Nespresso Machine Troubleshooting

Nespresso has made our lives much easier by introducing the quickest and easiest way of making your coffee at home. But with all its benefits, you may face some issues and what can be more frustrating than having a defective machine and not knowing where the problem exactly lies and how to solve it? But don’t worry we are going to cover all the possible issues that you can face if you are having any Nespresso machines and I will explain the possible solutions to get you out of trouble. So let’s get started.

1. The machine has no pressureRun the machine with water only
2. Coffee is not hot enoughPreheat or descale your machine
3. Coffee is leaking out of the capsule areaAdjust the pod holder
4. The water is leakingAdjust the water reservoir
5. Coffee or water is not coming out or pours slowlyCheck the water level or clean your machine
6. Machine is not turning onCheck the plug or power-saving mode
7. Nespresso is blinking orangeGet your machine out of descaling mode
8. Nespresso is blinking redLet your machine cool down
9. Steady light or red light blinks once per secondUnplug and replug after 15 seconds
10. Red light blinks twice and turns steady greenFill your water reservoir
11. The red light pulses down or fades downLet the machine cool down
12. Red light blinks twice then turns orangeDetach and reattach the water tank
13. Steady light with half green and half red colourDescale your machine
14. Blinks thrice then turns steady redAdjust the machine head
15. Nespresso machine light does not turn onCheck the plug of your machine
16. Lights are blinking abnormallyClean your water tank
17. Coffee tastes weird or bitterClean or descale your machine
18. The machine stops and does not brew enough coffeeReprogram or descale your machine or refill water reservoir
19. Blockage in the milk containerClean your machine
20. The machine is not piercing the capsuleCheck the needle or adjust the capsule
21. Nespresso is not frothing milkCheck the milk quality
22. The light blinks, but the machine isn’t runningThe machine is in heating mode
23. Light blinks while the machine is runningDescale your machine
24. The light blinks alternately two blinks, and one pauses continuouslyReset your machine using lungo button
25. Having coffee grounds in the cupClean the needle of your machine


Problem: The machine has no pressure

Nespresso Machine has no pressure

There are different problems you can face while using Nespresso machines and one of them is your machine is having no pressure. This may be due to

  •  The air present in the system of the machine.
  • You are opening the machine before the cycle is finished.
  • You are not using enough water while making coffee.

Solution: Make your coffee using water only

Water level:

First of all check whether the water tank is filled properly or not. Always fill the water according to the mentioned level.


After turning your machine on, wait for a while and let your machine heat up properly as the machine heats up, open and close the capsule holder without putting coffee in the pod.

After doing this press the largest coffee button your machine can make and then wait till the cycle completes. This step should  be repeated many times until your machine returns to normal. 


If air is present in your system your Nespresso machine will not make enough pressure and  your machine will sound weird so just simply press the button to brew coffee many times this will let air out of the machine and normal functioning of the machine continues.

Problem: Coffee is not hot enough

Nespresso is not producing hot coffee

I know the temperature of coffee is a personal preference but sometimes you are not getting the desired coffee because your machine is not giving coffee as hot as you want so here is a solution to the problem.

Solution: Use a preheated mug & descale your machine


If you put your hot coffee into a cold or room temperature mug the heat of your coffee will be immediately dispersed into the surroundings and the overall temperature of your coffee falls down which means your coffee is not at desired temperature anymore so it is quite better to fill your mug with boiling water, wait for at least 30-40 seconds and then dump it this will make your cold or room temperature mug to heat up.

Now put your coffee in this preheated mug and enjoy your desired coffee.


Well it is quite complicated but the main purpose of descaling is the deep cleaning of your machine this will make your machine run smoothly. Here the some steps that show how to descale your Nespresso machine:

Fill a clean water tank with a volume of descaling solution (a solution of citric acid, vinegar, etc) and water recommended place a container below the group head and stream wand to catch the water and cleaning solution- the clean cycle button, empty the container and repeat 

Problem: Coffee is leaking out of the capsule area

Coffee can leak out of the capsule area if the coffee capsule is not placed properly or maybe the washer plate is blocked by some of the residue of coffee. This problem can be sorted out easily by following some steps.

Solution: Adjust the pod holder

Leakage of the coffee through the capsule area is the indication that coffee capsule is not placed properly so simply adjust the coffee pod holder and clean the washer plate 

Residues of coffee can also lead to leakage of coffee from the capsule area.

Gird plate if blocked by any residue it can block entry of water which causes the leakage of capsule area. The Grid plate is the part of your machine from where the coffee is poured into your cup so it is the most dirty part of your machine. If not cleaned properly it can bring old coffee residues into your cup along with microorganisms and a lot of bacteria.

