip to the coffee shop.

Learning how to use a Nespresso machine isn’t difficult, but there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re first starting. You can find detailed instructions for both the Vertuo and OriginalLine models in this article. 

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Let’s get started!

How does a Nespresso machine work?

Nespresso machines combine convenience, functionality, and a stylish aesthetic in an unrivaled way to brew a coffee. Brewing a Nespresso drink isn’t difficult. Insert the capsule, select your drink size, close the lid, and leave the rest to the machine!

But how does the Nespresso machine work? Is there a difference in how the different Nespresso machines operate? To truly comprehend how it works, you must delve a little deeper.

One-touch pod technology is used in Nespresso coffee machines. To make a cup of joe, Nespresso Original machines pressurize a measured amount of hot water via the pierced pod. The Nespresso Vertuo, on the other hand, uses centrifugal technology to spin warm water through a 7000 rpm rotating pod.

Two types of Nespresso machines 

You should familiarize yourself with your specific model of Nespresso machine before you begin preparing Nespresso. The reason for this is that Nespresso produces two different capsule shapes to accommodate its various Nespresso machines.

1. OriginalLine: 

The Nespresso OriginalLine employs cylindrical cup-shaped capsules to create disposable individual liquid coffee creamers in a variety of packaging options. The OriginalLine machines use a pressure-based system to create espresso-style drinks.

2. VertuoLine: 

Hemisphere-shaped capsules were utilized by the Vertuo series. VertuoLine machines use centrifugal technology to create liquids larger than an espresso or lungo, such as a regular cup of coffee.

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Setting up a Nespresso machine (OriginalLine and VertuoLine)

You must first set up your Nespresso device for it to function properly. When it comes to setting up a Nespresso machine, whether it’s the OriginalLine or the VertuoLine series, there are a few principles that everyone should follow. Here’s a basic rundown:

First Use or After a Long Period of Non-use

Make sure of the following steps.

1. Rinse the reservoir tank: 

Fill the water tank solely with fresh drinking water after rinsing and cleaning it. Place the water tank in its proper location. Check that the capsule container and cup are in the right place.

2. Readying the machine:

Connect the machine to an electrical outlet. Switch the machine on. In about 15 seconds, the button will progressively glow as the machine heats up. The machine is ready, as evidenced by a steady light.

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3. Place the mug: 

Place a cup beneath the outlet. To close and lock the machine, turn the lever left to the lock indicator on the machine head.

4. Run the rinsing cycle: 

To begin the cleaning procedure, press the button three times in two seconds. The entire rinsing method consists of three cycles: pumping water in, internal cleaning, and water pouring out the outlet. It takes 5 minutes to complete this procedure. This operation can be stopped at any time by turning off the button. After the hot water in the cup has cooled, discard it.

How to make Coffee with a Nespresso machine

Nespresso coffee machines come in a variety of styles, including OriginalLine and VertuoLine, but they all use the same basic method for rapidly and effectively brewing a single serving of coffee using pods or capsules. Let’s take a closer look to see what’s going on beneath the smooth exterior.

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How to make Coffee with Nespresso Vertuo or Vertuoline machine

Here’s a quick video before getting into the actual steps.

1. Check on the water tank: 

Fresh drinking water should be added to the water tank.

2. Turn on the machine: 

Turn the machine on. While the machine is heating up, the lights will blink for around 15 seconds. The equipment is ready to use if the lights remain steady.

3. Set the cup in place: 

Place a cup with enough volume beneath the coffee outlet. The cup support is adjustable in three settings and can be removed temporarily to accommodate different cup sizes. The factory settings and cup sizes are as follows:

  • Espresso (1.35 oz)
  • Double espresso (3.7 oz)
  • Gran Lungo (5.07 oz)
  • Alto (13.99 oz)
  • Coffee (7.7 oz)
  • Pour over style (18 oz)

4. Insert the capsule: 

To unlock and lift the head completely, turn the lever on the head. Insert the capsule. Turn the lever left to the lock sign on the machine to close the head and lock the machine.

