Is Nespresso Worth It?

Having a good coffee in the morning is more than a daily boost for me, as it has been one of my rituals for years. But it was not feasible for me to go to cafes every morning to pick my favorite coffee, so I bought Nespresso, and once I tasted its coffee, I was pretty clear on why more than 40% of American households have it right now. I hope you will also agree with my opinions by reading this article on Nespresso.

What makes Nespresso so good?

Nespresso has proved to be a relief for those tired of making their coffees taste different with much effort. You need to put the capsule of your favorite flavor and set the cup size to decide the intensity of your coffee, and it is ready to serve within minutes.

Pros of a Nespresso machine

Though Nespresso is a bit expensive and its price is a significant concern for most people, what if the investment is worth it? Let’s compare the pros and cons of Nespresso to see which side is more convincing.

1. Variety

Though the Nespresso machines only work with the capsules specially designed for them, you still get a wide variety of flavors as the company introduces many. Two Nespresso devices are presented in the market, i.e., Nespresso Original line and Nespresso Vertuoline. The former allows you to make solid and rich espresso shots, while the latter can make Espresso, latte, macchiato, and many more coffee varieties. So you can make iced, dark, creamy, and any coffee of your choice with these Nespresso machines.

2. Taste

Taste is the most crucial factor when talking about coffee because everyone has a specific taste bud and wants their coffee to be precise. Nespresso allows you to make the coffee you desire conveniently. A particular quantity of ground coffee will be filled in each capsule so that every coffee will have the same taste. Besides, you can make your coffee strong and light as per your taste. You can choose whether your coffee should be light, medium, or high-roasted, as various capsules are available on Amazon. You can get your favorite Nespresso pods very quickly.

3. Convenience

If you love Espresso and have been drinking it for a long time, then you must have seen the barista putting much effort into grinding the coffee and tamping it, and then the coffee becomes ready to pull off, and it also takes much time. Besides this, it also requires a specific skill set to make a perfect coffee. But with Nespresso, things have become much easier as you need to insert the capsule and get your favorite coffee in minutes. Besides this, a Nespresso milk frother is also given for cappuccino and latte lovers to make a creamy thick coffee. 

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4. Long-lasting capsules

It is very irritating to see your favorite coffee oxidized due to the lack of a proper seal for coverage once you open it. But this is not the case for Nespresso pods as they are adequately sealed with nitrogen that prevents oxidation, and you can use them for a long time as your coffee will stay fresh. So, you can order in bulk and keep using those capsules for a long time without any worries. But one thing you should always keep in mind is checking the expiry date while using the pods/ capsules.

5. No Skills Required

  • You don’t need to be a pro to make your perfect Espresso through the Nespresso machine as:
  • You don’t have to weigh a certain amount of coffee to get your desired taste.
  • You don’t need to spend time grinding the coffee beans.
  • You don’t have to tamp and pull off the coffee, as the machine will do everything independently.
  • Above all this, no mess will be created, and none of the tools will be used. You don’t need to spend time cleaning and descaling; you need to insert the capsule, and your coffee is ready.
  • You don’t need to be a pro coffee maker to make the perfect espresso shot, as it will do it automatically, so you don’t need to calibrate the machine.
  • Everything can go right as you don’t have to try again and again to get the best results, so there are no mistakes and tweaks.

6. Size of your Wish

Another thing that you can do with Nespresso machines is to get the coffee size of your wish, as you can make small espresso shots and large mugs of lattes and macchiatos through them.

7. The volume of your wish

You can adjust the cup size of your machine to change the volume of your coffee as per your flavor. You can press the button and keep pushing it until you get enough water to make your coffee strong or light.

8. Espresso like flavor

Espresso has a more robust and richer flavor than drip coffee, and the texture of Espresso is also thick, so people prefer it over drip coffee. And you can make a precisely similar espresso to the one served in the cafes at home by the Nespresso machine.

9. Easy to Use

The Nespresso machines are also straightforward to use as no technicalities are required, and the device operates on a touchscreen mechanism. So place a mug, insert the capsule and enjoy.

Cons of Nespresso machines

As we all know, nobody is perfect, and so are the products, as each one of them comes with a downside and all the advantages, and the same is true with Nespresso. So we will discuss some reasons why people prefer to avoid investing in Nespresso.

1. Negative Environmental impact

The pods are made of aluminum; you can use a pod only once to get the highly enriched coffee. Though some people use a pod twice, the coffee’s quality differs. So, an aluminum capsule will be thrown out after every use, accumulating in landfills and causing land pollution. However, some people use reusable pods or return the used capsules for recycling to avoid this problem.

2. Espresso only

You can only have espresso-style coffee if you invest in Nespresso machines, and the Originaline one only offers lungo, Espresso, and ristretto. At the same time, you can make macchiatos and lattes with the Vertuo one. But if you are craving a plain sweet, sugar-blended coffee in the morning, you cannot have it with Nespresso machines.