Problem: The water is leaking

Water is leaking from Nespresso machine

Leaking out of water from the Nespresso machine is a simple fix. It is happening because your water tank is not in the right place. Here is the simplest way to fix the leaking of water.

Solution: Adjust the water reservoir

The easiest way to fix it is to just take out the tank and put it back properly and make sure you get it lined up  at the right place.

Descaling also helps in such situations because any internal blockage results in the leakage of water.

Problem: Coffee or water is not coming out or pours slowly

Nespresso pouring coffee/water slowly

Coffee is one of the best things we get early in the morning if the coffee does not comes out of the machine it will also make your mood bad so I am gonna tell you the best way to fix your machine if your machine is pouring your coffee slow that means that there is any blockage in the machine which is affecting the efficiency of your Nespresso machine.

Solution: Check water level and clean your machine

Water tank:

Firstly check whether the water tank is at its proper place or not. Your machine won’t work properly if your water tank is not at the right place or even if the water level is not up to the required mark your machine won’t make coffee.

Use a new Nespresso pod:

Make sure that your machine has a fresh Nespresso pod and the machine is locked or closed properly.

Cleaning cycle:

It is important to run a cleaning cycle. It will also help. Nespresso also recommends running a cleaning cycle after every 300 brews. Because the dirty pod can slow down the efficiency of your machine. 

I have been in these situations many times and mostly i found that i haven’t even turned on the machine so also check if you have switched it on or not.

Problem: Machine is not turning on 

Nespresso is not turning on 

If your machine is not turning on I will help you by telling you some common mistakes and some common fixes that will be helpful to you.

Solution: Check the plug or power saving mode

Most of the people want coffee just after opening their eyes so in subconsciousness they forget to turn the machine on or plug in. I know it’s obvious but sometimes it’s the common things that stuff your head.

Plug in properly

Plug in your machine properly and if still it doesnt turn on just change the switch you are plugging in 

Power saving mode 

Don’t forget nespresso machines have a power saving mode which means your machine will turn off automatically to save power. You will have to turn off your machine and turn it on again and wait till it heats up properly.

Problem: Nespresso is blinking orange

Nespresso is blinking orange light

The main way your nespresso communicates with you is the lights  but sometimes it might get confusing as to which light has what meaning. Here I will tell you some lights and their periodicity and some common ways to fix them.

Solution: Take your machine out of descaling mode

If the light of your Nespresso machine is blinking orange that means your machine is in descaling mode you need to take your machine out of descaling mode to fix this orange light because orange light only blinks during the descaling process.

Problem: Nespresso is blinking red

Nespresso is blinking red

Lights in Nespresso are not that difficult to understand if your Nespresso is blinking red continuously and the machine head stops moving. It is a sign of an error. 

Let me tell you how to deal with it.

Solution: Let your machine cool down

Red light is always a sign of an error but if your Nespresso is showing a red light it means that it is overheated so simply just turn off your machine, let it cool down and then turn it on again after 15-20 minutes if still the red light appears you might contact the service centre of Nespresso.

Problem: Steady light or red light blinks once per second

Red light blinking in Nespresso

Nespresso is showing a red light that blinks once per second. It means that there is an error in the machine, just dont panic and follow the following steps.

Solution: Plug out and replug after 15 seconds

The most simple way to fix it is to plug out your machine and replug it after 15 seconds the red light will disappear.

Problem: Red light blinks twice and turns steady green

Red light blinking twice and then turning steady green is also a common problem. It shows that your water tank is empty and it can also cause many other problems with your machine.

Solution: Fill your water reservoir 

If your machine shows red light twice and then turns green it simply means your water tank is empty just fill water in your machine. If you don’t fill water it may lead to the introduction of air in your machine which can reduce the pressure of your machine or clog your machine.

Problem: The red light pulses down or fades down

If the red light pulses down or fades on your  Nespresso it means that  your machine is overheated or you have used your machine too much. 

Solution: Let your machine cool down

If the machine shows pulsing red light or fades down you do not need to worry it simply shows the extensive use of your machine.

So just take a short break and let your machine cool down.

If it happens  usually you must consider the vertuo next. It can brew 18 OZ carafes instead of a single mug at a time.

Problem: Red light blinks twice then turns orange

This type of lighting condition shows up while running a special function or when the machine does not perform a function properly.

Solution: Detach or reattach the water tank

Ejecting the Nespresso capsule is a good option.

Restarting the function might fix up the problem but if the light still appears then just detach the water tank and attach it properly again.

Problem: Steady light with half green and half red colour

Nepsresso blinking orange light

This light which is half green and half red in colour indicates that there is a need to descale the machine soon.

There is no need to descale immediately but you need to do it as soon as possible

Solution: Descale your machine

This is one of the most common problems people face with the Nespresso  machine 

Simply just descale your machine with the descaling solution and water.

