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You must have visited famous coffee stores at least once in your life. For example, if you have ever visited Mccafe you must have seen French vanilla coffee on it. The french vanilla coffee is becoming so popular that each brand in the world has started making it because of its speciality that is the combination of French vanilla with the coffee. But the question that arises it how can you make a perfect french vanilla coffee cup? The combination of French vanilla with the coffee; have you ever though what does it exactly mean? Or have you ever tried French vanilla coffee? What are the main ingredients that make it so special? Does french vanilla actually have coffee in it? Is there any way you can try it at home?

All these questions arise in the mind of buyer whenever he/she sees French Vanilla coffee for the first time. If you want answers to all these questions then you are at the right place. 

Let’s start!


Does French vanilla have coffee?

As it is obvious from the name, yes french vanilla coffee contains some amount of coffee in it. But if we talk about the French vanilla creamer then it does not have any coffee or caffeine in it. French vanilla coffee uses light or medium roast coffee beans that mixes with vanilla syrup to give a pure feel of french vanilla with the coffee flavor. If make perfectly it gives you a mouthful flavor of french vanilla with coffee. The unique combination of french vanilla with coffee is making it so popular all over the world. Due to its creamy, rich and unique taste; french vanilla coffee is becoming one of the most popular coffee drinks in the world specially in the United States. 

What is french vanilla coffee?

The first thing that might come to your mind while you listen to the term ‘French Vanilla’ is the french vanilla ice cream. You must have seen or heard about the Frenh vanilla ice cream atleast once in your life. This is how the flavor of french vanilla coffee was originated. 

French vanilla coffee

The french vanilla ice cream was named because it was first made by the French people using the vanilla ice cream. The way it was made, and the ingredients used in it made it so special that it became popular with a very short time around the world. People all around the world started adopting this recipe. They started using this recipe in their drinks or ice creams. 

When we talk about French vanilla coffee then it can be either two of these things:

1. French vanilla coffee beans:

The first one is french vanilla beans. The french vanilla beans are coffee beans that are usually medium or light roast. If you are a dark roast lover, then you must not worry there are many different branks in the market right now that are offering french vanilla coffee with dark roast. You can easily select them. These coffee beans have french vanilla flavor indulged in it. It becomes a perfect combination of coffee with the french vanilla taste. Because this type of french vanilla coffee is made by using french vanilla coffee beans that is why it is much on the coffier side. The coffee beans have small holes in their surface that are filled with vanilla. The overall flavor of this coffee is neither sweet nor bitter. It tastes well because of the ingredients that are used in it. The unique flavor of vanilla coffee by using vanilla coffee beans is famous because it gives a mouthful even on its first time. You can do flavoring and modify your coffee as you want. You can add vanilla drops as much as you like. You can also add hazelnut if you want. Cream is not preferred because it makes the coffee very thick. 

2. French vanilla syrup:

The second one is the french vanilla syrup. This method is usually different from the other makings, especially from french vanilla coffee beans that we discussed earlier. The making of french vanilla syrup is very simple. All you need to do is to heat sugar and water until it gets thick. Make sure that the hearth is on low heat otherwise you are going to get a burnt taste in your coffee. The next step is to add the vanilla pods over the entire mixture add the pods slowly and mix it well. Now, you have to cock it again until the mixture gets thick. Remember, you do not have to burn the mixture. This is it, you have successfully made the French vanilla syrup and use it whenever you want. Some coffee shops by just mixing hazelnut and vanilla give it name of french vanilla coffee. So, it is better that you make it by yourself at your home.

How can you make a perfect cup of French Vanilla coffee at home?

After knowing that you can make a perfect cup of French vanilla coffee for you by yourself. The next step is to know the exact steps that you need to know if you are going to make french vanilla coffee at home. The overall procedure is simple but it need a little bit of attention that can help you make a perfect cup of french vanilla coffee.

There are three major things that can help you make French vanilla coffee at home:

  1. Vanilla filled coffee beans
  2. French vanilla syrup
  3. Regular coffee creamer

After getting things that are required for the creation of your french vanilla coffee. The next step is to start making your french vanilla coffee:

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to take the french vanilla coffee beans that are mostly filled with vanilla and turn them into the ground coffee. It is very important because you will not be able to get your coffee until you turn the coffee beans into the ground coffee.
  2. There are different ways that can help you turn your coffee beans into the ground coffee. The first one is by using the espresso machine that has already built in grinder in it. By puting your coffee beans inside the grinder and turning the power button on will help you getting ground coffee beans. You can also grind the coffee beans without a grinder. To do this, you can use a blender or any other mechanical machine that can help you grind your coffee beans. Moreover, if you are not interested in grinding coffee beans then you can also use pre-grinded french vanilla coffee beans. 
  3. Once you have your grounded coffee beans in hand, you can start the brewing process of your coffee. You can use brewing process you want but the most preferable and easy method according to me is the Chemex brewing method. If you do not want to use this, you can use any method you want there are no restrictions. 
  4. The brewing is simple. All you need to do is to clean your machine. Make sure that no residue is remained in the coffee machine. Otherwise, it can contaminate with the coffee and spoit its taste. Put your grounded coffee into the machine and start the brewing process.
  5. Once the brewing process is finished. The next step is to add the french vanilla syrup into the coffee. You can add as much you want. But one tablespoon is enough to get a perfect french vanilla coffee. Remember that adding more and more french vanilla syrup will make your coffee sweeter and sweeter. 
  6. The last step is to add a splash of regular or french vanilla coffee creamer into your coffee. You can use any type of creamer you want from the market but french vanilla coffee creamer is more preferred. You can buy them from the market or make it yourself at your home.

