nespresso reusable capsules

Nespresso has changed the whole game of coffee making by introducing its Nespresso Originalline and Nespresso Vertuo along with their respective pods/capsules in the market. You can choose any capsule of your choice regarding size, flavor, aroma, intensity, caffeine and cup size from a vast variety of Nespresso pods available on Amazon.

But if you look at the other side of the picture then you will be saddened by how many piles of used pods you will have while using Nespresso which are not good for the environment. Besides this, you have to spend a lot of money on buying new capsules which is also not feasible for many of us.

So, here we are talking about reusable pods and we will go through every aspect to find out whether they are worth it or not.


Does Nespresso make a reusable pod?

Yes, Nespresso reusable pods are available in the market and you can use them to save money as you can refill any coffee flavor in them and can use them again and again. For example, the Steel Pod Nespresso Refillable Kit comes with two stainless capsules, 120 sticker lids, and two covers. You simply need to wash and refill them and you are good to go.

How do Nespresso Reusable Pods work?

Nespresso reusable pods need to be filled with finely ground coffee beans and you have to cover the lid firmly to avoid any spillage.

Pod Name

Compatible Machines


Number of Pieces


Get them

Creatista, Essenza Mini, Prodigio, Breville Mini, Maestria, DeLonghi Citiz, DeLonghi U coffee machines

Stainless Steel

2 pods


All Nespresso Vertuoline machines except for Vertuo Next and all Delonghi models

Stainless Steel

2 different-sized pods


Nespresso Originalline machines

BPA- free plastic

3 pods


Nespresso Originalline machines


3 pods


Nespresso Originalline machines like Essenza Mini and Latissimia coffee machines

Stainless Steel

3 pods


All Nespresso Originalline machines except Essenza Plus and Mini

Stainless Steel

1 pod


Nespresso Originalline machines 

Stainless Steel

5 pods


Nespresso Vertuoline machines


2 pods


8 Best Nespresso Reusable capsules available at reasonable prices

Nespresso reusable capsules are the best option for those who love drinking coffee on a daily basis. Because these capsules are eco-friendly and will also minimize your budget as you don’t have to buy capsules for your Nespresso machines. Here we are discussing 8 best Nespresso reusable pods along with all their features to let you know which one is most suitable for you.

1. Steel Pod Nespresso Refillable Pods

Steel Pod Nespresso Refillable Pods
BrandI Cafilas
MaterialStainless Steel
Compatible withCreatista, Essenza Mini, Prodigio, Breville Mini, Maestria, DeLonghi Citiz, DeLonghi U coffee machines
Capsules Included2
More featuresComes with a cleaning brush and scoop.

These reusable capsules, as the name indicates, are made up of rustless and stainless steel and you can brew up to 2.4 oz of coffee in them. They have a specific lid that can be easily removed and closed by twisting it so filling these capsules is much easier than others.

2. Alchemy Bar Goods Capsules

Alchemy Bar Goods Capsules
BrandAlchemy Bar Goods
MaterialBPA-free plastic
Compatible withNespresso Originalline machines
Capsules Included2
More featuresComes with a scoop and brush

These capsules are compatible with all Nespresso Originalline machines and are made up of BPA-free plastic so are safe to use. They come up with a scoop that makes the measurements of your coffee ground much easier for you.

3. Recaps Stainless Steel Pods

 Recaps Stainless Steel Pods
MaterialStainless Steel
Compatible withNespresso Originalline Machines like Nespresso Essenza Mini and Latissimia coffee machines
Capsules Included3
More featuresComes with 120 aluminum seals and a tamper

These capsules are made up of stainless steel and are compatible with almost all Nespresso Vertuoline machines. They are extremely easy to use and come with a tamper through which you can easily settle your coffee in the pod.

4. Capmesso Vertuo Capsules

Capmesso Vertuo Capsules
MaterialStainless Steel
Compatible withAll Nespresso Vertuoline machines except for Vertuo Next and all Delonghi models
Capsules Included1
More FeaturesAvailable in 2 sizes and comes with a scoop and 10 silicon rings in the kit.

Capmesso Vertuo Capsules are specially designed to be used in Nespresso Vertuoline Machines but you cannot use them in Vertuo next. These capsules come in two sizes i.e. 2.5 oz and 8 oz and you can select any of your choices. You need to pay attention to the maintenance of these capsules as they cannot be thrown into the trash after a single use.