Descaling solution can be vinegar, citric acid, etc in water .

Using an exact amount of descaling solution is important because using excess cleaning detergents can cause your machine to compromise on the taste of your coffee. 

Problem: Blinks thrice then turns steady red

Nespresso blinks thrice then turns steady red

When your machine is blinking thrice and steady red it simply means something is blocking the machine head from getting into the correct position and there may be any obstacle present around the head of the machine. 

Solution: Adjust the machine head 

  • Adjust the head of your machine. 
  • Try emptying the used capsule container and then pushing the lever down.
  • Look if there is any other obstacle around the machine just remove it if any.

Problem: Nespresso machine light does not turn on

Nespresso light not turning on

Sometimes the Nespresso machine light does not show up. It might be due to some common issues like wire may be damaged and the plug is not working properly. Some common solutions to it are mentioned below.

Solution: Check the plug of your machine 

  • First of all check the plug of your machine. It can be damaged.
  • Replace the plug  with a new one or then  plug in properly again.
  • Change the switch you are using to plug in.

Problem: The light blinks, but the machine isn’t running

This can happen after extensive use of machines. It can be sorted out easily in the following way.

Solution: Turn off the machine and let it cool down

Simply fill the water tank and push the button to start. Turn the machine to OFF mode  by pushing the button for 3 seconds and then push it again to turn the machine ON. Now wait approximately 20 minutes  to allow the machine to cool down after extensive use.

Problem: Light blinks while the machine is running

Nespresso light blinks while running

The lights of the machine blinks usually while the machine is running so it simply means that machine is warming up or machine is executing a user request to clean or descale the machine.

Solution: Restart or descale the machine

Simply restart the machine and you can also reset the machine by using the lungo button present at the top of your machine. Descaling of the machine can help to wash out the blocked areas of the machine. Actually it is necessary to descale the machine after some time.

Problem: The light blinks alternately two blinks, and one pauses continuously

Such abnormal activity of the lights of the machine shows that there is some problem in the water tank of your machine. I’m gonna help you to fix it.

Solution: Clean your water tank

The abnormal blinking of lights is fixed by cleaning the water tank. Just wash the tank of the machine properly and turn the machine OFF for a while then plug in the machine again or turn it ON and check if the abnormal lights are fixed or not.

If the lights still appear then you should restart the machine by pressing the lungo button this will help to solve your problem.

Problem: There is no light on the button

If no light is showing on the machine it means that the machine has turned OFF which automatically occurs due to no use after two minutes.

Solution: Restart the machine

This problem requires much less attention than anything else. Simply turn on the machine again and let it heat up.

This time the machine will work  normally. 

Problem: Coffee tastes weird or bitter

Nespresso coffee tastes bitter

Overtime and regular use of your Nespresso machine will experience a built up of old coffee oils and residues in its brewing chamber. This is where old coffee residue sit blocking the nozzle and makes your coffee taste bitter.

Descaling usually results in making your coffee weird and bitter because the descaling solution that is not washed out, mixes with the coffee and makes it taste weird and bitter

Solution: Clean or descale your machine

Cleaning residues: 

Usually after a great time of usage the coffee residues block the nozzle and come out with the coffee and makes its taste weird. To solve this simply clean the Nespresso thoroughly.


Descaling of the machine also results in the weird or bitter taste of coffee because the descaling solution remains in the machine so it  needs to be cleaned properly. So descale again to fix this issue.

Use quality products:

Use quality products for making your coffee such as the milk and coffee grind should be of best quality to ensure the best taste.

Problem: The machine stops and does not brew enough coffee

Nespresso machine stop working

If your Nespresso machine suddenly stops while working and does not brew enough coffee that means the machine needs a restart just press the lungo button to restart if this does not work then you need some actions like reprogramming the function and descaling and refilling of water tank

Solution: Reprogram, descale, and refill water tank

  • Reprogram or reset the machine by pressing the lungo button of the machine.
  • Descale the machine by using the descaling solution.
  • Refill the water tank and give the same command to the machine again.
  • If still your problem is not solved just contact the service centre of your machine and report your problem with the model number of your machine.

Problem: Blockage in the milk container

Blockage in the Nespresso milk container

Blockage in the milk container is due to the old milk residue that clot into the machine and slows the processing of the machine.

The dirty milk container can also result in compromise in the taste of the coffee so here is one of the best ways to deal with this problem.

Solution: Clean your machine

Whenever there is a blockage in the milk container it is obvious that old milk residues are blocking the way so just simply clean the machine. The dirty milk container can also change the taste of the coffee so if you want the best coffee just clean your machine properly and regularly.

