As coffee lovers, Nespresso is a comfort zone for all of us. Nespresso is known for being the best supplier of coffee machines and products.

Being the best coffee manufacturers, they tend to design highly convenient and compact machines that will help you brew the best coffee just the way you want it to be.

Like many other models, Nespresso Evoluo is a popular coffee-making machine. It has a sleek design and a range of features that make it easy to use. 

Unfortunately, you can sometimes face a few tricky issues if you lack information about solutions.

 In this blog, I will look at some troubleshooting issues with you that anyone can encounter with our Nespresso Evoluo. After doing multiple experiments, I have discovered some solutions that will help you understand how to sort out these troubleshooting errors.

Whether it is slow brewing or leaky capsules, I will cover it all so you can enjoy your coffee without any inconvenience.



Troubleshooting Nespresso Evoluo Issues

Coffee is not hotDescale the machine
No water is coming out of the machineEnsure the cleanliness
The machine makes strange noisesContact Nespresso customer support
Coffee leaks from the machineCheck if the coffee pod is properly inserted
The machine doesn’t start and has a steady light onCheck if the machine is plugged in and turned on
The light blinks while the machine is runningDescale the machine
The machine doesn’t start, and the light blinks alternativelyCheck if the water tank is properly inserted
The light blinks alternatively 3 times and then steady onDescale the machine
The light blinks alternatively with 1 pause and 2 blinksContact Nespresso customer support
No light on the buttonCheck if the machine is plugged in and turned on
The machine says to fill the water even after adding waterCheck the water tank
The machine does not puncture the coffee podsCheck the coffee pods
Loud noise during the brewingClean the machine’s needle
The machine not responding to commandsContact Nespresso customer support
The machine shuts off during brewingContact Nespresso customer support
Brewed coffee has a bad taste or odorDescale the machine

Let us dig deeper into each Nespresso Evoluo troubleshooting issue, its causes, and possible solutions.

Nespresso Evoluo coffee issues

The most common problem that you can face in your Nespresso Evoluo machine is a change in the texture, taste, or temperature of your coffee. Let us discuss those in detail.

1. Coffee is not hot enough

At times, your Nespresso Evoluo machine brews coffee that is not hot enough. It can be very irritating for you.

Let me tell you a few things that you can try to sort out this issue:

1.1. Preheat your cup

When you begin to brew your coffee, it is important to rinse your coffee mug with hot water. This will help the cup to preheat. Hence, when coffee is added to the cup, the temperature will stay hot for longer.

1.2. Descaling the machine

Sometimes, minerals are built up in the Nespresso coffee machine. This mineral buildup tends to interfere with the temperature of the coffee. To solve this issue, you should descale your Nespresso Evoluo machine.

To read more about the descaling procedure, Read How to Descale a Nespresso Machine?

1.3. Check the settings 

In most cases when the machine is not making hot coffee because of incorrect temperature settings. Start by ensuring that the temperature of your Nespresso Evoluo is set to maximum in order to adjust the temperature, press the brew button of the machine for about 3 seconds.

The lights of the machine will start to blink. Again press the button to start the cycle to get to temperature options.

2.No water comes out of the machine

In case a Nespresso Evoluo is not dispensing any water in the coffee, here are some things you should check to sort this out.

2.1. Check the water tank 

When you see that your Nespresso machine is not dispensing any water, you should check the water tank first. See if it is properly filled and set or not. If the water levels in the tank are low, you should add more water for the machine to work properly.


2.2. Clean the machine 

In case of any blockage in the machine, the machine might not be dispensing water properly. You should check for blockage, if any, then find the user manual to follow instructions about cleaning the Nespresso Evoluo machine.

2.3. Check the power supply 

Make sure that your Nespresso Evoluo machine is inserted properly into the power source. Also, make sure that the switch is working.

Nespresso Evoluo machine-related Issues

Under the category of Nespresso Evoluo machine-related issues, we will discuss all the things that can technically go wrong with your machine.

3. The machine is making strange noises

Have you ever heard strange noises coming out of your coffee machine? If yes, then do not worry. Here is a detailed description of the issue and all possible solutions.

3.1. Blocked spout 

A Nespresso machine might be making noise because its sprout is blocked. In this case, you will hear a hissing and gurgling noise coming out of the machine.

You can sort this problem out just by proper cleaning of the machine.