5. Cafilas Stainless Steel Reusable Capsules

Cafilas Stainless Steel Reusable Capsules
Compatible withNespresso Originalline Machines
Capsules Included3
More featuresComes with a cleaning brush, tamper, scoop and stick foil lids.

These reusable capsules can be used in all Originalline machines and are made up of food-degrade steel which means they are safe to use. Besides this, the design is a snap so you can easily use them.

6. Mycoffeestar Reusable Capsules

Mycoffeestar Reusable Capsules
MaterialStainless steel
Compatible withAll Nespresso Originalline machines except Essenza Plus and Mini
Capsules Included1
More featuresComes with silicone lids

Mycoffeestar is one of the best capsules made up of stainless steel and compatible with all Nespresso Originalline machines except Essenza Plus and Mini. You have to invest once in these capsules and they will serve you for your lifetime.

7. Sealpod

BrandSeal pod
MaterialStainless Steel
Compatible withNespresso Originalline machines
Capsules Included5
More featuresComes with a coffee sample, 100 foil lids, a scoop, and a silicon cover.

Seal pod is one of the best reusable coffee pods made up of stainless steel that can be the perfect fit for your Nespresso Originalline machine. At the start, you may face difficulty in filling and sealing it but once you get used to it, you can get your favorite coffee at the cheapest rates at home.

8. The Coffee Seal Refillable Capsules

The Coffee Seal Refillable Capsules
BrandThe Coffee Seal
Compatible withNespresso Vertuoline machines
Capsules Included2
More featuresComes with a rubber seal

These reusable capsules are made up of aluminum that allows them to be used for years. They are compatible with all Nespresso Vertuoline machines and their rubber seal makes it easy to seal them tightly.

Are Nespresso Reusable Pods worth it?

Yes, Nespresso Reusable pods are worth it because they reduce the cost of buying a new capsule every time and you can also add any coffee of your flavor into them. Besides this, the disposal ratio is also decreased which is good for the environment.

6 Benefits of Nespresso reusable capsules that you should know

 Nespresso reusable capsules have a lot of benefits for their users and we are discussing most of them here:

1. More freedom with brewing

The Nespresso or any third-party pods that are compatible with Nespresso machines are sealed so nobody knows what’s inside them and when they were packed. Although the company claims that the seal keeps the coffee fresh, there might be some changes in the flavor if it is kept for years. So, if you use freshly ground coffee in the pods then you will have more freedom of brewing and you can get the exact flavor and freshness that you want.

2. Economical benefit

As we all know Nespresso machines are only compatible with the capsules designed for them so you have to spend a lot of money on buying a new capsule each day which is heavy for your pocket. But in the case of reusable pods, it will be a one-time investment that will go a long way. Because you will only need to buy coffee beans or ground coffee which are much cheaper.

3. Ecological benefit

Though Nespresso pods are eco-friendly and can be recycled but it is a long process as you have to go to a recycling unit by yourself or have to collect those pods in a special bag and have to make a special request to the teams to come and pick the pods from you for recycling purposes. So, despite being eco-friendly these pods contribute many tons of aluminium to landfills which is not good. But the reusable pods are completely free of such hustle and you don’t need to make any efforts to save your environment as they can be used again and again.

4. More variety

Another advantage of using reusable pods is that you can get more variety in your coffee as the Nespresso pods come in specific flavors that you can have but if you are grinding and filling the coffee on your own then you can use any of your favorite flavors and can do experiments with them.

5. Easy to clean

The Nespresso reusable pods are very easy to clean because they can be simply cleaned with simple warm water and are ready to reuse. You don’t need to spend any extra money on buying any specific solutions to clean these pods.

6. Make other drinks

These pods can not only be used for making espresso drinks or coffee but you can also use them for making any other of your favorite infusions or tea as well.

A few disadvantages

1. Freshness issues

As freshness is our main concern, you may face some freshness issues while using freshly ground coffee. Because it is not convenient to grind your coffee beans every time you make a new coffee, people grind a lot of coffee and store it. Though they store it in containers but still, the coffee might get bacterial reactions on it or it will not remain fresh for a long time.

2. Precise grinding

You have to grind your coffee beans very precisely to get the perfect texture that is suitable to be used in reusable pods. The more grind the coffee will be, the more intense flavor you will get. And grinding the coffee beans so precisely is very time-consuming.

3. Perfect weight and measure

You should have a scale that allows you to measure the coffee beans perfectly so that you get the exact required weight. But if you don’t have a measuring scale then it will be very difficult for you to take the exact weight and measurements.

