How to use Nespresso milk frother

This article is about how to use your Nespresso milk frother. The perfect addition to your Nespresso machine. It is compact, super easy to use and it is also a great way to keep your Nespresso clean.

There is nothing like a cup of coffee with a layer of creamy smooth froth on the top at the end of a hectic day. A sweet, creamy taste makes you forget the struggles of the day, and you indulge in the pleasure of a perfectly made latte or a cappuccino drink. Preparing milk froth drinks at home is possible now, and the process is super easy. With Nespresso milk frother, you can make coffee of your choice and become skillful. 

In this article, we will provide a complete guide on how to use Nespresso frother and much more. 

How To Use Nespresso Frother

Once you know how Nespresso frother works, you will be brewing delicious coffees daily. And the plus point is it won’t cost you much. Here are simple steps to guide you on; how to use Nespresso frother to add a creamy and smooth texture to your coffee.

Step 1: Choose Frothed or Steamed Milk

When using Nespresso frother, you have two options. One is to prepare frothed milk, and the other is to prepare steamed milk. The choice between the two options depends on the type of coffee you want. If you want a latte, you will need steamed milk; if you desire a cappuccino with foam, then frothed milk is your choice. 

To avail of these options, you need to make a little change in the whisk. To prepare frothed milk, leave the coil ring around the whisk. And for steamed milk, remove the coil ring from the whisk and put it aside.  

Frothing time is about one minute, and steaming time is about two minutes. In short, you will get the type of coffee you want in a short time. 

What Is The Best Type Of Milk For Frothing? 

According to our observations and tastes, we suggest that whole milk (full cream milk) at refrigerator temperature is best for frothing. This is because it produces a thicker, smoother, and creamier foam than other types of milk. Furthermore, whole milk has an optimal level of proteins, fat, and lactic sugar, giving a perfect body to a cup of coffee. 

However, people can also choose between skim milk and low-fat milk. It also depends on their taste. These milk types make a lighter foam with more air bubbles and a different froth taste.

Step 2: Addition of Fresh Milk

A Nespresso milk container has a mark for two max levels inside it. Pour up milk to these levels depending upon the type of coffee you desire. If you want a froth in your coffee, fill the milk up to the bottom mark of the container, otherwise, the froth will overflow. On the other hand, if you do not want froth then fill the milk container till the upper-level mark or how much milk you want. 

Next, close the milk container lid. 

Step 3: Temperature Setting

The temperature settings of Aeroccino 3 and Aeroccino 4 differ a lot. Aeroccino 3 operates with one touch button; however, Aeroccino 4 offers four buttons for temperature settings. 

Aeroccino 3 allows the user to prepare hot and cold milk froth. One button selects the two temperature settings making it super simple to use. If you want hot milk froth; add milk to the container, close the lid and press the button once. The red light will appear, and your hot milk froth will be ready in 60 seconds. On the other hand, if you want cold milk froth, press the button twice in 2 seconds. The blue light will appear, and in 60 seconds, you are good to have a cold milk froth.

Whereas, Aeroccino 4 offers a more convenient way. There are four buttons on the base of it, which provides four drink options. Buttons on it prepare hot milk, cold milk, warm medium foam and warm dense foam. The simple way is to add milk to the container, close the lid, press the button of your choice, and wait for a few seconds for your drink to get ready. 

Step 4: Combination of Milk with Espresso

The last step of preparing a creamy and smooth textured coffee is to add the frothed milk to the espresso or double espresso shot. You can choose between different coffee pods and the intensity level of coffee. According to my suggestion, dark roast coffee pods with a higher intensity level are best for milk-based drinks. 

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How to Make Cold Foam with Nespresso Frother?

Nespresso Frother offers a wide variety of features, and creating cold foam is one of them. And a plus point is that you do not need any added accessories to make cold foam. It is super easy to make great quality cold foam with Nespresso Frother. 

  1. To do so you need to press the frothing button two times in 2 seconds instead of pressing it once. 
  2. You will observe a blue light instead of a red light. It is a sign that it will whip cold foam. 
  3. Finally, you are good to use your cold foam whipping. 

Different Types of Nespresso Milk Frothers

You can explore different milk frothers if you are interested in milk-based coffees. Here are some of them for your guidance. 

1. Electric milk frothers and hand-held whisks

Electric milk frothers or hand-held whisks are a quick and easy way to prepare coffee frothing. They are portable and battery-operated. Moreover, they have a simple design and are easy to use. It helps prepare a perfect milk froth according to your desire. However, milk requires separate heating, which makes the process a bit longer. Also, batteries need to be changed more often.  

2. Built-in espresso machine milk wand

Espresso machine milk wands are expensive compared to electric milk frothers and jug frothers. They are built into the espresso machine and require specific skill and knowledge to prepare a perfect milk froth. But once you have the skill, you can prepare cafe-quality coffee in a short time at home. You can then experience the pleasure of barista-style coffee at home.

