Starbucks cup sizes

Have you ever been embarrassed when you visited the nearest Starbucks and asked for a medium coffee just like me? If yes, then we are on the same page because who can even wonder if we will get a tall drink if we order a short one? Besides this, you will wonder if you are in America or Italy, as the cup sizes are named in Italian terms. 

But don’t worry, in this article, we will explore everything about Starbucks cups, including their sizes, espresso shots, the history behind their names, and much more. So, just sit on your chair with a cup of coffee and get ready to dive into the pool of information.

Why does Starbucks have different cup sizes?

Starbucks’ different cup sizes are mainly due to the inspiration of its founder Howard Schultz. He went to Italy and was so inspired by the Italian coffee culture that he came back intending to open his cafe and introduce different cup sizes based on Italian terms.

What are the cup sizes of Starbucks?

Starbucks cup sizes are of six types, and each cup has a different volume of drink that you order. The cup sizes and volumes are as follows:

Starbuck cup sizeBrew size (oz)Brew size (liter)Syrup Pump SizesNumber of TeabagsApplication
Demi(3 oz)0.088 literN/AN/AEspresso shots
Short(8 oz)0.237 liter21Hot drinks
Tall(12 oz)0.355 liter31Hot and cold drinks
Grande(16 oz)0.473 liter42All drinks
Venti hot(20 oz) 0.591 liter52Hot drinks
Venti cold(24 oz)0.71 liter62Cold drinks
Trenta(31 oz)0.917 liter73Selectie cold drinks

1. Demi (3 oz)

The word Demi is a short form of the French word “Demitasse,” which means half cup. This Starbucks cup consists of 3 ounces of coffee, mainly containing espresso shots. A single espresso shot contains one ounce of coffee, while a double espresso shot contains 2 ounces. So this Starbucks Demi is still more in volume than the single or double espresso shots.

2. Short (8 oz)

This is another cup size of Starbucks that is less popular now due to the introduction of new variable cup sizes. Studies have shown that if you order a regular cup of coffee, it will have 6 ounces of drink. So, a short will have more liquid than a regular coffee cup.

3. Tall (12 oz)

If you have even seen the regular menu of Starbucks, you surely have noticed that the tall cup size is the smallest in volume among the other available cup sizes. This tall cup contains 12 ounces of coffee which means you will get twice the amount from a regular cup. You may get one or two espresso shots per your demand in this drink, and besides these espresso shots, milk and cream will be added to the coffee to increase its volume. This tall espresso may contain macchiatos, lattes or mochas.

4. Grande (16 oz)

A grande may contain hot or cold drinks as per your wish, and it has 2.5 times more drink than a regular coffee, so you can have more coffee to enjoy. But the coffee can be moderated because more than two espresso shots can also be included.

5. Venti (two variations i.e., 20 oz and 24 oz)

Venti is a cup of Starbucks that is available in two cup size options. You can get a hot venti with 20 ounces of fluid in it with two espresso shots. But you can also ask for an additional espresso shot in your hot venti if you want to. The venti cold will have a 24-ounce cup size; though the amount of fluid is equal in both drinks, the extra ounces are for ice so that ice will not take the space and you will not get less liquid. The venti cold will always have three shots of espresso in it.

6. Trenta cold (31 oz)

This specific cup size is only available for cold beverages like iced tea, iced coffee, or cold brew. You can get as much ice as you want in this cup; the volume will also depend on how much ice you want to add to your drink.

How many shots of Espresso are present in each Starbucks cup size?

Cup SizeMost Espresso DrinksAmericanosFlat WhitesIced Shaken Espressos
Grande2 or 3323
Venti (hot), (cold)4 (hot), 3 (cold)42(hot), 3(cold)4
Trenta4 or 5N/AN/AN/A

What are the prices of Starbucks cup sizes?

Starbucks has six cup sizes that vary with the volume of liquid they carry. If you are trying to find a reusable Starbucks cup of any size for yourself, below are the links to Amazon, from where you can buy any cup you desire at very reasonable prices.

Starbuck cup size

Brew size (oz)


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(3 oz)


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What is the inspiration behind Starbucks’ different sizing structure?

We have always heard about the short, medium, and large cups of coffee at every cafe or barista. You might have wondered why Starbucks drinks are not under the same familiar names, just like other cafes. You have to order tall, venti, trenta, and grande at Starbucks which is a new concept. Here we will briefly explain why Starbucks has these unique cup sizes names and the hidden mystery behind it.

The story started in 1983 when Howard Schultz visited Italy, and coffee bars’ culture and uniqueness inspired him. So, he returned to the United States and started his coffee shop II Giornale, now known as Starbucks. So, as he was impressed by the new cultures, he also tried to give unique names to his coffee drinks.

At first, only three cup sizes were available at Starbucks that were short, tall, and grande. The short was demolished after the introduction of venti in the menu. But it is still available in some Starbucks branches, and you can order it if you want to have 8 ounces of coffee.

What is the difference between Starbucks’ US cup size and Starbucks’ UK coffee size?

There are a few differences between the cup sizes of Starbucks US and Starbucks UK that we will discuss here in detail to give you a better idea about them.

1. Variety of coffee

Starbucks in the US serves a huge variety of cold and hot drinks, including iced lattes, cold brew, flat white, americanos, and much more, but in the case of Starbucks in the UK, you will get a limited variety of drinks served in small, medium or large coffee cup sizes.