5. Coffee preparation:

To begin making coffee, press the button. Due to barcode reading and coffee pre-wetting, it will take some time for the coffee to flow. To stop the coffee flow early, press the button, and you can stop it when the appropriate volume is reached.

6. Discard used capsules:

To automatically eject the capsule, turn the lever to the right and open the head. Used capsules should be discarded or recycled.

How to make Coffee with Nespresso Original machine

Here’s a quick video before getting into the actual steps.

1. Check the water reservoir:

Fill the water reservoir with drinking water after rinsing.

2. Power on the machine:

Press the espresso or lungo button to activate the machine. Blinking of lights for 25 seconds represents heating up of the machine and steady lights reflect that the machine is ready to use. 

3. Set up the cup:

Place a cup of a suitable size beneath the coffee outlet. The following are the cup sizes that can be used:

  • Ristretto (0.84 oz)
  • Espresso (1.35 oz)
  • Lungo (3.72 oz)

4. Insert the pod:

To uncover the pod brewing chamber, open the lever. Place an espresso or lungo pod in the machine. Close the lid and don’t open the lever again until the brewing is finished.

5. Press the button:

The machine has warmed up when the lights have stopped flashing. Once, hit the lungo or espresso buttons. Wait a few seconds after the coffee has finished brewing before pouring it into your cup.

6. Discard the spent capsules:

To eject the capsules, open the lever now.

Brewing the espresso

Brewing a great espresso isn’t a cup of tea. It requires:


  • Water
  • Coffee or espresso cup
  • Coffee capsules from Nespresso in the size and type you want

You should also know the best practices on how to use an espresso machine. Here are my tips about the practices of using an espresso:

Step 1: check on the water tank to fill it with potable water.

Step 2: Turn on the machine

Step 3: Set up the cup at the appropriate place and insert the capsule

What pods should I use? 

Nespresso makes its brand of aluminum pods meant to be utilized with their machines. There are two types of pods:

  • The original capsules are compatible with OriginalLine machines like the CitiZ, Pixie, Lattissima, and Creatista machines. 
  • The Vertuo capsules are compatible with only the Nespresso VertuoLine.

We put the best coffee and espresso pods to the test and suggest them. Take a look at our suggestions:

Step 4: Select the beverage size 

Step 5: Remove and discard the used capsules

Step 6: Follow the after use care

How to Care For Your Nespresso Machine After Use

Once you have finished brewing coffee drinks and the Nespresso unit turns off, it’s time to wipe it down. Follow these guidelines to cater to your Nespresso machine after usage:

1. Eject the used capsule:

When you pull the lever, the spent capsule is ejected and dropped into the capsule basket. Depending on how often you use the machine, empty, rinse, and dry the spent basket every 1-2 days. Leaving wasted pods in these machines is a surefire way to produce bacteria that will spread throughout the system.

2. Rinse the machine:

If you have a few seconds after you’ve finished brewing for the day, run a rinsing cycle with just water to refresh the machine before you start brewing again. Simply repeat the rinse cycle described above, but this time only do it once.

3. Regular cleaning:

Clean the drip tray now and again since standing water can breed bacteria and mildew. Wipe the Nespresso machine’s outside parts to eliminate finger marks. After every six months, Nespresso suggests descaling.

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How to make Americano with a Nespresso machine?

As soon as Nespresso detects the sort of pod you’ve inserted, it produces a typical cup of coffee or an Americano. You will be able to make your coffee as a result of this. Nespresso Essenza Plus is most suitable for making a delicious americano. How can we create an Americano with a Nespresso machine? Follow the actions outlined below:

  1. In the Nespresso machine, place the capsule
  2. To make an Americano shot, press the single shot button
  3. Without inserting the capsule, add boiling water

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How to make Tea with a Nespresso machine?

In addition to coffee, the Nespresso machine can also prepare tea. You may use your Nespresso machine to prepare tea without having to boil water.

