Nespresso is a popular brand, known for its pods. Are you also a fan of Nespresso pods? If yes, then have you ever wondered how much caffeine is there in these pods?

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A Nespresso pod has 60-90 mg of caffeine content.

However, the answer may vary for the different varieties of pods launched by Nespresso.

In this article, I will share the caffeine content in the two major lines of Nespresso; Original and Vertuo line. I will also guide you about the intensity level and the highly caffeinated pods.

I bet you are going to learn plenty of new things here, so keep reading until the end of the article!

Original line Vs. VertuoLine pod’s caffeine content

Both Original and Vertuo lines differ in the quantity of coffee and caffeine content in their pods. Thus, you will find 13 Nespresso pods in the Vertuo line while 35 pods in the Original line.

According to, Vertuo line capsules have 70-150 mg of caffeine content in espresso, while Original line capsules have 60-90 mg of caffeine

Vertuo line capsules have a higher caffeine content as compared to the Original line.

Do Nespresso pods have different caffeine levels?

Yes, different Nespresso pods have different levels of caffeine. However, the amount of caffeine lies between 60-and 90 mg.

The amount of caffeine in the Nespresso pod depends on two factors; the amount and type of coffee beans used.

Have a look at the table below:

Coffee beans in Nespresso PodsCaffeine Content
DecafLess than 0.1%

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How much caffeine is in each capsule?

One Nespresso capsule makes a cup of Espresso containing 50 to 100 mg of caffeine in it.  The amount is the same for both Original and Vertuo lines with a few exceptions like Kazaar, Ristretto, etc.

However, one Nespresso Capsule contains 5 g while Nespresso Lungo contains 5.5g of coffee.

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Intensity level does not correlate with caffeine content

Intensity level has no relation to caffeine content. The higher the intensity level, the stronger the coffee cup and vice versa.

The intensity level also depends on the roast of the coffee on a scale of 1-13. With a rating of less than 6, the light roast will have a low-intensity level.  While dark roast will have a high-intensity level with a rating greater than 8.

Nespresso pods that lie between the range of 9-13 are dark roasted with strong intensity and bitter notes.

The pods lying between the range of 6-8 are the mediocre ones with a well-balanced taste of sweet and bitter.

From 1 to 5, Nespresso pods have a sweet and subtle taste with low intensity.

Nespresso VertuoLine pods caffeine content

Vertuo line capsules are large and are only compatible with their respective machines.

Vertuo capsuleIntensityCaffeine contentCup size
II Caffe1150-60 mgEspresso
Diavolitto10150 mgEspresso
Altissio Decaffeinato9>12 mgEspresso
Altissio950-60 mgEspresso
Intenso9170-200 mgCoffee/mug
Stormio8170-200 mgCoffee/mug
Fortado8120-200 mgGran Lungo
Scuro8100-120 mgDouble espresso
Intenso XL7228-350 mgAlto
Costa Rica7120-200 mgGran Lungo
Decaffeinato Intenso7>12 mgEspresso
Mexico7170-200 mgCoffee/mug
Odacio7170-200 mgCoffee/mug
Arondio6120-200 mgGran Lungo
Decaffeinato6>12 mgCoffee/mug
Peru Organic650-60 mgEspresso
Orafio650-60 mgEspresso
Chiaro6100-120 mgDouble espresso
Chocolate Fudge6170-200 mgCoffee/mug
Vanilla Custard pie6170-200 mgCoffee/mug
Caramel Cookie6170-200 mgCoffee/mug
Hazelino Muffin6170-200 mgCoffee/mug
Melozio6170-200 mgCoffee/mug
Toccanto550-60 mgEspresso
Dolce5100-120 mgDouble Espresso                                                
Colombia5170-200 mgCoffee/mug
Half Caffeinato590 mgCoffee/mug
Dolce XL4228-350 mgAlto
Voltesso450-60 mgEspresso
Decaffeinato Ontuoso4>12 mgGran Lungo
Ethiopia4120-200 mgGran Lungo
Elvazio4170-200 mgCoffee/mug
Giornio4170-200 mgCoffee/mug
Solelio2170-200 mgCoffee/mug

VertuoLine cup sizes caffeine content:

Espresso (1.35 oz)

A single shot of espresso contains 60 mg of caffeine. Among the popular flavors are Altissio, II Cafe, and Voltesso. The most highly caffeinated single espresso capsule, made of Robusta beans, is Diavolitto. It contains 150 mg of caffeine.

Double espresso (3.7 oz)

Double espresso capsules contain 100-120 mg caffeine. Among the popular double espresso capsules are Scuro, Ice Leggero, Dolce, Bianco Leggero, and Chiaro.

