Discover the Magic of Iced Flat White

The Iced Flat White, a refreshing and robust coffee drink, has gained popularity among coffee enthusiasts. This drink, a cold variant of the traditional Flat White, combines the strong flavor of Espresso with the creaminess of milk, served over ice. It’s a perfect choice for warm days when you crave the rich taste of coffee but need something cool and revitalizing. 

The Iced Flat White is not just a drink, it’s an experience. Whether you’re a seasoned coffee connoisseur or a casual coffee drinker, the Iced Flat White has something to offer. In this guide, we’ll delve deeper into what makes this drink special and how you can enjoy it at home.


The popularity and origin of the Iced Flat White

The Iced Flat White is a delightful twist on the classic Flat White, a coffee drink that originated from Australia and New Zealand. This chilled version retains the strong, robust flavor of espresso and the creamy texture of milk, but adds a refreshing element with the inclusion of ice. It’s a perfect blend of coffee and milk, served cold, making it an ideal choice for coffee lovers on warm days. 

A quick recipe to make Iced Flat White at home

Make a delicious Iced Flat White right in your kitchen, let’s see how


  • 20 grams of finely ground coffee for two espresso shots.
  • ½ cup of whole milk.
  • ½ cup of ice cubes.
  • Optional: 1 tablespoon of syrup sweetener or flavoring.

Equipment Needed

  • Espresso machine: To pull ristretto shots.
  • Milk steamer or frother: For steaming the milk.
  • Refrigerator: To chill the milk.
  • Glass: To serve the Iced Flat White

6 Easy step-by-step instructions on how to make an Iced Flat White

Elevate your coffee game with this simple steps to crafting the perfect Iced Flat White

1. Prepare the Espresso

  • Begin by selecting your preferred coffee beans. Dark, Italian roast beans are recommended for their vibrant flavor. Grind the beans finely for the best extraction.
  • Using an Espresso machine, pull two Ristretto shots. Remember, Ristretto shots are more concentrated, providing a robust coffee flavor.

2. Froth the milk

While your espresso is brewing, steam your choice of milk until it’s hot and has a smooth, velvety texture. Chill the steamed milk in the refrigerator. 

3. Fill the glass with ice cubes

Once the espresso and milk are prepared, take a glass and fill it with large ice cubes. The larger the cubes, the slower they’ll melt, preventing your drink from becoming watered down.

4. Combine the Espresso and milk over ice

  • Pour the chilled milk over the ice, leaving enough room for the espresso.
  • Slowly pour the ristretto shots over the milk. This should create a beautiful gradient effect in your glass.

5. Add sweeteners (Optional)

If you prefer a sweeter drink, add your choice of sweetener or flavoring. This could be a simple syrup, a flavored syrup like vanilla or caramel, or even a sugar substitute.

6. Ready to serve

Your homemade Iced Flat White is ready to enjoy. Savor the balanced flavors of strong espresso and creamy milk, enhanced by the refreshing chill of ice.

Iced Flat White – Flavor profile

The Iced Flat White is a tasty mix of strong coffee and creamy milk, chilled with ice. The ristretto shots give it a bold coffee kick, which is softened by the milk. It’s a great drink for hot days, with a lasting coffee flavor. Plus, you can add sweeteners or other flavors to make it just right for you.

7 Perfect ways to serve Iced Flat White

  1. Serve your Iced Flat White in a tall, clear glass to showcase the beautiful layers of coffee and milk.
  2. Pair it with a light breakfast such as a croissant or a piece of fruit for a refreshing start to your day.
  3. If you’re serving it as an afternoon pick-me-up, consider pairing it with a sweet treat like a cookie or a slice of cake.
  4. For a unique twist, try adding a sprinkle of cocoa powder or cinnamon on top before serving.
  5. If you’re using alternative milks, consider pairing the drink with foods that complement the flavor of the milk. For example, almond milk pairs well with almond-based pastries.
  6. For a summer treat, serve your Iced Flat White with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for an indulgent affogato-style dessert.
  7. If you’re serving the drink to guests, consider offering a variety of sweeteners and flavorings on the side so they can customize their drink to their liking.

