How To Use Your Own Coffee Grounds In A Nespresso Machine

Coffee is one of the most enjoyed liquor by the people all around the world. There are different methods and techniques to make coffee, but Nespresso has changed the whole game by introducing the easiest way of coffee making. It uses coffee pods that you need to insert into the machine. But people usually prefer to use their coffee over the available pods, which is possible, but you must consider a few conditions. Using your coffee allows you to make a range that is usually far better than the one served in cafes.

How do you use your coffee in a Nespresso machine?

We cannot directly use our coffee in Nespresso Machines. Still, some special coffee adaptors can be used in it, as Nespresso Machines are designed to use their coffee pods.


There are a few pieces of equipment that you will need to use your coffee in Nespresso machines which are as follows:

1. Third-party reusable coffee capsules

The most fundamental thing that you need is third-party reusable coffee capsules that carry coffee to the machine. Depending on your need and desire, these capsules are available in different sizes and shapes. The most commonly used capsules are metals, plastic, reusable, and paper.

2. Reusable capsule adaptor

A Nespresso reusable capsule adaptor is a tiny gadget embedded in the coffee machine’s original capsule holder. It then allows the capsules from other systems to be used. They also have different shapes, sizes, and proportions depending on usage.

3. Fresh coffee of your choice

Fresh coffee beans also need to be used in the Nespresso Machines we have. These beans can be of any taste, flavor, and aroma, which depends on the users’ choice.


The only ingredient you will need to use your coffee in Nespresso machines are grounded coffee beans that will serve you the coffee of your desired roast, intensity, and flavor.

Steps to use while using your coffee in Nespresso machine:

You can follow the below given simple and easy steps to use your coffee in Nespresso.

1. Fill the empty coffee pod

The first and essential step of making the coffee of your choice in the Nespresso machine starts by opening the lid of the empty coffee pod. Now add the grounded coffee beans of your choice into the empty coffee pod.

2. Place the pod into the machine

The second step of making the coffee in a Nespresso machine is to close the lid after filling your capsule. After closing the lid, you must place the filled coffee pod into the Nespresso machine. Once you place the filled pod in the Nespresso Coffee machine, almost all the work is done.

3. Brew it as usual

The last step is to brew the coffee as you do with the regular pods.

Five things to consider while making your coffee in the Nespresso machine:

There are a few things that you should keep in mind while making your coffee in the Nespresso machine, that are as follows: 

1. Capsule Selection

As mentioned earlier, the reusable coffee capsules are available in different sizes and shapes. The capsule selection is essential because the capsule you are selecting should match your taste. The choice of capsules depends on the type of coffee you want to make.

2. Water quality

Water quality is also very important because it can affect the taste of your coffee. Quality water can offer thick and tasty coffee, whereas bad quality water can make it thin and distasteful. 

3. Temperature

You must set a suitable temperature to get the perfect taste.

4. Brewing time

Read the instructions on packing the capsules, as the brewing time can vary depending on the capsules used. So it can also affect the quality.

5. Cleaning the Machine

Cleaning the machine is also important because if there are still ingredients from the previous coffee, it can also affect the taste.

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Benefits of using your coffee in a Nespresso machine:

If you are thinking of using your coffee in a Nespresso machine, then you are on the right track, as using your coffee will give you the below-mentioned benefits.

Saves Money

Nespresso’s one-time used capsules are expensive as you can only use them once. Once you use them, the only option is to throw them away. Using reusable capsules can save money because, as the name suggests, you can use reusable capsules again and again.

Environmental friendly

Single-serve Nespresso capsules are not environmentally friendly because, after one usage, we have to throw them away as they are of no use. If not stored, they can be added to landfills and transferred to recycling units. But reusable capsules are beneficial because throwing them away is unnecessary even after multiple usages.

Variety of flavors

Making coffee of your choice in reusable capsules can also offer a wide variety of tastes. You can use different coffee beans that allow you to experience different kinds of tastes and experience various flavors.