3. Jug frothers

Jug frothers are one of a kind. They have the feature to heat and froth milk simultaneously. It is a complete package that consists of an induction coil that creates heat inside the jug and a whisk that spins and creates a smooth milk foam. 

Jug Frothers are a good option for beginners, the plus point is it is affordable. Nespresso offers a range of Jug frothers that help create a quality milk foam quickly. 

Which Type of Nespresso Milk Frother is The Best?

Of all the options, we suggest the jug frother is the best. We consider it the best milk frother as you do not need to buy the whole Espresso machine. Also, it is affordable and creates a smooth and creamy froth, unlike the one created by the electric whisk. Moreover, it works great for homemade coffee recipes and helps turn your usual coffee into special barista-style coffee. 

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Quick Nespresso Milk Frother Features

Nespresso milk frothers are a good buy if you are a coffee lover. You can choose between different options of Nespresso milk frothers, such as Aeroccino 3 and Aeroccino 4. We will list the features and specifications of both machines for your convenience.

Aeroccino 4 Features & Specifications

Aeroccino 3 Features & Specifications

Dimensions: 8 cm (diameter) x 21 cm (height) 

Dimensions: 9 cm (diameter) x 17 cm (height)

Weight: 1043 g

Weight: 450 g

Hot milk capacity: 120 ml

Hot milk capacity: 240 ml

Froth Milk capacity: 120 ml

Froth Milk capacity: 120 ml

Modes: Cold mill, hot milk, hot medium foam, hot dense foam

Modes: Hot or Cold

Power: 490 W

Power: 430-500 W

Warranty: 2 years

Warranty: 2 years

If you are still curious about exploring both milk frothers in detail, check out Nespresso Aeroccino 3 Vs. 4 full comparison guide.

7 Tips for using the Nespresso milk frother like a Pro

If you are a Nespresso milk frother user, these tips will help you use it like a pro. 

  1. Once your milk foam is prepared, make sure to pour it directly into the cup or use a non-metal spoon to collect it. Using a metal spoon will scratch the surface of the milk container.
  2. When you unpack your machine for the first time, give it a good wash. Also, remember to clean it after every use. In this way, it won’t get damaged because of dirt. 
  3. Use whole milk (full cream milk) for frothing. It will make a thicker and smoother foam texture that will last longer. 
  4. Try using milk at the refrigerator temperature. Do not preheat the milk; the machine will do all the job on its own.
  5. Do not wash the jug and whisk of Aeroccino 3 in a dishwasher. They are not dishwasher-proof and thus will result in damage. 
  6. Close the lid of the milk container carefully. The lid of the container has an indentation mark on it. Remember to keep that indentation away from the container sprout. Else, the milk will overflow once the milk froth is prepared. 
  7. Do not try to add chocolate syrups, chocolates, or any milk flouring product to the milk container.

How to Troubleshoot a Nespresso Milk Frother?

With the constant usage of the Nespresso milk frother, you will surely experience some issues in the frother machine. If you are looking for the main problem and the solution, our detailed guide on Nespresso milk frother not working? The problem solved will help you in this. However, some of the issues and their solutions are listed below. 

1. Dirt on the electrical contacts

If there is dirt on the electrical contacts, then your frother machine will start corroding soon. To avoid this problem, it is better to clean the plate with soap and water using contact cleaners on the contacts. 

2. Gunk on Magnetic Whisk

To know if there is gunk on the magnetic whisk, try to observe the milk whisk operations. If the Nespresso frother is heating milk properly but isn’t preparing quality froth, then your frother needs extensive cleaning of the whisk. 

3. Substandard Milk Froth Quality

If the quality of milk froth is not up to your standards, then check the quality of milk. Try using semi-skimmed or whole milk at refrigerator temperature for a perfect milk froth.

4. The Milk Frother Does Not Start

If your milk frother is not starting, recheck if you placed the milk container at the right position on the base. The correct position does matter in starting a milk frother.

5. Red Button Blinking

There can be a few reasons you experience blinking red lights. Here we have listed them.

  1. Nespresso frother is overused and has become too hot.
  2. Whisk for frothing is missing.
  3. Milk in the milk container is too little.
  4. Milk Overflowing

Milk overflowing is a major issue most people incur. The reason is that you have filled milk more than the mark inside the milk container.

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Types of Milk Frothing by Nespresso Aeroccino 3 Frother

Nespresso Aeroccino 3 offers two different types of milk frothing options. These are cold milk frothing and warm milk frothing. Both coffee machines are beautiful in their design and provide a wonderful coffee experience that satisfies all the cravings of a coffee addict. Types of milk frothing by Nespresso frother are as below. 