4 Health benefits and concerns of Iced Flat White

Let’s discover the surprising health benefits and considerations that come with this popular coffee delight.

1. Nutritional information

An Iced Flat White is a delightful blend of Espresso and milk. Generally, a medium-sized serving contains around 100 calories. The calorie content can vary based on size and added ingredients like syrups. It’s a good idea to check the nutrition label if you’re mindful of your intake.

2. Caffeine content

An Iced Flat White contains about 130-150 mg of caffeine from its two espresso shots. While caffeine can enhance alertness and provide energy, excessive intake may lead to insomnia, jitteriness, and other health issues. The key is to enjoy an Iced Flat White in moderation, considering individual tolerance and daily caffeine consumption, to reap the benefits without negative health impacts.

3. Potential health benefits

This coffee drink offers more than just a rich taste. The Espresso in an Iced Flat white provides antioxidants, which may support overall health. Additionally, the caffeine content can boost your energy and mental alertness. It’s a flavorful way to kickstart your day or perk up your afternoon.

4. Considerations for specific diets

If you’re on a specific diet or have dietary restrictions, you can still enjoy an iced flat white. Options like 2% or skim milk can lighten the drink, and plant-based milk alternatives are available for a dairy-free version. Always consult with a barista or read labels to ensure the drink aligns with your dietary needs. Enjoying an iced flat white can be a simple pleasure that fits into various lifestyles.

6 Tips & tricks for enjoying the best Iced Flat White

Unlock the secrets of the perfect chill: Tips and tricks for savoring the ultimate Iced Flat White experience.

1. Use high-quality coffee beans

The flavor of your Iced Flat White largely depends on the quality of your coffee beans. Choose a dark, Italian roast for a vibrant, roasted flavor.

2. Chill your glass

Before preparing your drink, chill your glass in the refrigerator. This helps keep your Iced Flat White cold for longer.

3. Use large ice cubes

Larger ice cubes melt slower, preventing your drink from becoming diluted too quickly.

4. Experiment with milk types

Different types of milk can add unique flavors and textures. Try whole milk for a rich, creamy texture, or almond milk for a nutty twist.

5. Customize your sweetness

Adjust the amount of sweetener to your liking. You can also experiment with different types of sweeteners or flavored syrups to add a personal touch to your Iced Flat White.

6. Clean your equipment

Regularly clean your Espresso machine and milk steamer to ensure the best flavor.

Iced Flat White calorie table 

Espresso2 shots10
Whole Milk1 cup150
Ice1 cup0
Sugar (optional)1 tsp16

Please note that the calorie count can vary based on the type of milk and sweeteners used. For example, using skim milk or plant-based milk can reduce the calorie count, while adding syrups or additional sugar can increase it. It’s also important to remember that the nutritional value of a homemade Iced Flat White can differ from that of a store-bought one due to variations in portion sizes and ingredients.

Comparison with other similar drinks

The Iced Flat White, while unique in its own right, shares similarities with other popular coffee beverages. Understanding these differences can help you appreciate the unique character of the Iced Flat White.

Flat White vs Latte 

Compared to an Iced Latte, the Iced Flat White has a stronger coffee flavor due to the use of Ristretto shots, a concentrated form of Espresso. The milk in an Iced Flat White is also less frothy, resulting in a creamier texture. 

Flat White vs Cappuccino

Cappuccino, another close relative, is more complex with equal parts of Espresso, steamed milk, and foam. The Iced Flat White, with its balanced blend of strong Espresso and creamy milk, offers a simpler yet equally satisfying alternative.