4. Refilling can be messy

Refilling the capsules can be messy, as the coffee grains can spread all around and if you don’t clean the sides of the pod perfectly then the seal will not be tight and you cannot get the perfect coffee. Besides this, cleaning will also take a lot of time.

Should you buy a reusable pod?

A reusable pod is a specialized pod that is designed to be used over and over again. The reusable pods designed for Nespresso machines are compatible with Nespresso Originalline and Nespresso Vertuo machines and the plastic pods are BPA-free and steel pods are rust-free.

There are two types of reusable pods available in the market that are:

  1. Plastic Pods
  2. Stainless Steel Pods

The lids of these capsules are also of two types i.e. latching lid and single-use sticker cap lid. But a latching lid is less preferable as it does not get detached from the capsule so the pressure is not built and the intensity and crema of the coffee are lowered. While the sticker cap lids provide the exact pressure as the original pods.

Should you buy a refillable pod kit?

A refillable pod kit has accessories that help you to fill the already used Nespresso pod. The refillable pod kit can be a good pick for those who have a Nespresso Vertuoline machine as the machine scans the barcodes on the capsules to give you high-quality coffee. You get almost 100 aluminum foil lids and a brush in this kit that help you to seal and fill the capsule properly.

But, I believe that a reusable pod is more  worthy than a refillable pod kit as you cannot use the same pod many times by refilling it over and over again.

10 Things to consider before buying Nespresso reusable 0ods

1. Material used for making the pods

The first thing that you need to keep in mind while buying a Nespresso reusable pod is its material. Because material decides whether the capsule is sustainable and durable or not. The reusable capsules come in two materials i.e. plastic and steel. We recommend the capsules that are made of steel because they are more durable. The molds are strong and they can withstand the pressure put by the machine for brewing the best coffee.

2. Coffee grind size

Another important factor to look at  while choosing the reusable pods for you is the grind size of your coffee. If the size of your coffee grind is large then it might block the water passing through it and the drains will get blocked and your coffee will not be brewed. On the other hand, if the coffee grind is very thin then the water will very easily pass through it and the texture of the coffee will be very thin and you will not get the intense and rich flavor. So, it is always important to have moderate size coffee grounds that you can use in the reusable capsules.

3. Compatibility with Nespresso machines

Each machine will have its specifications and you need to follow them while buying a reusable pod to use in them. The size and shape of capsules designed for each machine are variable and you need to check your machine’s guide to see whether reusable pods are compatible with your respective machine or not. You can also contact customer care to know which shape of reusable pods are required to be used in your machine and whether your machine even accepts reusable pods or not.

4. Lid type

Besides this, you should buy reusable pods that come with a steel lid because the lids of plastic or aluminum foil do not last long as they can either be used once or for a few weeks.

5. Quantity of coffee

Quantity is also very important because some people prefer having large cups of coffee with the same intense flavor as the small ones. So you should see how much coffee you can put in the pods and how many pods you are getting on a reasonable budget.

6. Additional items (scoops, brush, tamper)

You will also need additional items other than the reusable capsules because having a capsule and coffee ground is not enough. You need to fill the capsule properly to get rich-flavored coffee. You can use specifically designed scoops to perfectly fill the reusable pods and a brush can help you to remove excess coffee grains that you have spilled while filling the coffee. And a tamper can help you to form an even base and properly settle the coffee in your capsule.

7. Is there any plastic in your pods

We all know that plastic takes 100 years to get decomposed and it plays a major role in filling landfills. So, one of the main purposes of buying reusable pods is to minimize the use of plastic and disposal of pods. So, you should always check whether the pods are made of plastic or if there are any accessories coming with the pods made up of plastic. If yes, then you should skip buying those pods.

8.Will you get any assistance

If you are new to using reusable pods then you should always opt for those brands that offer complete guidelines and video tutorials to help you in learning how you can use those pods correctly and efficiently. For example, a complete guideline about the usage of any product is available if you buy it from Nespresso. Besides this, the usage and troubleshooting videos are also available on their official site.

9. Is there any additional cost

Some pods have steel lids that remain connected to them and you don’t need to replace them or buy new lids. But the reusable pods that come with plastic, foil, sticker, or silicone lids need to be changed after a year or two or you have to dispose of each lid after a single use. So, you should always keep a track of additional costs that you have to bear.