Soothing experience

Using different varieties of beans can offer different fresh flavors compared to the single-serve Nespresso capsules pre-packed by the companies.

What are the disadvantages of using your coffee in a Nespresso machine?

Though using your coffee in reusable capsules has many advantages, you can still face some disadvantages. A few of these are


Using the beans of different blends can be time-consuming because it can take a lot of time to grind the beans you will use. It can also be messy work because cleaning the small ingredients dropped out of beans during the grinding process is complicated.

Inconsistent results

Sometimes, the single-served pre-packed capsules are more efficient than the reusable capsules because it gets challenging to handle all the factors like temperature, brewing time, and water quality on your own. Even a tiny deviation in these factors can cause the coffee to change its taste compared to the pods available in the market.

Continuous Cleaning

The cleaning process of coffee beans can take a lot of time and human effort because, as mentioned before, the ingredients left in the coffee machine can change the taste of the coffee you are trying to make. For the long life of reusable capsules, it is necessary to clean them regularly.

What is the difference between Nespresso Originalline and Vertuoline machine?

As coffee lovers, it is evident that each of us wants to experience different tastes by performing different experiments with coffee beans. Nespresso machines are the best machines to overcome this fever. 

There are different types of Nespresso machines available in the market, and you can choose any of them per your need. Nespresso has introduced its two machine lines in the market: Originalline and Vertuoline. In the given table, we will discuss each difference these machines possess so that you can choose the one which is right for you.

Nespresso Original-line machineNespresso Vertuoline machine
Designed for those who want to make espresso and espresso-based hot beverages.Designed for those who want to make regular espresso in a single machine.
Sleek profile.Bulkier profile.
Compatible with third-party coffee pods.Only compatible with Nespresso Vertuo pods.
A large variety of machines with low prices.Comparatively high prices and less range of machines as compared to Nespresso Originalline machines.
Cheap capsules as compared to the Vertuoline ones.Expensive capsules as compared to the Originalline ones.
Nespresso Originalline uses high-pressure extraction.Nespresso Vertuoline spins capsules and brews them.
This machine can also make hot water.You cannot make hot water through this machine.
Relatively difficult to clean as compared to the Vertuoline machine.Easy to clean as compared to the Originalline machines.
No option for 8 oz coffee.It can give 8 oz coffee.
No barcode technology as compared to Vertuoline, and it is difficult to use.Barcode technology with a user-friendly interface.
Pods are small and narrow and come in one size only.Pods are large and dome-shaped and are available in different sizes.

Does Nespresso make regular coffee?

Nespresso is primarily known for its espresso-making, but with time, Nespresso is also introducing some models that can make regular coffee besides espresso. So, it depends entirely on the user who wants to buy the Nespresso. For example, as discussed earlier, Nespresso Vertuoline can make regular coffee and espresso. Still, it has a limited variety and is relatively expensive compared to the others. But it is now possible to make regular coffee using Nespresso, which uses the latest technologies. 

How to reuse and recycle Nespresso pods?

Though reusing and recycling pods can require a bit more effort, it is worth it because it helps you save your money and the environment. 


You can reuse the Nespresso pods by following the easy steps:

  1. Wait for the foil to cool.
  2. Simply open the seal of the pod from the top.
  3. Discard the leftover coffee in the capsule.
  4. Fill it with coffee grounds.
  5. Cut a foil of aluminum that should be around half an inch.
  6. Seal it back.
  7. Your pod is ready to reuse.

The reused pod may taste a little different when it comes to the second use, but still, it can be useful.

Recycle (Nespresso AAA sustainable quality program)

The Nespresso pods, after being used, can be sent back to the Nespresso officials, who have their recycling process known as Nespresso AAA sustainable quality program. This program allows the users not to waste the pods, not to make any kind of effort, and send these pods back to Nespresso. It is the easiest and most efficient way to reuse and recycle Nespresso pods.