Flat White vs Americano

An Iced Latte and an Iced Americano are two distinct coffee beverages. The Iced Latte is a creamy, milk-based drink with a subtle coffee flavor. On the other hand, an Iced Americano is a bold, robust drink that highlights the espresso’s flavor, diluted with water and served over ice. It’s less creamy and more coffee-forward than an Iced Latte.


The Iced Flat White is a versatile coffee experience, blending the strong taste of Espresso with creamy milk and refreshing ice. Its versatility means it can be tailored to any taste, whether you like your coffee bold or sweet. With the right tools and ingredients, you can craft your ideal Iced Flat White at home, inviting you to experiment and relish this delightful beverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Iced Flat White? 

An Iced Flat White is a coffee drink that combines robust Espresso, creamy milk, and refreshing ice. It’s a chilled version of the classic Flat White, offering a refreshing, invigorating experience.

Which type of coffee should I use in an Iced Flat White?

For an iced flat white, it’s best to use a medium or dark roast coffee, as lighter roasts may be too acidic or mild to pair with milk. Traditional Italian flavor can be achieved with an espresso blend that mixes Arabica and Robusta beans, providing rich, earthy flavors. A single-origin medium roast can offer a more modern take with greater complexity.

How is an Iced Flat White different from an Iced Latte?

The main difference lies in the coffee-to-milk ratio. An Iced Flat White has a higher proportion of coffee, resulting in a stronger, more robust flavor compared to an Iced Latte.

How sweet is an Iced Flat White?

An iced flat white is not typically very sweet on its own, as it primarily consists of Espresso and milk. The natural sweetness of the milk may provide a subtle sweetness, but the overall flavor leans more towards the strong and rich side. However, sweetness can be adjusted to taste by adding sugar, syrup, or other sweeteners.

Why are Flat White coffees small?

Flat White coffees are small due to the higher concentration of Espresso to milk, creating a richer flavor. The standard recipe emphasizes the coffee’s taste with two shots of Espresso and around 6 ounces of milk. This specific ratio results in a more intense drink, served in a smaller size.

Is an Iced Flat White strong profile?

Yes, an iced flat white is considered strong due to its higher concentration of Espresso compared to milk. It typically consists of two shots of espresso, resulting in a more strong  coffee flavor. The choice of using Ristretto shots, which are more concentrated, can further enhance the strength of the drink.

Can I use different types of milk for an Iced Flat White?

Absolutely! You can experiment with different types of milk like whole, skim, almond, or oat milk. Each type of milk can add a unique flavor and texture to your drink.

What kind of coffee beans should I use for an Iced Flat White? 

Dark, Italian roast beans are recommended for their vibrant, roasted flavor. However, feel free to experiment with different types of coffee beans to find your preferred taste.

Can I add sweeteners or flavorings to my Iced Flat White? 

Yes, you can customize your Iced Flat White with sweeteners or flavorings like vanilla or caramel syrup. Remember, the best Iced Flat White is the one that suits your personal taste preferences.

How can I make my Iced Flat White colder for longer? 

You can chill your glass before preparing the drink and use large ice cubes. Larger ice cubes melt slower, keeping your drink cold without diluting it quickly.

Can I make an Iced Flat White without an Espresso machine?

While an Espresso machine is ideal, you can use a strong brew of regular coffee as a substitute. The flavor won’t be as robust, but it can still make a tasty Iced Flat White.

What’s the best way to froth milk for an Iced Flat White? 

You can use a milk steamer or frother to create a smooth, creamy texture. If you don’t have one, shaking the milk in a jar or whisking it vigorously can also work.

How can I add a personal touch to my Iced Flat White? 

You can experiment with different types of milk, sweeteners, and flavorings. You can also try adding spices like cinnamon or nutmeg for a unique twist.

Does Starbucks have an Iced Flat White?

Yes, Starbucks offers an iced flat white, made with two Ristretto shots, cold milk, and ice for a rich and refreshing taste. The drink can be customized with various milk options and sweeteners to suit individual preferences. It’s a popular choice for those seeking a bolder coffee flavor in a chilled beverage.

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