Is your Keurig frother not working properly? Don’t worry, as it does not mean that it is broken. There might be other reasons that are hindering its performance. Let me help you find the exact problem and its easy solution through this article. Here we will discuss all the problems you can ever face if you use a Keurig or K-Cafe milk frother and their solutions.

Not starting properlyNot plugged in correctly, no water in the reservoir, or faulty connection.
Not frothingClean your machine, and check milk level and quality.
Flashing light on the front.Try to brew coffee and froth milk one by one.
The whisk is not adjusted properly.Adjust the whisk as per the instructions.
The frother is not correctly adjusted on the base.Make sure that the frother is appropriately adjusted to the base.
Milk is above the max line.Reduce the quantity of milk.
Not using suitable milkDon’t use milk having less than 2% fat.
Misaligned frothing wandAlign the wand properly.
Milk was not added.Add fresh milk to your frother.
Guck builds up on the whisk.Clean your whisk.
The indicator light or jug does not work.Check the plug or faulty connections.
The jug stops working shortly after starting.Let the machine cool down for a few minutes.
Milk is overflowing from the jug.Reduce the quantity of milk.
The frother is charring the milk.Check the milk level or clean the whisk.


What are the signs that my Keurig frother is not working?

You will observe some signs once you start your Keurig frother that will help you determine that your frother is undoubtedly facing some errors. Some signs you will see in either the Keurig coffee maker attachment or stand-alone are as follows:

  • The frother will heat the milk but will not froth it.
  • You will hear three beeping sounds in a very short interval.
  • The light on the front will keep flashing but the frother will not work.

14 Problems & Reasons why Keurig and K-cafe milk frother are not working?

Now let’s jump into recognizing the problems and finding out their solutions to make your Keurig frother work correctly. We have enlisted 14 issues that people usually face while using their Keurig frother, and we will also tell you the solution for each of them.

Keurig problems with solutions?

Keurig is one of the leading brands that has introduced a lot of kitchen appliances to make our lives easy. Keurig milk frother is also one of its top products that lets you get the perfectly frothed milk for your coffee within seconds without putting too much effort. We are discussing some problems and their solutions that you might face while working with Keurig frother.

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Problem 1: Not starting properly

The most common problem that most of us face while using Keurig frother is that it does not start properly. A light keeps on flashing that indicates that your frother is facing some errors. So let’s try to find out each possible solution to solve this problem.

Solution: Not plugged in correctly, no water in the reservoir, faulty connections

If your Keurig or K-Cafe milk frother is not starting correctly, then there may be multiple reasons behind it, and I will try to address each one of them along with their solutions.


If your machine keeps beeping, then this indicates your frother not being placed on the machine properly. You can simply solve this problem by fixing the frother properly.

Faulty Connections

Your machine may not work due to broken connections inside your machine. You may want to consult with the experts to check the connections of your machine to fix this problem.

Faulty Connections In Keurig

Check the Plug

Sometimes, we humans can also make some errors by not plugging in the machine properly. So, you need to plug in correctly to start your machine simply.

Keurig Frother Plugging Error

No lid

You simply need to close the lid of your frother to start it properly if it is not closed.

Too much milk

Adding too much milk can also stop your machine from starting correctly, so just reduce the quantity of milk, and your Keurig or K-Cafe milk frother will start properly.

Problem 2: Not Frothing

Sometimes, your machine starts properly and rotates, but you don’t get the froth, or the froth is not of the desired consistency. You can solve this issue by simply following a few easy instructions.

Solution: Clean your machine, and check the milk level and quality

Clean your Machine

There might be some sublime accumulation on your whisk or frother that prevents you from getting the froth. Just clean your machine, and you will get the desired froth.

Check milk quality

The milk with more fats gives good froth rather than the one with no fats. So use good quality whole milk to get a thick and creamy foam.

Don’t overfill the cup

Overfilling the pitcher can also stop the frothing process, so fill the milk only to the mentioned level.

Problem 3: Flashing light on the front

Flashing light on the front of Keurig

If you have turned on your Keurig frother, but the light on it keeps flashing, then the solution is straightforward.

Solution: Try to brew coffee and froth milk one by one

So, the blinking or flashing light on your Keurig frother indicates that you are trying to brew your coffee and froth your milk simultaneously, which is incorrect. The Keurig frother works on intelligent technology, and you have to perform each function one by one on it.