Gran Lungo (5.07 oz)

Gran Lungo capsules contain 120-200 of mg caffeine. The volume of a coffee cup is 5 ounces. A few popular Gran Lungo capsules are Ethiopia, Fortado, Costa Rica, and Arondio.

Alto (13.99 oz)

Alto coffee pods are rich in caffeine, containing 228-350 mg. The volume of a coffee cup is 14 ounces. Popular Alto pods are Dolce XL and Intenso XL.

Coffee/Mug (7.7 oz)

Coffee or mug contains 170-200 mg of caffeine. They are available in a variety. A few most common coffee/mug pods are Caramel Cookie with notes of caramel, Vanilla Custard Pie with notes of vanilla, and chocolate fudge with a bitter flavor of dark chocolate. 

Pour over style (18 oz)

Pour-over coffee pods are twice the volume of regular pods. Nespresso Vertuo Next Model enables the user to prepare coffee from Pour over style pods. If you are brewing an 8-ounce cup, its caffeine content will lie between pour-over and standard coffee pods.

Nespresso OriginalLine pod’s caffeine content

Original capsuleIntensityCaffeine contentCup size
Napoli1355-65 mgEspresso
Palermo Kazaar12125 mgEspresso
India1155-65 mgEspresso
Ristretto decaf10>3 mgRistretto
Ristretto1055-65 mgRistretto
Cape Town1077-85 mgLungo
Firenze Decaf9>3 mgEspresso
Firenze955-65 mgEspresso
Stockholm877-85 mgLungo
Venezia855-65 mgEspresso
Roma855-65 mgEspresso
Nicaragua555-65 mgEspresso
Capriccio555-65 mgEspresso
Volutto Decaf4>3 mgEspresso
Volutto455-65 mgEspresso
Ethiopia455-65 mgEspresso
Cosi455-65 mgEspresso

OriginalLine cup sizes caffeine content:

Ristretto (0.84 oz)

Ristretto contains 55-65 mg of caffeine with a complex of acidic and bittersweet notes.  Ristretto and Ristretto decaf is the most common pods in this range.

Espresso (1.35 oz)

Espresso contains 55-65 mg of caffeine. You can find a variety of Espresso pods in Original Line. Some of the popular Espresso pods are Caramel Creme Brulee, Vanilla Eclair, Colombia, Palermo Kazaar, and Napoli.

Lungo (3.72 oz)

Lungo pods contain 77-85 mg of caffeine. As compared to espresso, you need extra water to brew these pods. As a result, you will get comparatively more coffee. Popular Lungo pods are Vienna, Tokyo, and Stockholm.

How much caffeine is in Decaffeinated Nespresso capsules?

According to, the maximum caffeine content in decaf Nespresso pods is 3 mg. They claim to check caffeine content in coffee beans and green coffee before sealing.

The final product is again checked for the caffeine content.  The decaf pods should contain caffeine below 0.1%. 

Decaf pods are the least caffeinated pods.

Which Nespresso pod has the most caffeine?

Palermo Kazaar is the most caffeinated Nespresso pod. It contains 120-125mg of caffeine. It has a high-intensity level of 12 with dark roasted coffee.

Most caffeinated Nespresso pod

What Affects the Caffeine in Nespresso?

The amount of caffeine per cup depends on the following factors:

Type of Nespresso capsule

Caffeine content depends on the type of Nespresso pod you choose. According to, Lungo capsules contain 77 to 89 mg of caffeine, and single espresso has 60 mg of caffeine.

Type of Nespresso capsule

The caffeine content in double espresso lies in a range between 100 to 120 mg. Thus, double espresso contains more caffeine than compared to single espresso capsules.

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OriginalLine vs. VertuoLine Nespresso machine

Which Nespresso machine are you using? Original line or Vertuo line? Vertuo line capsules are larger and contain more caffeine as compared to the Original line.

A standard Vertuo line capsule contains 105 mg of caffeine, while the Original line contains 60 mg of caffeine.

OriginalLine vs. VertuoLine Nespresso machine

So, if you are using a Vertuo line machine, your coffee cup contains more caffeine.

What About Decaf?

Despite being considered, decaf capsules are caffeine-free, but they still contain minimal amounts of caffeine.

Nespresso claims that its decaf coffee cup contains no more than 3 mg of caffeine.

Decaf Coffee

Intensity vs. Caffeine

As mentioned earlier, the intensity level is not the measure of caffeine. It indicates the roast and bittersweet flavor of the coffee.

Nespresso exclusively mentions intensity levels on the pods that will guide you about the taste of the coffee.

Final Thoughts

Different pods vary in the amount of caffeine. Have a look at the table above. You will find pods with different intensity levels and cup sizes. You can choose the pods according to the Nespresso machine you have. Because Original line and Vertuo line pods are not interchangeable.

I hope this article was helpful!!

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