This is it, your french vanilla coffee is ready!

How to mix French vanilla flavor with coffee?

The most simple method to mix French vanilla flavor with your coffee is by adding a amount of vanilla extract into your coffee after the brewing process has done. It is suggested to add tiny  amount of these extract to give it a flavor if french vanilla. If you try to add more amoun then it is possible that you may loose the coffee taste. So, it is better to add a decent amount of vanilla extract. Moreover, you can also use french vanilla creamer or the normal creamer that will help you get a perfect french vanilla coffee. As mentioned before, to keep the original taste of coffee in touch. Try not to add too much amount of these extracts and creamers. 

What types of coffee beans are used in French Vanilla coffee?

The coffee beans used in French vanilla coffee are light, medium or dark roasts that can be prepared naturally or artificially. In most of the cases, french vanilla coffee is in light or medium roasts but some brands in the market have now started offering the dark roasts in french vanilla coffee as well. depending on how sweet you want your french vanilla coffee to be, you can choose the roast. The lighter the roast is, the sweeter it is. If you want your coffee to be sweeter than choose the light roast, otherwise if you want a proper feel of coffee that gives you a hit in the morning, you should choose dark roast. 

The most common type of roast used in French vanilla coffee is the medium roast because it gives you a balanced taste with vanilla flavor. It is neither too much on the sweeter side nor too much on the bitter side. The overall flavor becomes very balanced and you can enjoy a perfect taste of french vanilla coffee. 

How do big brands make French vanilla coffee?

French vanilla coffee is so famous that it can be seen in every American coffee shop. Big brands like McDonald’s, Dunkin’donuts, Tim Hortons, Starbucks all have their own way of making french vanilla coffee.

BrandPreparationMake it at home
Macdonald’s Made with French syrup Yes, by adding french vanilla syrup 
Dunkin’donuts Made with french vanilla syrup Yes, by adding french vanilla syrup or french vanilla coffee beans 
Tim Hortons Made with instant coffee powder Yes, with coffee powder or ground coffee  
Starbucks Made with vanilla syrup Yes, with vanilla coffee syrup

From the above table, it is clear that every brand has its own method of making French vanilla coffee. Even though they all have a special flavor, most of them have used french vanilla syrup to make it more sweet and more delightful.

Let’s see how you can make French vanilla coffee at home with the taste like these brands:

1. McDonald’s

It is super easy to make French vanilla coffee at home like McDonald’s. All you have to do is to add homemade french vanilla syrup.

If you don’t want to bother yourself with making syrup at home, you can get yours from

You may also visit McCafe French Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods (which is also on amazon). These pods will give you a fantastic cup of coffee in less time.

2. Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts makes their French vanilla coffee by using coffee beans. If you want exact taste if Dunkin’ Donuts, you have to buy flavored coffee beans on

These flavored coffee beans will give you the taste of French vanilla coffee beans without adding any additional thing.

If you are interested in pods, you can buy Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla Coffee K-Cup Pods. This will give you instant coffee within no time.

3. Tim Hortons

There are various ways to have a cup of coffee with the taste like Tim Hortons. Below are the options to get you coffee at home:

4. Starbucks

Starbucks uses French vanilla syrup to make their French vanilla coffee. If you are interested to make you coffee at home you can avail one of the following options mentioned below: 

With various ways the big brands make vanilla coffee, you can easily make your own at home by using vanilla syrup, extract, or vanilla coffee creamer.   

What are some famous French vanilla recipes?

There are few wonderful recipes available to make an amazing French vanilla coffee cup at home. These are following:

  1. Iced Vanilla latte
  2. Vanilla iced coffee
  3. Iced blonde vanilla latte
  4. Vanilla sweet cream brew

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How strong is French vanilla?

The strength of a French vanilla coffee cup depends upon the brand and the way it is made.

For instance, an instant coffee might contain 150mg of caffeine. On the opposite, Tim Hortons small cup of French vanilla coffee could have 6mg of caffeine in one fl. oz. with a 10-oz. cup packing with 60mg of caffeine in it.

A store named, French Vanilla Coffee K-Cup might contain anywhere from 100 to 140 mg of caffeine.

For example, a brand named Volcania French vanilla is formulated from pure Arabica coffee. They offer good, mediocre, and even crude ground coffee that produce high-end taste.