2. Coffee quality

Now, if we talk about the quality of coffee, there is no doubt that Starbucks has maintained consistency in its quality throughout the world, and they don’t compromise on the quality. But Starbucks in the US serves more flavorful coffee as customer customizations are granted. But in the UK, people love tea more than coffee, so they don’t do too many experiments to invent new flavors.

3. Quantity

Starbucks in the US has more options regarding cup size as they have 4 cup sizes for cold coffee and 4 for hot coffee. But in the UK, there are four options for hot coffee and 3 for cold coffee. So, Starbucks in the US offers more options.

4. Nutrition

But if we talk from a nutritional point of view, then Starbucks in the UK has defeated Starbucks in the US. Because the coffee served in the US has more caffeine, fat, and sugar as compared to the one served in the UK, which is somewhat less healthy.

5. Difference between cup sizes names

The cup sizes served at Starbucks in the UK are named as small, medium, large and extra large. While the ones served at Starbucks US are named demi, tall, venti, grande, and trenta.

Which Starbucks cup size is for you?

Though Grande is the most famous Starbucks cup size and Venti and Grande are the best options to get from Starbucks but you can choose any cup size depending upon your desire. You can choose your cup size by considering factors like:

  • Number of espresso shots.
  • Volume.
  • Hot or cold.
  • Syrup pump sizes.

Which recipes can you make from Starbucks cup sizes?

You can make a lot of coffee recipes from Starbucks cup sizes, and you will only need milk, caramel, ice, whipped cream, and simple syrup, along with the espresso shots, to make all the recipes mentioned below. You can make these recipes hot or cold by adding or skipping ice in them.

  • Caramel Macchiato
  • Mocha or Latte
  • Frappuccino
  • Starbucks Refresher
  • Iced Chai Tea Latte

How does Starbucks cup sizing work?

The Starbucks cup sizing is weird for many of us as we didn’t know how much we would get in a drink while ordering it. Another weird thing about Starbucks is that the tall drink is short in size. The demi, venti, grande, and trenta are named under Italian terms to maintain the essence of Italian coffee culture, which was the main idea of the CEO of this coffee chain to start it.

Starbucks cup sizes in Canada

Here we will discuss a few features that the Starbucks cup sizes in Canada possess:

1. Cup size

Starbucks in Canada offers cup sizes of short 8 oz, tall 12 oz, grande 16 oz, venti 24 oz, and trenta 30 oz.

2. Variety

And the variety is less at Starbucks in Canada as the menu is completely designed according to the preferences of people living there.

3. Price

Besides this, the prices at Starbucks in Canada are also relatively higher than at Starbucks USA.

4. Environment-friendly

Starbucks Canada uses recyclable cups to be used over and over again to stop the wastage of excess plastic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you order tall, grande, or venti latte instead of small, medium, or large at Starbucks?

You have to order tall, grande, or venti lattes because the Starbucks cup sizes are named after Italian terms, and they don’t have cup sizes in small, medium, or significant like other cafes.

What is the most popular Starbucks drink size?

The most popular Starbucks drink size is Grande, as you can get it hot or cold, and the espresso shots can also vary between two to three.

Can you bring your cup to Starbucks 2023?

Yes, you can get your reusable cup to Starbucks, and the baristas will simply fill the drink of your desire in those cups.

What size is a Starbucks tall cup?

The Starbucks tall cup is generally considered small or short that has a volume of 12 oz.

Do all Starbucks cups have the same amount of liquid?

No, this is merely a fiction or misconception that got hyped through a fake video that went viral on the internet. But in actuality, the large cup sizes contain more liquid than the smaller ones.

Which Starbucks drinks have the most espresso?

Venti and Trenta have the most espresso shots as Venti hot has four espresso shots, and Trenta has five.

How many espresso shots are present in each Starbucks cup size?

The espresso shots in each Starbucks cup size are:

1. Short

In a short drink from Starbucks, you will only get one shot of espresso, whether plain or with milk.

2. Tall

The tall drinks may contain one or two shots of espresso, depending on the type of drink you order. 

3. Grande

In this drink, you may get two or three espresso shots again, depending on your order. 

4. Venti (hot) or (cold)

The venti will have three or four espresso shots, depending on which drink you order. You will get four espresso shots in a hot venti and three espresso shots in cold venti. 

5. Trenta (cold)

Trenta cold is meant for only iced coffee or cold brew and will have five espresso shots.

What is bigger, Venti or Grande?

Venti hot is 20 oz and Venti cold has a volume of 24 oz but Grande has 16 oz volume that means Venti is bigger.

What’s the biggest cup size at Starbucks?

Trenta is the biggest cup size at Starbucks, as it contains 31 oz of coffee. But it is only available for cold drinks like cold brew or iced coffee.

What’s the smallest cup size at Starbucks?

Short can be considered the smallest cup size at Starbucks as it contains 8 ounces of coffee in it. Though technically, demi is the smallest with 3 ounces of volume but only the coffee menus of simple espresso include demi.

Is Starbucks cup size reusable?

The Starbucks reusable cups are red and have a volume of 16 oz, which can be used for all cold or hot drinks. And you can use these cups for almost 30 refills.

Why is Starbucks’ smallest drink called ‘tall’?

Short was removed from the menu on the venti release, which automatically made the tall drink small or short.

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