Problem 4: Whisk not adjusted properly

Keurig Whisk not adjusted properly

Suppose you have removed the whisk of your frother to clean it, and after cleaning it, you have fixed it back. But there might be chances that the whisk is not adjusted in its proper place and is causing hindrance in the performance of your frother.

Solution: Adjust the whisk

See the instructions and ensure the whisk is adjusted properly in the frother.

Problem 5: Frother is not adjusted correctly on base

Keurig Frother is not adjusted correctly on base

Same is the case with the frother because you have to clean the frother regularly as well. And while adjusting it back, you might not have properly connected the frother to the base.

Solution: Connect the frother to the base of the machine

Adjust the frother and ensure that it is appropriately connected to the bottom of your machine. Once you do it, your frother will start frothing.

Problem 6: Milk is above the max line

Milk is above the max line in Keurig Frother

Certain marks or levels on your Keurig frother indicate the minimum and maximum level that you need to add to make it work properly. So, if you add less milk below the minimum line or more milk above the maximum line, your frother will not work.

Solution: Reduce the quantity of milk

Simply reduce the amount of milk and make it up to the mentioned level, and your frother will start working correctly.

Problem 7: Not using suitable milk

Not using suitable milk in Keurig frother

There are a lot of companies in the market that are supplying milk, and the content of proteins and fats in each one varies from the other. The milk with more fats or whole milk is better for Keurig frother as it will make a creamy and smooth froth. But milk with no fats or less than 1% fats cannot work correctly with your frother. So, using suitable milk is very important.

Solution: Don’t use milk with less than 2% fats

If you want creamy and thick froth then adding whole milk or milk with more than 2% fats can work well for you.

Problem 8: Misaligned frothing wand

The frother, wand, and whisk can be separated for cleaning purposes. So there are high chances they may not be appropriately adjusted, and your frothing wand will be misaligned.

Solution: Settle your frothing wand properly

Try to align your frothing wand properly so that the whisk can perform its function accurately.

Problem 9: Milk not added.

Milk not added in Keurig Frother

Sometimes you are so tired of your hectic routine or are having a bad day that you forget to add the milk to the frother but do not know why. This stops your frother from working.

Solution: Add milk to your frother.

Just open the lid of your frother and add milk. This will solve your problem.

Problem 10: Guck build-up on the whisk

Guck build-up on the Keurig whisk

As we know that all kitchen gadgets require proper maintenance and cleaning at specific intervals. The same is the case with your whisk of Keurig frother or K-Cafe milk frother, as guck will get stuck on it due to frothing whole milk.

Solution: Clean your whisk

Just separate your whisk from the machine and soak it in soapy water. After some time, take out the whisk and clean it with lukewarm water.

Problem 11: Indicator Light or Jug does not work

Sometimes, the problem is not in your machine but in the plug you are using. The plug may not be able to transfer enough power to start your machine. Faulty connections are another reason behind the non-proper functioning of your machine, as some wires may be disconnected.

Solution: Check the plug or connections

You simply need to plug in your machine in another plug to see whether the power is getting in or not. You can also get your machine checked by professionals to find any connection problems, as you cannot do it yourself.

Problem 12: The jug stops working shortly after starting

Sometimes, you keep on using the frother for a long time, or you immediately turn it on after using it once. The frother might be too heated up to function again, so the jug will stop working shortly after starting.

Solution: Let the frother cool down for 2 minutes

You just need to turn off your Keurig or K-cafe milk frother for a few minutes to let it cool. Your problem will be solved.

Problem 13: Milk is overflowing from the jug

Milk is overflowing from the Keurig frother

Adding too much milk will cause its overflow or spillage out of your frother when the whisk starts rotating in it.

Solution: Reduce the quantity of milk

This problem can be solved simply by checking the milk level and reducing the quantity up to the given level.

Problem 14: The frother is charring the milk

Keurig frother is charring the milk

There can be multiple reasons behind this issue, as this may occur if you have added too little milk in the frother and the whisk is unable to froth it. The quantity of milk depends on the size of the whisk as well. If you are using a small whisk, you can add less milk, but if the whisk is large, you have to add more milk. Besides this, the guck on the whisk can also hinder its functioning, and the frother will start charring the milk.

Solution: Check the milk level or clean the whisk

You have to check the level of milk and should add it to the mentioned level as per the instructions. If the problem persists, clean your whisk, and it may start working again properly.

How to avoid issues while using your Keurig or K-Cafe milk frother?