  1. Turn on the machine and wait a few moments for it to warm up before using it
  2. Place your teabag in the mug and press the button on the machine to release the water
  3. While pouring the water, check sure there are no espresso capsules in the machine, as this can spoil the flavor of your tea

Final Thoughts

That’s all there is to it. You now know what’s in your Nespresso machine and how to properly use it. This is a simple way to bring the coffee shop experience inside our home. It’s a perfect example of technology improving our life right in front of our eyes. Nespresso machines are simple to operate; you don’t even need to know about centrifugal forces to insert the coffee capsules and have a delicious cup of coffee at your table.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Nespresso not ejecting pods?

This is due to incorrect pod placement in the pod chamber. Open the head machine to avoid this problem. Disconnect the power line from the power source. With caution, clean the metallic clamps.

Can You Make Large Coffees With Nespresso?

Yes, it is true! With the Nespresso Vertuo Next machine, you can prepare large coffees. Turn the machine on, enter your capsule, and hold the button down until the volume you want is reached.

What Is The Difference Between Nespresso And Espresso Coffee?

Nespresso coffee has a strong flavor, good smells, and low acidity. Espresso, on the other hand, is fully flavored, has a thicker viscosity, and packs a strong acidic punch.

How do Nespresso pods work?

The upper side of the pod is perforated three times. The coffee machine pumps the precise amount of water from the water tank to the capsule when you select your drink size. The water line is coiled around a heating element to ensure that the water reaches the ideal brewing temperature along the way.

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Nespresso Vertuo red light won’t open

Turn off the machine, unhook the power, and wait 15 minutes for it to cool down.

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Nespresso Vertuo button not working

  1. Open the machine head by unlocking the lever
  2. Take a new capsule (if needed)
  3. Remove the power cord from the outlet and wait 10 seconds before plugging the machine back in
  4. Close the head and push the “ON” button twice to start the brewing process

OriginalLine troubleshooting

Problem Solutions 
No light indicatorEnsure that the main plugs, voltage, and electrical circuit are all in good working position
No coffee, no waterFill the water tank with warm water (55° C)Fill water tank is empty. Go for descaling
Coffee comes out very slowlyFlow speed as per coffee variety. Go for descaling
The capsule area is leakingCorrect the capsule position
Irregular blinking Send the appliance to be fixed
Aeroccino doesn’t startMake sure to attach the whisk to the jug appropriately.
Make sure the jug position is accurate on a clean base
Red button blinkingThe Nespresso machine is too hot. Rinse it under cool water.
Whisk is missing.
Fill milk frother to one of the two max levels
Milk overflowsBe sure to use the appropriate whisk and check the indicator level
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VertuoLine troubleshooting

Problem Solutions 
No light on the buttonThe machine has turned off automatically. Check the main plugs, voltage, and fuse
No coffee, no waterFill the water tankGo for descalingCheck the correct position of the capsule and lock the head properly.
Discard the used capsule and perform the cleaning
Coffee is not hot enoughGo for descalingPreheat the cup if necessary with hot drinking water
The machine doesn’t start but steady light is onCheck the lever is properly lockedCheck the capsule position whether it is fresh or notIf you are going to descaling, clean, or empty the system, be sure that no capsule is inserted
Light blinks alternatively Fill the water tank and push the button to start. Check out that the lever is appropriately locked
Light blinks while the machine is runningIf coffee is flowing normally, this shows the machine is working properly. If a machine is flowing out water only, go for descaling, and cleaning If there is no need for cleaning, descaling, and the machine is still blinking, exit descaling mode by holding the button for at least 7 seconds 
Light blinks when a machine is not runningFill the water tank and press the start button.
Push the button for three seconds to turn the machine “OFF,” then press it again to turn it “ON” If the machine does not switch off, pushing the button for at least 7 seconds will exit descaling mode
Leakage or unusual coffee flowMake sure the water is in the right place
Machine turn to off modeTo save energy the machine will turn off after 9 minutes of non-use

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