Iced Vanilla Latte

“The perfect latte in the morning makes your day better.”

Do you love Starbucks iced drinks? Do you find them expensive? Want to save money? You are at the right place!

Let’s talk about one of the Starbucks creamy coffee i.e. iced vanilla latte, having rich flavors. You can save money and brew this delicious coffee at home, tasting exactly like it came out from the coffee shop/Starbucks. It is a cool and easy way to chill off without rushing to the coffee shop and breaking the bank.

Let’s brew this fast, inexpensive, and tasty coffee and whip up!

Iced vanilla latte

Iced Vanilla Latta

In summers, coffee lovers crave for chilled drinks and Starbucks iced vanilla latte is the perfect choice. In this latte, espresso is mixed with vanilla syrup, creamy milk, and ice, surprising your taste buds with an explosion of flavors. It is a worth-brewing and worth-sipping coffee that cools you down and allows you to enjoy a sunny afternoon. 

How to make an Iced vanilla latte Starbucks recipe at home?

Sip an iced vanilla latte in blazing summers and cool down. Brew this smooth and sweet drink with a few ingredients in your home’s comfort and cherish your day. Let’s dive into it!


Ingredients Quantity Get them
Starbucks blonde roast coffee grounds18-21 gramsGet it on Amazon
Vanilla syrup4 pumpsGet it on Amazon
2% Milk 1 cupGet it on Amazon
Ice 1 cupGet it yourself
Whipped cream (optional)2 tablespoonGet it on Amazon


Tools Quantity Get them
Espresso machine1Get it on Amazon
Aeroccino milk frother1Get it on Amazon
Recipe glass1Get it on Amazon


  • Fill the glass with ice cubes.
  • Extract two shots of espresso with your espresso machine, cool down, and pour it in the glass.
  • Pour milk in the frother and froth it at a medium setting.
  • Add vanilla syrup in the mug and combine it well with the brewed espresso.
  • Pour the frothed milk on top of the espresso until the glass is full.
  • Add the remaining foam (or whipped cream) on top of the coffee with a spoon.
  • Enjoy your iced vanilla latte with a straw.


  • You can pair your iced vanilla latte with biscotti or other light biscuits.
  • It also goes well with chocolate cake or chocolate brownies. 

Features of Starbucks iced vanilla latte

These incredible features separate iced vanilla latte from other cold beverages and help you to decide whether it is worth the purchase. Let’s have a look at these features in detail. 

1. Taste

The vanilla syrup imparts a sweet taste while ice enhances the flavor of your iced vanilla latte. The blonde-roast espresso shots do not add bold notes, making it perfect for every type of coffee lover. 

2. Acidity

Iced vanilla latte possesses low acidity. The low acidic notes balances its flavor profile and offers you an enjoyable coffee experience. 

3. Bitterness 

There are slight bitter notes in iced vanilla latte. The vanilla syrup, ice, and creamy milk offer you a sweet coffee cup without harsh or sour notes. 

4. Texture 

Iced vanilla latte offers you a full-bodied coffee cup. The rich character and smooth texture offer you a creamy mouthfeel, making your day pleasant. 

Tips and tricks for making Starbucks iced vanilla latte at home

There are some tips and tricks that can take your iced vanilla latte to greater heights. Let’s scroll!

  • Instead of ice, freeze coffee in an ice tray. It will add more flavors to your drink and prevent it from watering down. 
  • Change the quantity of ingredients according to your taste. 
  • Starbucks uses 2% milk in iced vanilla latte, however, you can use any grade or type of milk.
  • If you do not have an espresso or Nespresso machine, you can use instant coffee or make espresso with French Press. Cold brew can also work.
  • You can also add other flavored syrups to your drink such as caramel, cinnamon, chocolate, hazelnut, or white chocolate.
  • Instead of Starbucks blonde coffee grounds, you can also use Nespresso capsules.

Can you make vanilla syrup at home?

If you do not want to purchase or have difficulty in buying vanilla syrup from the grocery store, you can make it at home. For this;

  • In a saucepan, add 1 cup of water and two cups of granulated white sugar.
  • Cook it over medium-heat.
  • Stir it occasionally, once the sugar is dissolved, turn off the flame.
  • Add two tablespoon vanilla extract.
  • Your vanilla syrup is ready.


  • You can also add vanilla beans.
  • Instead of two cups of granulated white sugar, you can also use one cup brown sugar and one cup white sugar.
  • Moreover, you can try another recipe of vanilla syrup. Simmer vanilla extract, vanilla beans, sweet condensed milk, and a pinch of salt in a saucepan for 20 minutes over a low heat. Strain your vanilla syrup through cheesecloth for a smooth texture. 

Benefits of making iced vanilla latte at home 

The incredible benefits you get while brewing iced vanilla latte at home include;

  • The recipe is easy and quick.
  • You require only a few ingredients that are shelf stable for weeks.
  • The recipe is budget-friendly.

Iced vanilla latte Starbucks price

Starbucks iced vanilla latte costs $ 4-6 depending on the size of the cup. However, when you brew it at home, you will find it budget friendly. 