Here are two easy tips you can follow if you are unaware of how to use your Keurig or K-Cafe frother and simply want to avoid problems while using it. 

1. Kickstart properly

If you are new to using Keurig frother and don’t want to face any issues, we have a tip for you. Don’t brew your coffee first and before starting your frother. Because if you turn on the frother first, you will get more good results, and the probability of facing issues is also decreased.

2. Follow instructions

The key to using the Keurig frother or K-Cafe milk frother properly is to read the guidebook and follow the instructions properly. If you follow everything step by step, the chances of making mistakes or facing problems are lessened.

Why does my Keurig or K-Cafe milk frother keep on beeping?

If your Keurig frother or K-Cafe milk frother keeps beeping without any visible issue, there may be different reasons behind it. You can find out the reason by noticing the number of beeps you hear from your machine. Three continuous beeps on your frother indicate that you need to place the frother properly at the base of your machine. Just do it, and you might be good to go.

What to do if my Keurig frother is not frothing almond milk?

If your frother is not frothing almond milk, you must have added the almond milk before your frother was adequately heated, or this may happen if you have added very little milk in the frother. You can solve this problem by adding a small amount of milk first to check whether your frother is heated up or not. If the frother is heated correctly and then add more milk till the given maximum level to froth it.

Keurig K-Cafe milk frother replacement parts

If the lid of your K-Cafe is broken or the whisk is not working correctly, you can purchase these spare parts separately to make your K-Cafe frother work again. You can get a full cup, whisk, and lid if your whole cup is damaged. The cups are available in various colors, and you can choose the one that matches your machine’s color.

Where can I buy Keurig replacement parts?

You can get authentic Keurig replacement parts from its official stores and site and get them at the most reasonable prices from Amazon.

Why do you need to replace the whisk in your K-Cafe milk frother?

Whisk is the main part that is involved in frothing your milk correctly. It keeps spinning at the base of the frother to rotate your milk at a very high speed to create the foam. But the milk has a lot of fats, which may accumulate on the whisk to reduce its functioning. Besides this, the spinning speed of the whisk will also decrease with time. So you will need to replace it after a specific interval of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for the milk frother to heat up?

Your frother will need only 120 to 180 seconds to heat the milk and to froth your milk, and it will require only 60 to 120 seconds.

Can you froth milk without a Keurig milk frother?

Yes, using your blender, you can froth milk without a Keurig milk frother or any other frother. Put your milk in the blender and blend until you get a foam. Using a whisk, you can also use your hands to make milk foam, but it is very time-consuming and difficult to rotate the whisk continuously at a certain speed.

Why is Keurig frother only heating the milk but not frothing it?

There are two reasons behind this: your frother will only heat milk if you use suitable milk or your whisk has slime built up on it.

What does the cold button do on the Keurig frother?

The Keurig frother’s cold button will give you cold-frothed milk for your iced lattes or other iced coffees.

How do I clean my Keurig frother?

Keurig frother can stop working if fats accumulate, so cleaning it after every use is better. Just remove the whisk and soak it in soapy water. Then wash it off with lukewarm water. But make sure to dry it before placing it back in the frother.

Can you froth coffee cream with a Keurig frother?

Yes, you can froth coffee cream with a Keurig frother, but coffee cream has more fats than regular milk, so the froth will not be the same.

Why is my Keurig frother blinking?

There are two reasons behind the blinking of your frother.

  1. The whisk needs to be adequately adjusted.
  2. You have not added milk to the frother.

How does Keurig’s frother whisk work?

The Keurig frother’s whisk settles on the cup’s base and spins the milk very speedily to make the foam or froth it.

How do you descale a milk frother?

You can descale the milk frother by following the given easy steps.

  1. Make soapy water by adding liquid soap to the water.
  2. Add that water to the frother and start it.
  3. Let the frother rotate for a few minutes.
  4. Drain out the water and rinse the frother with water.
  5. Dry it with a cloth.
  6. Your frother is ready to use again.

Can I use vinegar to clean my milk frother?

Yes, vinegar, along with lemon juice, can be one of the best solutions that you can use for cleaning your milk frother and to get rid of guck from your whisk. Simply add a solution of lemon and vinegar to your frother and wait for one or two hours. Now rinse and clean it.

Can almond milk be frothed in a Keurig milk frother?

Yes, you can froth all kinds of milk, including almond and soy milk, in your frother, but the quality and thickness of the froth will not be the same for all of them.

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