What are some best reusable pods in the market?

Nespresso offers a wide variety of flavors in its pods. However, some people still prefer to experiment and create their flavors, or they want to enjoy certain flavors that may not be available in Nespresso’s range. This is where reusable pods come into action because reusable pods can be your best friends if you want to stay stuck to a particular flavor. Some best Nespresso reusable pods available in the market are

1. BLUECAP reusable Nespresso pods

BLUECAP reusable Nespresso pods can hold the highest amount of coffee amongst all the other pods available in the market.

  • These pods can hold a quantity of 5.2 grams of coffee.
  • Besides this, ideal lids are used in these pods that can be used to make the best crema.
  • These pods can be cleaned easily as they are dishwasher safe. 
  • Made from long-lasting material. 
  • Non-sticky and durable, as well as easy to use. 
  • Works perfectly with all the Nespresso Originalline machines.

2. iCafilas reusable coffee pods

iCalfilas reusable coffee pods are made of long-lasting and durable material, i.e., steel.

  • These pods are heat resistant.
  • Made from stainless steel, which is why they are cheap.
  • These pods offer rich crema.
  • Come with a Spoon Brush that can be used to clean your pods easily. 
  • They are environmentally friendly.
  • Easy to use.

3. CAPMESSO reusable pods

CAPMESSO pods are environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and rich in flavor. 

  • These pods consist of aluminum foil that can be used for recycling.
  • Easy to use and fill again.
  • Non-sticky because of aluminum foil. 
  • Can easily fit in all Nespresso machines.

4. RECAPS stainless steel pods

RECAPS steel pods are made from stainless steel.

  • They are long-lasting and durable.
  • Can be used for more than 8 years. 
  • Refilling them costs you significantly less. 
  • Can be used with any kind of coffee of our desire.
  • Worth buying due to their durability.

Can I make tea in reusable coffee capsules?

Yes, you can use reusable coffee capsules for making tea, just like you use them for coffee. Simply open the capsule’s lid, add a proper amount of tea, and your reusable capsules are ready to make tea for you.

The bottom line

So it is clear from the above information that using reusable capsules can make your coffee in Nespresso machines. But you need to pay attention to which type of reusable capsules will be compatible with your machine as it will save you from the trouble of any kind. Above all this, reusable capsules are eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and offer a huge variety, so you should try to use reusable capsules to get the coffee of your choice.


Can you run a Nespresso without a pod? 

Yes, you can do that, but you will not get any coffee if you have not inserted the capsule. The Nespresso machine will only dispense water in this case. 

What is the difference between Nespresso and espresso machines?

Nespresso has a less rich, acidic, and light flavor than espresso because the coffee content in espresso is higher than in Nespresso.

How does Nespresso differ from Keurig?

Nespresso and Keurig differ based on cost and flavor. Nespresso pods are expensive but rich in flavor, while Keurig pods are cheap and lack richness in their flavors.

Is Nespresso coffee just espresso?

No, Nespresso coffee is not just espresso because you can also make other coffees like flavored coffee, lungo, and decaf coffee in Nespresso. Besides coffee, you can also make tea in it.  

Can milk be used in Nespresso machines?

No, don’t risk the functioning of your Nespresso machine by adding milk to its reservoir, as milk will not only stop the brewing process of your coffee but will also cause scale and lime build-up in the water reservoir of your machine.

Is Nespresso instant or real coffee?

Real beans are roasted and ground to make a coffee powder used to make Nespresso coffee.

Can any pods be used in Nespresso?

No, you cannot use any other pods in either Nespresso Vertuoline or Originalline machines, as these machines only work with their specifically designed pods.

Can I use Keurig pods in Nespresso?

No, you cannot use Keurig pods in Nespresso because the shape and size of K-cups do not fit in the Nespresso machines.

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