It is better if you use the user manual of the Nespresso Evoluo machine for effective cleaning.

3.2. Descaling the machine 

In some cases, the sound comes from the machine because of accumulated minerals in the machine, causing the machine to get blocked. You can sort it out by descaling the machine according to Nespresso guidelines for descaling.

3.3. Contact customer service 

If cleaning and descaling do not improve the condition of your coffee machine, it is better to contact Nespresso customer service for further assistance.

4. Coffee leaks from the machine

Machine leaks are common in all coffee makers. If this happens with your Nespresso Evoluo, you can try a few things, which are explained below:

4.1. Check the water tank: 

The most common reason for leakage is that the water tank is not attached properly. The water tank filled more than its upper limit, which might be the reason for the leakage.

Troubleshoot this error by attaching the water tank properly to the machine.

4.2. Clean the machine: 

If the Nespresso Evoluo machine is not cleaned properly, some coffee residues get stuck in the outlet of the machine. This can result in leakage.

Troubleshoot this error by removing the Nespresso Capsule holder. After removal,  you must clean the outlet with a warm and soft cloth.

4.3. Check the capsule: 

Lastly, if none of the above methods works, check if the capsule is attached properly to the machine. This can also result in leakage from the machine. Seek guidance from the user manual to properly connect the Nespresso Capsule.

Nespresso Evoluo machine’s light issues

Sometimes, you will face a situation where the indicator light on your Nespresso machine is showing some glitches. Discussed below are all the possible causes behind it and how you can sort it out.

5. The machine doesn’t start and has a steady light on

Problems with the light on the Nespresso Evoluo machine are one of the most common errors that I faced. Here is a detailed description of what are the possible causes of the machine not starting and the light being on.

5.1. Check the power source 

Start by checking the power outlet for the machine, if it is functional, and if the machine is plugged in properly in the outlet.

5.2. Allow time for preheating

Like most heat-controlled machines, the Nespresso machines also need some time before it gets preheated. Only once the machine is preheated will the machine start.

Wait for a few seconds till the blinking of the machine stops. After that, you can start and operate the machine as you like.

5.3. Check the water level 

Low water levels can also affect the machine. In case of higher or lower than the required water levels, the machine will not start. Make sure that the Nespresso water tank is filled till the upper limit. After that, try switching on the machine again.


6. Light blinks while the machine is running

Constant blinking of the Nespresso Evoluo machine can be annoying. If you face this issue, try the following solutions:

6.1. Check the capsule 

A damaged or unattached Nespresso capsule can result in constant blinking of the machine. In this case, blinking is a sign of malfunction.

Check and replace the capsule if needed.

6.2. Clean the machine 

As we discussed earlier, coffee build-up is one of the most common reasons for errors in the coffee machine. If you see any such sign, try to clean your machine.

To clean the machine, you must remove the capsule holder and clean the coffee outlet.

6.3. Restart the machine 

In case cleaning and changing the capsule does not stop the blinking of the machine, try to restart the machine.

You have to turn off the  Nespresso machine, unplug it from the power outlet, and later plug it back in.

7. The machine doesn’t start, and the light blinks alternatively

In case your Nespresso machine is not turning on, and the lights on the machine are blinking on and off, then you have to follow the given steps:

7.1. Check the water tank 

The first step is to make sure that the water tank is properly attached to the machine. Fill the water tank to its upper limit.

7.2. Restart the machine

Secondly, you have to restart the machine by turning it off and plugging it back into the outlet. After the restart process is complete, wait for the machine to preheat.

7.3. Contact customer service 

In case the issue is not with the water tank or it is not solved by restarting, you should contact Nespresso customer service. Make sure you do not damage the machine while you are fixing it.

8. The light blinks alternatively 3 times and then steady on

You might face an issue where the light of your coffee maker machine switches on and off 3 times and then stays on. This error is an indicator that your machine is in descaling mode.

Let us discuss what you can do in this case:

8.1. Descaling process

Do you know what is the function of the descaling mode in the Nespresso Evoluo machine?

Well, the descaling mode is designed to help remove the mineral build-up in the machine. If not descaled properly, the taste of your coffee can change.