But this doesn’t mean that French vanilla coffee has a stronger taste than other brews. For example, it has a lower caffeine level than espresso as a cup of it is mixed with syrup and cream.

What are the ingredients used to make french vanilla coffee?

The French vanilla coffee contains vanilla syrup and creamer. The ingredients of both are same.

The ingredients may vary from brand to brand. The powder based French vanilla creamer contains water, milk, sugar, palm oil, sodium citrate, salt, Mono+diglycerides, carrageenan, Dipotassium phosphate, sodium and artificial flavors. The syrup is sweeter than creamer as it has pure sugarcane, corn syrup, glycerin, water, potassium sorbate, caramel and citric acid.

If you want to make your own syrup at home in under 5 minutes, use condensed milk, milk, sweet, and vanilla extract. These will build a syrup that will give your coffee a pure and delicious taste similar to that french vanilla coffee made by brands.

Is there any sugar-free or fat-free french vanilla coffee?

If you prefer sugar-free or fat-free French vanilla coffee, there are various options available. 

For instance, you must visit CoffeeMate’s French vanilla creamer for a sugar-free coffee as it contains only 20 calories, and is fat-free. It has zero sugar in it that is thrice lowered to make it rich like that of milk. Instead of such a thing, it still boasts its lactose and gluten free ingredients.

Another option is International Delight that is perfect to start your morning with no sugar.

In the last, Nestle brand makes powdered coffee that contains zero sugar which is essential for the lifestyle of people who want a fat free lifestyle.  

How does french vanilla coffee differ from other popular drinks?

French vanilla coffee differs from other popular drinks in various ways. As compared to the other drinks, it is much richer in taste, more creamer, full-bodied, and sweeter than regular drinks.

1. Iced or hot coffee and French vanilla coffee

Iced or hot coffee gives a feeling of plainness as compared to the French vanilla coffee, that will give an aftertaste of vanilla.

2. A latte vs French vanilla coffee

A latte without syrup makes the base of French vanilla coffee. 

3. A caffe Macchiato vs French vanilla coffee

A french vanilla coffee which is creamy and sweeter that energizes the person who drinks it is paler and stronger than the ordinary macchiato caffe which is just an espresso shot coloured with a small amount of milk.

4. Cappuccino vs French vanilla coffee

Crossing the border or the pond in Canada, a coffee that is filled with extra cream, sugar and sweetness is stronger and more romantic.


To wind up the discussion, a coffee that is mixed with french vanilla energies a person who drinks it. You can order yours from Starbucks, Tim Hortons, McDonald’s or anywhere you want. You can make it at home by adding vanilla syrup, cream and extracts.

French vanilla coffee is richer and stronger than that of ordinary drinks i.e. iced or hot coffee, cappuccino, macchiato, or latte.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make french vanilla coffee at home?

Yes, you can make your French vanilla coffee easily at home by adding vanilla syrup, cream and extracts. 

Is there any caffeine in French vanilla coffee?

Yes, French vanilla coffee has caffeine in it which is similar or less than regular coffee because it is either regular coffee or latte with syrup.

Is sugar used in French vanilla coffee?

Yes sugar is used in French vanilla coffee to make it sweeter than ever before

Does fat-free french vanilla coffee exist?

Yes, fat-free French vanilla coffee exists. Those who prefer a lifestyle with zero fat or sugar can avail a fat-free French vanilla coffee.

What makes French vanilla coffee a real french vanilla?

A vanilla essence is the core of French vanilla coffee that gives its aftertaste of vanilla. This vanilla extract makes French vanilla coffee a real french vanilla.

How much milk do you need to make french vanilla coffee?

We need not more than a cup of milk to make French vanilla coffee.

What makes a French vanilla latte different than the ordinary vanilla latte?

French vanilla latte is different from the ordinary one because it has hazelnut syrup which makes it a bit more buttery, and creamy. 

How to make Tim Horton’s french vanilla coffee at home?

You can make Tim Horton’s french vanilla coffee at home by using Tim Hortons instant coffee powder, K-Cup pods or even flavored ground coffee.

How to make Starbucks french vanilla coffee at home?

You can make Starbucks french vanilla coffee by using vanilla syrup or we can use Starbucks K-Cup Pods to make french vanilla coffee.

Which type of roast is French vanilla coffee?

French vanilla coffee can be Light or medium roasted.

Can you make french vanilla coffee without milk?

Yes you can make french vanilla coffee without milk.

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What makes french vanilla coffee different from regular coffee?

French vanilla coffee is different from the regular coffee because it has less caffeine in it.

Is French vanilla coffee available in dark roast?

Yes, French vanilla coffee is also available in dark roast. There are few brands that offer dark roasted french vanilla coffee to those who want it.

What does French vanilla coffee taste like?

French vanilla coffee is Creamier and slightly sweeter.

What is the perfect way to enjoy French vanilla coffee?

To enjoy french vanilla coffee in the perfect way, use high quality beans, prepare it well, add cream or milk, add sugar as per your desire and then serve in a mug.

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