Iced vanilla latte Starbucks calories

Calories 190
Sugar 28 g
Fat 4 g
Carbohydrates 29 g
Protein 9 g
Cholesterol 26 mg
Sodium 141 g
Potassium 405 g
Sugar 27 g
Vitamin A 302 IU
Vitamin C1 mg
Calcium 303 mg
Iron 1 mg

Iced vanilla latte Starbucks caffeine content

Starbucks iced vanilla latte contains 125-170 mg caffeine content. It fulfills your caffeine needs  and keeps you active for the whole day. If you are caffeine sensitive, you should brew this drink with decaf coffee grounds or select other decaf drinks. 

The verdict 

If you are a fan of Starbucks iced vanilla latte and find it expensive, brew it at your home with a few ingredients and many variations. This beautifully balanced drink fulfills your caffeine need and offers a pleasant mouthfeel. The rich espresso shots, creamy milk, ice, and vanilla syrup create magic and take your heart to heaven. Brew it for breakfast or afternoon, pair it with cupcakes or blueberry muffin, and enjoy your day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Starbucks iced vanilla latte sweet?

Starbucks iced vanilla latte is sweet due to the presence of vanilla syrup and frothed milk. If you want bitter or bold flavor add an extra espresso shot. 

Does Starbucks make an iced vanilla latte?

Starbucks iced vanilla latte is a variation of vanilla latte, containing espresso, creamy milk, ice, and vanilla syrup. Sip it and calm down your nerves on hot summer days. 

Is Starbucks iced vanilla latte good?

Starbucks iced vanilla latte is perfect for you if you have a sweet tooth. It not only offers rich flavors but also fulfills your caffeine needs as it contains 125-170 mg high caffeine content. 

Does an iced vanilla latte taste good?

Iced vanilla latte offers sweet notes and creamy mouthfeel. The vanilla syrup, frothed milk, and ice cubes offer you a delicious coffee experience. 

Does an iced vanilla latte taste like coffee?

Iced vanilla latte has a sweet and creamy flavor. It does not have a rich espresso flavor. If you want to experience a strong coffee flavor, add an extra espresso shot in it. 

What’s the difference between a vanilla iced coffee and a vanilla iced latte?

Both beverages are iced drinks however, the iced coffee contains regular brewed coffee and may or may not contain milk. While vanilla latte contains 3 parts of milk and 2 parts of blonde or dark-roast espresso shots. 

What is the difference between a latte and a vanilla latte?

Latte contains frothed milk and one or two espresso shots. However, vanilla latte is a variation of regular latte drink having vanilla syrup.

How many pumps of vanilla are in an iced vanilla latte?

In an iced vanilla latte, 3-6 pumps of vanilla syrup are added depending on brew size. In tall latte, 3 pumps are added while in grande 5, and in venti 5-6 pumps are used. 

Does a vanilla latte taste like vanilla?

Vanilla latte hits your palate with creamy texture and gentle vanilla taste. The smoothness and rich character win your heart and urge you to fall for this drink. 

What is the difference between a blonde vanilla latte and a vanilla latte at Starbucks?

Starbucks blonde vanilla latte contains Starbucks blonde roast espresso while vanilla latte contains Starbucks signature espresso i.e. dark roast coffee. 

How does Starbucks vanilla latte taste?

Starbucks vanilla latte has a rich sweet flavor and creamy texture. The subtle vanilla notes, smooth body, and rich character make your day pleasant. 

Are iced lattes stronger than coffee?

No iced lattes are not stronger than coffee. Coffee contains concentrated espresso, high caffeine, strong body, and bold flavors. However, in iced lattes, the milk and ice mellow the bitterness and bold notes, offering you a sweet and smooth coffee cup. 

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How do you spice up a vanilla latte at Starbucks?

You can spice up your vanilla latte by adding cinnamon, pumpkin spice, cardamom, clove, or ginger syrups. You can also sprinkle spice powder on top of your coffee. 

Is an iced latte just poured over ice?

Iced latte contains espresso shots, frothed milk, and ice. In its making, espresso is poured over the ice and frothed milk is added on top of the drink. 

What Starbucks latte is sweet?

Mostly, Starbucks lattes are sweet due to the presence of flavored syrup, ice, and creamy, frothed milk. If you love sweet or mellow coffee cups, Starbucks lattes are the best option. 

How much sugar is in an iced vanilla latte?

Iced vanilla latte does not have a sugar ingredient. It is naturally sweet due to vanilla syrup and frothed milk. However, if you want more sweetness, you can add sugar in it. 

Is vanilla latte sweet or bitter?

Vanilla latte is sweet as it contains vanilla syrup and creamy milk. If you want bitterness or bold coffee flavor, add an extra espresso shot in it. 

Is a vanilla latte like a French vanilla?

Both beverages offer vanilla flavor and a delicious coffee experience. However, vanilla latte contains regular vanilla syrup or extract while French vanilla uses French vanilla syrup with a mix of hazelnut to give a creamy, nutty taste. 

What kind of coffee is used in Starbucks vanilla latte?

Starbucks vanilla latte contains vanilla syrup, one or two espresso shots, and steamed frothed milk. It bursts on your palate with rich flavors and gives you a pleasant mouthfeel. 

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