Below is the list of steps you should follow to describe your machine properly:

  • Start the descaling mode by pressing and holding the button for more than 7 seconds.
  • Secondly, you have to fill up the water tank. Filling should be done with a descaling solution and water up to the upper limit of the tank.
  • Place some containers below the outlet.
  • Again, press the button to start the descaling.
  • Lastly, you have to rinse the machine. Fill the tank with clean water. Run the machine without the coffee pod.

It is best to use a Nespresso descaling solution.

Nespresso descaling solution

9. The light blinks alternatively with 1 pause and 2 blinks

What would you do if you see the lights of your Nespresso Evoluo machine blinking alternately with 1 pause and 2 blinks?

Let me tell you what the problem is and how you can sort it out.

9.1. Water level of the machine

If the error is of this kind, the error is most probably in the water tank.

Follow these steps to sort out the error:

  • Check whether the water tank is inserted appropriately in the machine.
  • Examine the water levels in the tank. If water levels are low, you have to refill the tank and restart the machine again.

9.2. Power outlet 

In case the water tank is not causing problems, the problem might be with the power source. You have to sort this out by turning off the machine and unplugging it. 

After a few minutes, you can plug it back into the outlet and turn it on.

10.No lights on the button

What if you see no light on the button of the Nespresso Evoluo machine? 

This is what you can do:

10.1. Power supply

No light on means there is some trouble with the machine’s power supply. In order to troubleshoot this error of the Nespresso Evoluo machine, observe and follow this checklist:

  • Observe if the machine is plugged into the power outlet.
  • Look if the power outlet is functional. You can use any other appliance to ensure.
  • Lastly, look for the power cord. If it is damaged, you must replace it with a new one.

Nespresso Evoluo command issues

While using the Nespresso Evoluo machine, you might sometimes face an issue where the machine is not following the instructions that you have given. It can be because of many reasons, some of which are explained below in detail, along with their solutions.

11. The machine says to fill the water even after adding water

Have you ever gone through an issue where your machine keeps showing an error to fill water even though it is already filled?

If yes, I understand how annoying that can be. The machine is probably facing some error with the water level sensor. You can fix it by trying the following measures:

  • Start by turning off the machine and unplugging it from the power outlet.
  • You have to remove the water tank.
  • Clean the water level sensor of your coffee machine with a damp cloth.
  • Re-attach the water tank to its position.
  • Turn on the Nespresso Evoluo machine .

12. The machine is not puncturing the coffee pods

In case there is an issue with the needle of your coffee machine, it will not puncture the Nespresso Coffee Pods. 

You have to troubleshoot it by

  • Turning off the machine and unplugging it from the power outlet.
  • Secondly, remove the capsule holder.
  • Cleaning the capsule holder with a damp cloth.
  • Lastly, reinsert the capsule holder and switch on the machine.
  • Remove the capsule holder and clean the needle with a damp cloth.

Nespresso Evoluo brewing issues

Nespresso Evoluo is known for its high-quality brewed coffee and espresso. The ease with which the Nespresso machine brews is truly phenomenal. However, it is still a machine at the end of the day. 

Hence, you might sometimes feel trouble brewing, resulting in bad taste and low-quality coffee. 

In this section, we will go through some common brewing issues you can face with the Nespresso Evoluo and their solutions.

13. Weak coffee

If you feel that your coffee isn’t as strong as you want it to be, it might be because of the following reasons:

13.1. Insufficient water volume 

The most common factor affecting the coffee’s strength is the amount of water in the machine. 

You have to check the water tank. If it is empty, refill it. If the cup size is not set accurately, you have to adjust the settings for the Nespresso cup size to ensure the right amount of water is used.

13.2. Clogged machine 

Clogging in the machine can affect the water flow through the machine. As a result, you will get a coffee that is weaker than usual.

Solve this issue by descaling and maintaining the machine on a regular basis.

14. Coffee is too strong

Coffee lovers differ in their preference for strong or weak coffee. If you like a little light coffee and your machine is making it too strong, it can be a major problem.

Let us see the possible reasons and solutions.

14.1. Wrong coffee capsule size: 

You might be aware that Nespresso coffee capsules are designed in different sizes. If you are using the wrong-sized capsule, your coffee will be stronger.

Make sure you are using the appropriate-sized capsule for your Nespresso Evoluo machine.

14.2. Incorrect coffee amount 

Using too much coffee in comparison to the capsule size is a major cause of strong coffee. Make sure you do not add too much coffee if you like your coffee weak.