10. How to clean reusable pods

Cleaning your pods is one of the most important things as it plays a very vital role in determining the flavor of your coffee. If there are already some leftovers in the pod and you refill it then you will not get the desired flavor. So, you should always know about proper cleaning of your pods.

Are Nespresso reusable pods environmentally responsible?

Nespresso reusable pods are eco-friendly as they are made of aluminum, BPA free plastic and stainless steel and you don’t need to dispose of them after every use. You can use these pods for years if you properly maintain them and keep cleaning them on a regular basis. This not only makes them budget-friendly but you will not be adding to the landfills as well.

How to reuse the Nespresso pods

You can easily reuse the Nespresso pods with the given ingredients by following the 7 simple steps explained below:


  • Scissors.
  • Used Nespresso capsule.
  • Thin Aluminum foil.

Step 1: Clean the used capsule

Take a paring knife and clean all the residues left in the capsule. Rinse the capsule with clean water and wait until it dries completely.

Step 2: Fill with espresso coffee (ground)

Take your finely ground Espresso Coffee such as Lavazza, Illy, or any other and fill it in the capsule completely.

Step 3: Clean the rim

Now clean the rim to clear off any excess particles so that the capsule can be closed tightly.

Step 4: Cover the capsule with foil

Now cover the filled capsule with aluminum foil and you can cut the foil with a diameter of 46 mm in a circular shape. Slowly tamp the coffee into the capsule and cover it with an aluminum lid.

Step 5: Crimp foil

Now place the capsule in the foil and slowly crimp the foil with the help of your fingertip so that the capsule is covered completely and no leakage of hot water can take place.

Step 6: Load the capsule in Nespresso machine

Now load the capsule in your Nespresso machine whether Vertuo or Originalline and close the lever.

Step 7: Brew and enjoy

If you have followed all the steps correctly then you will have a perfectly brewed coffee that you can enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Reusable pods discontinued by Nespresso?

The reusable pods are still being manufactured by Nespresso for Originalline machines but no reusable pods are being produced by Nespresso for its Vertuoline machines.

What do you put in reusable Nespresso pods?

Finely ground coffee beans are recommended to be put in Nespresso pods because they will not let the water pass easily through them and you will get a stronger and rich flavor.

Can you use reusable pods in Nespresso?

Yes, you can use reusable pods in both machine lines of Nespresso i.e. in Nespresso Originalline and Nespresso Vertuoline but you need to see which pod is compatible with which Nespresso machine.

Are Nespresso reusable pods compatible with Keurig Coffee Makers?

No, you cannot use the pods designed for Nespresso machines in a Keurig Coffee Maker because both machines (Keurig and Nespresso)  are compatible with different pods.

Do reusable pods work in Nespresso Vertuo?

Yes, you can use reusable pods such as The Coffee Seal Refillable pods, Stainless Steel reusable pods, and many other reusable pods in Nespresso Vertuo.

How many times can you reuse each Nespresso pod?

It is advised to use each Nespresso pod only once to get the original bold, intense and rich flavor but some people use it twice as well. 

How many cups can I make with Nespresso reusable pods?

You can make around 1-3 cups by using a single Nespresso pod and the number of cups will completely depend on how much water you add to your coffee to increase its volume and lower its intensity.

How do you clean Nespresso reusable capsules?

Cleaning your Nespresso pods is very important to maintain hygiene and get the desired flavor. Here are three easy steps that you can follow to clean your Nespresso reusable capsules.

Step 1: Peel off the foil

First of all, you should not touch the pod instantly after using it as it becomes hot and can harm you. Once it cools down, puncture the foil lid and peel it off.

Step 2: Remove coffee ground residues

Now, take a spoon or scoop and scrape down the left residues of ground coffee from the pod. This coffee can be used as compost for your plants.

Step 3: Wash

After that, simply wash your reusable capsule with lukewarm water and it is good to be used again.

Are reusable pods BPA-free?

Yes, all reusable pods are either made up of BPA-free plastic or stainless steel that are completely safe to use and no leaching or metallic rusting can happen in your drink.

Do reusable pods damage your Nespresso machine?

No, reusable pods cannot damage your machine as they are designed perfectly to fit their respective machines. But if you don’t use the compatible pod in a certain machine and try to force it to fit into the machine then you can damage your machine. Besides this, if the capsules are not sealed properly then they can also damage your machine.

How much money can I save by buying reusable pods?

If you are an espresso lover and consume coffee daily then investing in reusable pods can save almost 50% of your annual coffee expense that you used to do on buying Nespresso pods.

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