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3. Cost of machine and pods

Cost is the primary concern when buying something, as you must check your budget and the investment you must make while and after purchasing the product. So if we talk about the cost of Nespresso machines, it ranges between $150-$700, which is a lot. But you managed to buy it, but you still have to keep buying pods, and each pod will cost you more than 1 dollar. If you want to add garnishes and more flavors, you have to spend more, which means your single cup will cost you more than 2 dollars, double the rate of a coffee available at a good coffee shop. But you can fill self-brewed coffee in reusable capsules to minimize the cost of pods.

4. Sustainability

Another primary concern while buying a Nespresso machine is its sustainability. Most people need more time to clean the pods, collect them, and get them to the recycling units.

Is Nespresso really worth it?

If you want to enjoy Espresso or coffees of different flavors with authentic taste at home, then Nespresso is the best option. Because you can make a cafe-level coffee at home without any skills or technicalities. So Nespresso allows you to prepare your favorite coffee within minutes.

Which Nespresso should I buy?

Nespresso has introduced two types of coffee machines in the market: Vertuolline and Originalline. You should keep certain factors in mind while deciding which Nespresso machine you should buy.

  1. How much budget do you have?
  2. How many coffees do you want to make per day?
  3. Which type of coffee do you love?
  4. Whether you need a milk frother or not?

And if you want to know the details of these machines, then you can read the best Nespresso machines guide.

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Originally Coffee machines

All Originalline Coffee machines have the exact working mechanism, i.e., 19 bars of pressure to brew the most fantastic coffee for you. But there are around 11 types of Nespresso Original line machines available in the market that vary based on size and milk frother. Here we will discuss a few of them to help you find the one that fits perfectly with your needs.

Creatista Plus

This is an excellent pick for those who love lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites, macchiatos, Espresso, lungo, and ristretto. This has a stainless steel jug where you can froth the milk and customize the frother settings to show your creativity on lattes. The cost of Creatista Plus is $599.

Lattissima One

This machine is straightforward to use as you can make milk espresso, simple Espresso, ristretto, and lungo with a single click. This Lattissima One is $379, which is pretty affordable.

Lattissima Pro

This one is for those who want to make large milk-based coffees within seconds. This machine is quite similar to Creatista Plus, but the few exceptions are that you can make hot water for tea through it, and its large jug made of stainless steel is dishwasher safe. The cost of Lattissima Pro is $599.

Essenza Mini

Essenza Mini, as the name suggests, is small and can make espresso 1.35 oz to lungo 5 oz. It would be best if you cleaned this machine more frequently as the capsule drawer and water tank are more compact than other models. The cost of Essenza Mini is around $149.


You can make lungo and Espresso through this machine, and this does not come with an in-built milk frother, so you can buy it if you want to make lattes or macchiatos. But if you are an espresso or lungo lover, you do not need to buy a milk frother. The cost of Citiz ranges between $249-$299.

Vertuoline Coffee machines

The Vertuoline coffee machines offer five sizes of coffee capsules. The engine uses a barcode recognition set up so that each capsule is brewed in a specific style to give a rich and distinctive flavor. Here we will discuss different Nespresso Vertuoline machines to help you make the right pick.


This is the first Vertuo model released in 2014 with a smaller size, and its water tank cannot move. The cost of the Vertuo machine is $199

Vertuo Plus

The water tank of this machine can move, which means you can easily adjust it as per your kitchen counter space. The capsules are also ejected automatically in the used drawer through its auto recognition monitors. The cost of Vertuo Plus is $149.

Vertuo Next

This is the most compact and latest model of Nespresso Vertuo machine available in the market and has Bluetooth connectivity. 25% recyclable plastic is used in this machine, and you can make 18 oz pour-over coffee with it and all five other coffee sizes. The cost of Vertuo Next is $239.

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Final Verdict

As I wrap up this article, I should give my final verdict, considering all the pros and cons of Nespresso machines. Nespresso is the best option for those who love making coffees at home and enjoying them in their pajamas. And as far as the pods are concerned, you can use reusable pods to reduce cost and landfill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nespresso Espresso?

Though Nespresso is thought to make a coffee-like authentic espresso, there still is a difference between the flavors. As the coffee pods of Nespresso are not freshly made, the flavor becomes less intense. But the difference is minor, and only experts can feel it.

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Is Nespresso as good as Espresso?

Nespresso is undoubtedly stronger and rich-flavored than black coffee, but its intensity cannot be compared with original espresso shots. So people who are addicted to espresso shots may not like the ones made by Nespresso.

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Is Nespresso better than Keurig?

The difference between Nespresso and Keurig lies in the taste and cost of pods. Nespresso pods are expensive but are flavorful and wealthy, while Keurig pods are cheap but could be more flavorful.

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Why does Nespresso taste so good?

It tastes so good because each coffee has a precise amount of concentration, so there is no mess with the flavor and richness.

Is Nespresso coffee better than Starbucks?

Yes, Nespresso coffee is better than Starbucks because it is brewed through centrifugation that spins the capsule 7,000 times per minute to give your coffee an intense and rich flavor.

Is Nespresso eco-friendly?

Nespresso capsules are thought to cause harm to the environment, as 39,000 tablets are being used every minute. Still, studies have shown that instant coffee has a more negative impact on the environment as capsules have less aluminum than sachets. Besides this, the Nespresso pods are recyclable and can be considered eco-friendly.

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