14.3. Clogged machine

Clogging in the machine can cause a disturbance in the water flow. This way, you might get strong coffee that you do not want. You have to decale and maintain the machine to remove any clogging in the machine.

Preventing further issues on Nespresso Evoluo machines

Being a Nespresso user, you would agree with me that it is the only brand that offers a comfortable and easy way to enjoy your favorite coffee beverages at home or the office. 

But like any other machine, it is prone to issues. You can prevent these issues from happening by following proper guidelines for maintenance.

1. Clean the machine regularly

Every machine needs proper maintenance. Coffee residues will build up if you do not clean your Nespresso Evoluo machine. The oils that are used in the machine can cause clogging and blockage. 

You have to wipe down the exterior of the machine using a damp cloth. Also, make sure to clean the brewing unit and capsule container after every use.

2. Descale the machine every 3 months 

With time, the minerals that are present in fluids inside the machine tend to build up. If not cleaned, they can cause blockage. These blockages will ruin the taste and quality of your coffee.

You have to descale your machine to keep your Nespresso Evoluo machine at its optimum condition. 

Make sure that you are using Nespresso Descaling Solution to achieve the best descaling results.

3.  Use Nespresso pods only

Brands are very specific in the quality of products. If you use coffee pods other than Nespresso coffee pods, they might cause blockage or other troubles.

Make sure you use Nespresso pods to ensure your coffee’s best performance and quality.

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4. Use filtered water in the water tank 

The quality of water that is used in the water tank of a coffee machine is a huge contributor to the quality of coffee. 

Using filtered water rather than tap water will help you prevent mineral buildup in the machine. 

Hence, you will get an improvement in the taste of your coffee. Consider using a water filter to remove impurities if you are using hard water.

5. Store the machine in a dry place 

Dampness and moisture can damage parts of your coffee machine. Make sure you store your machine in a dry place. Keeping it away from the sink in the kitchen can be a good option.

By taking these simple steps, you can help prevent future problems with your Nespresso Evoluo. This will ensure that you always have a delicious cup of coffee available when needed.


In this guide, we have discussed in detail what could go wrong with your Nespresso Evoluo machine and how you can sort it out. If none of the above solutions works, it is best that you seek professional help rather than trying on your own.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What should you do if your Nespresso Evoluo machine is still not working after you are done with the troubleshooting?

If you have tried all the steps for troubleshooting and your Nespresso machine is still not functional, then it is better that you should contact Nespresso Customer Service

The professional team will help you understand and sort out the problem.

Can you use any coffee pods other than the Nespresso Evoluo machine?

The answer is no. Nespresso Evoluo is designed in a way that it can only work by using Nespresso coffee pods. If you use coffee pods other than Nespresso, they might cause blockage or problems with the taste of coffee.

How often should you clean your Nespresso Evoluo machine while using it?

Cleaning the Nespresso machine depends upon your convenience. However, the company recommends that you should clean your coffee machine right after you use it. Cleaning it at the end of the day is also helpful. This way, your coffee will remain fresh, and your machine will stay efficient.

How can you descale your Nespresso Evoluo machine?

Fill the tank with 500ml of water and add a Nespresso descaling kit to describe your Nespresso Evoluo machine. To begin the descaling process, press the button on your machine. After finishing the process, rinse the water tank and refill it with fresh water.

How can you reset your Nespresso Evoluo machine?

In order to reset your Nespresso Evoluo machine, you have to turn it off. Then plug it back into the power source. After waiting a few seconds, you should plug it back into the machine and turn it on.

Can you use tap water instead of filtered water in your Nespresso Evoluo machine?

Even though filtered water can prevent a lot of issues, you can still use tap water in your coffee machine. However, if you want to get high-quality coffee, you can use a water filter while using tap water.

How should you position the drip tray accurately in your Nespresso Evoluo machine?

If you want to position the Nespresso Drip Tray in the correct way, you should insert it into the machine. You will hear a click that will indicate that the tray is inserted just right.

If not, try it again. A wrongly positioned tray can disturb the functioning of the machine.

How should you store your Nespresso Evoluo machine when it is not in use?

If you are not using your Nespresso Evoluo machine, you can store it by placing it in a dark place, away from the sunlight. Make sure that the water tank is empty and the machine is switched off or unplugged.

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