Aeroccino 3

1. Cold Milk Frothing

Many people are unaware of the cold milk frothing feature Nespresso frother offers. The simple technique to make cold milk frothing is to press the frother button for a few seconds and wait for the blue light to appear. Once you see blue light, your machine is ready to produce cold milk froth for your special cup of coffee. It is a great option for people who love froths because there are no limits!

2. Warm Milk Frothing

Pressing the frothing button once will activate the red light, and your machine will be ready to produce a warm milk froth. The process is simple, and the results are incredible. It makes a perfectly smooth textured and creamy milk coffee according to your taste. 

What is the best milk frother for making lattes and cappuccinos?

According to our tests and experience, we would suggest that Aeroccino 3 electric milk frother is best for making lattes and cappuccinos. It is because Aeroccino 3 is simple and easy to use and prepares a creamy, smooth hot, and cold froth in just a minute. The biggest advantage of this frother machine is that it works with different kinds of milk while preparing quality froth. Also, it is super easy to clean.  

Aeroccino 3 features and specifications

Here are the most prominent features and specifications of the Aeroccino 3.

  1. Easy to use
  2. One button 
  3. Weight 450g
  4. One button 
  5. 120 ml milk froth capacity 
  6. Hot and cold preparations 
  7. Fast automatic system

How to Clean a Nespresso Milk Frother?

Cleaning the Nespresso milk frother is easy. The material of the frother is such that it does not allow the milk to stick to its sides. However, milk residue can still build up on the bottom line, which will not let the milk froth well and show a blinking red light. So we suggest you clean the jug and the whisk after every use. 

Cleaning the Nespresso milk frother will require you to thoroughly wash the jug and the whisk with water and dry it with a non-abrasive cloth. 

Bustler’s Tester Tip: Nespresso Aeroccino 3  jug and whisk are not dishwasher safe, so we suggest you wash them by hand. Else, there are chances of damage. 

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Where to Buy the Best Nespresso Milk frother?

Buying the best coffee machinery is a big task. You can not trust any random online store for it. For this reason, we suggest you look at the amazon online store for reliable products and efficient delivery. 

But before buying any Nespresso milk frother, it is recommended to read in detail Nespresso milk frother reviews. It will help you choose the best option according to your needs and budget.

Final Thoughts

We hope you would be clear by now on how to use the Nespresso milk frother and which option out of Aeroccino 3 and Aeroccino 4 is better for you. But we assure you that the Nespresso milk frother is a perfect investment if you are a coffee lover. It will allow you to prepare a barista-style coffee at home with a silky, creamy, and smooth froth over your cup of coffee. Moreover, it provides both hot and cold options making it worth buying. So what are you thinking about? Shop for your milk frother as soon as possible!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Nespresso frother heat milk?

Yes, Nespresso frother heats milk. You will require a whisk and temperature settings knowledge to prepare a cup of hot milk. However, it is simple. Remove the coil around the whisk and press the button once to get hot milk. You can get hot milk up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

What do the buttons mean on the Nespresso milk frother?

Aeroccino 3 has a single button that is used for temperature settings. If you press it once, it will prepare hot froth, and if you press it two times in one second, it will prepare cold froth. 

On the other hand, Aeroccino 4 has four buttons offering different drink options. The first button from the left prepares cold milk, the next button prepares hot milk, the next prepares hot medium foam, and the last prepares hot dense foam. 

Why is my Nespresso frother not frothing?

There can be many reasons your Nespresso frother is not frothing properly. Here are some of the main reasons. 

  1. Dirt On The Electrical Contacts
  2. Gunk On The Magnetic Whisk
  3. Broken magnetic whisk
  4. A Burnt-Out Heating Element 
  5. A Damaged Thermocouple 
  6. The Type of Milk Isn’t Suitable for Frothing

If you are looking for a solution for these issues and many others, check out our guide about Nespresso milk frother not working? 11+ Problems Fixed for more information. 

Can you froth almond milk?

Yes, you can froth almond milk perfectly. If you do not like milk from animals, then almond milk is a great replacement. However, almond milk will be low in fat and proteins compared to dairy milk, but it does not mean you can not froth it.

How do you heat milk in a Nespresso Frother?

Heating milk in a Nespresso frother is simple. Here are the steps for it. 

  1. In Aeroccino 3, first, remove the coil ring around the whisk. Place the whisk inside the milk container. 
  2. Pour milk up to the upper mark inside the container. 
  3. Close the container lid 
  4. Place the milk container on the Nespresso base. 
  5. Press the button once. 
  6. Wait for 60 seconds, and your hot milk is ready to drink. 

Can you make froth creamer in Aeroccino?

Aeroccino 3 and Aeroccino 4 both provide you with an option to froth creamer. You can froth hot or cold creamer in the Nespresso machines with a few simple steps, and it won’t disappoint you with its results.

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