Problem: The machine is not piercing the capsule

While talking about the piercing capsule here is a biggest problem when the machine does not pierce the capsule properly or sometimes pierce badly which causes the coffee to come out too badly. The reason behind this can be a clogged needle or a non-compatible coffee pod.

Solution: Adjust the needle and check capsule 

  • First of all check the punch needle although it is a small thing but sometimes the bent or breaks can cause the failure in your capsule piercing.
  • Secondly, it is important to use official capsules because Nespresso machines have an anti-compatibility system that breaks the pods or bends it in case of unofficial pods.
  • It is not always the punch needles that are causing problems, it is sometimes the output area which is the reason for the problem. So, check the dispensing area to make sure everything is ok.

Problem: Nespresso is not frothing milk

Nespresso is not frothing milk

Milk is the most important thing while making the coffee. If the Nespresso is not frothing the milk properly there might be some small issues. Let’s try to fix them with some solutions.

Solution: Check the milk quality

Sometimes we do not focus on things like milk and water but they are one of the most important things in this process if the quality of milk is compromised the Nespresso won’t make a good coffee if the milk quality is not good so it is important to use milk of good quality to get a perfect cup of coffee from Nespresso. So, 

  • I advise you to use semi skimmed milk.
  • Clean the frothing device because the residues of the milk can cause the frothing device to make sludge in it which blocks the further process.
  • Using whole milk can also give a good froth.

Problem: Lights are blinking abnormally

The lights of the machine are the first indications that your machine is having a problem or if we ignore such lights we are gonna deal with the big problems. One of such problems is the blinking of the lights of the Nespresso machine.

There are many such problems in which the nespresso lights blink abnormally or blink with periodicity so here is one the most common solutions of the blinking of the lights. So if the lights of the Nespresso are blinking abnormally that simply means that you have used your machine a lot without letting it take rest. So now the machine is in the heating mode and you have to stop for a while.

Solution: The machine is in the heating mode let it cool down

Simply turn OFF  the machine for a while and turn it ON again after 10-15 minutes your machine will cool down and run smoothly or lights blinking will be stopped automatically.

Problem: Having coffee grounds in the cup

Coffee grounds in the cup

Having coffee grounds in the cup is such a bad thing it is very unpleasant to have coffee grounds it can be due to some following reasons:

  • Coffee filter is not placed properly
  • Coffee grind is too fine
  • Coffee is brewed too quickly
  • If the capsule is damaged or broken the coffee grounds can be found in the cup 
  • Another cause is the opening of the extraction system too soon so always wait 2-3 seconds before and after extraction and then open.

Solution: Clean the needle of your machine 

  • The easiest way to solve the coffee grounds in your cup is to clean the needle of your machine
  • Adjust the coffee filter properly
  • Do not make coffee grind too fine
  • Give proper time for the brewing of coffee
  • Check if the coffee capsule is damaged if yes then just replace it with a new one.

What if my Nespresso is still not working?

After trying all above possible solutions, if your Nespresso machine still does not work then I guess it is the time for a machine upgrade because nothing is immortal, everything has a lifespan. The machines need to be replaced after an extensive time of usage, but with good care and thorough cleaning your machine it will work for years.

So if the problem persists it is far better to contact the Nespresso service centre and report your problem to them.They might solve your problem or replace your machine with a new one.

Final thoughts

Every  problem has a solution. All that matters is how you deal with it. If you go with the best solution the problem will be a piece of cake for you. All possible problems of the Nespresso machine are fixable by simple means of descaling and adjusting parts of the machine properly or you can also try resetting the machine functions by using the lungo button on the machine. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Nespresso not working?

The main reason is the dirty and clogged machine. Clean and descale your machine, clean the pod and turn ON your machine.

How do I know my machine needs descaling?

Here are some common signs that tell us when we need to descale our machine

  • Coffee pouring slow
  • Coffee is not tasting good 
  • Coffee is not as hot as before
  • Machine sounds weird 
  • Half green and half red steady light is the perfect sign showing that our machine needs descaling

How do I reset my Nespresso machine?

Resetting your Nespresso is such an easy task just press and hold the lungo button for 5 seconds the light will blink 3 times quickly and then your Nespresso machine is rest to factory settings.

How do you fix a clogged Nespresso machine?

Nespresso have special cleaning capsules that might help to unclog your machine

You can use those capsules to fix your machine. Nespresso recommends cleaning your machine once a month.

Why does my machine use a lot of water?

Try grinding your beans more coarsely  this will reduce the use of water in your machine and your drip tray will be clean.

How often should I replace my Nespresso machine?

With best care and routine cleaning your machine will work 10-15 years easily.

How do I clean my Nespresso machine?

Clean your machine by descaling process

You can also clean your Nespresso machine by separating the parts of your machine and washing them. Then put the parts back at their right place and your machine is good to use.

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