what is nespresso decaf coffee

Almost all of us love coffee and crave it before breakfast or after dinner. But some people cannot have coffee at night despite badly wanting to have it because the caffeine content in their coffee hinders their sleep. The caffeine content in coffee is not only responsible for disturbing your sleep, but too much caffeine is also not good for your health. So, Nespresso has solved this problem by introducing decaf capsules in their line.

What is decaf coffee, and how is it made?

Decaf coffee means coffee that has caffeine content extracted from it. But the decaffeinated coffee will still have 1-2% of its caffeine. The decaffeination of coffee beans takes place through three processes.

1. With water

In case of water, the green coffee beans are washed and rinsed again and again in boiling water before roasting them. The caffeine content of green coffee beans gets dissolved in water, and the repeated washing and rinsing decaffeinated them.

2. With Benzene

While in the case of chemical methods, benzene was the first agent used for this purpose, the companies later stopped using it because research showed that it was a carcinogen. Later on, methylene chloride and ethylene acetate were introduced as decaffeinating agents. However, there are still some controversies about the use of these chemicals, and some researchers think these chemicals are harmful too.

3. Sparkling Water Method

The third method is also known as the “Sparkling Water Method,” in which the CO2 is highly compressed and converted into liquid form. After this, the coffee beans are placed in that liquid for a long time which results in the extraction of caffeine from them. But this is a very costly and lengthy process.

Does Nespresso make decaf coffee capsules?

Yes, Nespresso makes its decaf coffee capsules for its lines of Originalline and Vertuo machines. Here we will discuss some Nespresso decaf coffee capsules and all their features to acknowledge you entirely about them.

Top 10 Flavored Nespresso Decaf capsules

1. Arpeggio Decaffeinato

Arpeggio Decaffeinato is definitely for those more interested in intense and creamy flavors. The blend of Costa Rican and Latin American Arabicas in this coffee gives it an intense chocolaty flavor maintained throughout the decaffeination process.

Type of coffeeBlend of malty Costa Rican and Latin American Arabicas
Tasting NotesChocolaty and cereal flavor
Compatible devicesNespresso Originalline machines
Aromatic NotesCereal and melted notes
RoastDark roast
Cup sizes1.35 oz
Volume40 ml
Intensity Level9
Caffeine ContentLess than 2 mg

2. Melozio Decaffeinato

Nespresso Vertuo Melozio Decaffeinato

This is a medium-roasting coffee for those who love the sweetness in their drink. The bitterness level of this coffee is shallow, and the rich flavor is maintained through medium roasting to keep the essence intact.

Type of coffeeBlend of Latin American Arabicas
Aromatic NotesCereal and nutty notes
RoastMedium Roast
Cup sizes7.77 oz
Volume230 ml
Intensity Level6
Caffeine Content12 mg
Price$39.00 per capsule
Tasting NotesHoney and cereal sweetness
Compatible MachinesNespresso Vertuo Machines

3. Gourmesso Duchess Decaf

Gourmesso Decaf Coffee Capsules

We all love chocolate, and sometimes we cannot let our chocolate craving go even when we have a coffee, right? And this coffee is the perfect example of health and flavor together, as decaffeination is healthy for you, and the chocolate flavor hits you the right way.

Type of coffeePeruvian Arabica Beans
Aromatic NotesChocolaty notes
RoastDark Roast
Cup sizes0.7 oz-2.6 oz
Volume20 ml-76 ml
Intensity Level4
Caffeine Content0.2 mg
Price$24.99 per capsule
Tasting flavorCreamy and chocolaty
Compatible MachinesNespresso Originalline Machines

4. Lavazza Decaffeinato Ricco

Lavazza Decaffeinato Ricco gives you an intense and rich flavor with the perfect blend of Brazilian Arabica and South American Robusta. You will get the perfect combination of sweetness with a full-bodied, velvety coffee in these capsules.

Lavazza Decaffeinato Capsules
Type of coffeeBlend of Brazilian Arabica, and Southeast Asian Robusta
Aromatic NotesCereal and nutty notes
RoastDark Roast
Cup sizes1.35 oz
Volume40 ml
Intensity Level6
Caffeine Content0.1 mg
Price $42.98
Tasting NotesCereal and Dry fruits
Compatible MachinesNespresso Originalline Machines

5. Starbucks Decaf

If you are just like me, who is a fan of nutty and chocolaty flavor in their coffee, then you on the right place. Starbucks Decaf can be the perfect match for your taste buds as the decaffeination will not affect the like, and you will still get the smooth and creamy texture in these capsules.

Starbucks Decaf Caffé Ground Coffee
Type of coffeeBlend of Latin American and Asian beans
Aromatic NotesRich bitter notes
RoastDark Roast
Cup sizes12 oz
Volume355 ml
Intensity Level11
Caffeine Content2 mg
Tasting NotesNut and cocoa flavor
Compatible MachinesNespresso Originalline Machines

6. Bestpresso Decaffeinato

Some people are fond of sweetness in their coffee, but some love a burst of tastes like a mixture of acidity and sweetness to soothe their palette. Bestpresso Decaffeinato has the perfect blend of edge, nuttiness, and a bang of chocolaty flavor.

Bestpresso Coffee for Nespresso Coffee Pods
Type of coffeeBlend of naturally decaffeinated beans
Aromatic NotesNutty and Chocolaty
RoastMedium Roast
Cup sizes1.35 oz
Volume40 ml
Intensity Level5
Caffeine Content2-6 mg
Tasting NotesAcidic and creamy
Compatible MachinesNespresso Originalline Machines

7. Peet’s Coffee Decaffeinat

The first thing that attracts us when we enter a café is the mesmerizing fragrance of coffee. If a coffee smells good, you will get attracted to it. This coffee has a rich and roasted almondy aroma that will make you drool over it.

Peet's Coffee K-Cup Pods
Type of coffeeBlend of American and Indo-Pacific beans
Aromatic NotesFragrant and nutty
RoastMedium Roast
Cup sizes8 oz
Volume237 ml
Intensity Level9
Caffeine Content2.4 mg
Tasting FlavorChocolate, crushed spice, and rich fruit
Compatible MachinesNespresso Originalline Machines

8. L’Or Decaf

The best thing about Nespresso decaf pods is that they have a wide variety to offer. L’Or Decaf is specifically designed for those who love woody or earthy essence in their coffee. The fantastic combination of roasted almond and the woody flavor will make you wonder why you are not adding it to your daily routine.

L'OR Espresso Capsules,
Type of coffeeBlend of Colombian Arabicas
Aromatic NotesWoody and roasted almond notes
RoastMedium Roast
Cup sizes7.77 oz
Volume230 ml
Intensity Level9
Caffeine Content2 mg
Tasting FlavorNutty and earthy flavor
Compatible MachinesL’Or Barista System and Nespresso Originalline Machines

9. Maud’s Honey Decaf

Maud’s Honey Decaf is a complete package of flavors packed together in a tiny capsule to take you on a ride where you will get punched by spicy, sweet and sour taste altogether. The perfect ratio of honey, citrus and molasses can end your struggle and you will get the exact flavor that you have been looking for.

Maud’s Honey Decaf
Type of coffeeBlend of South American Arabicas
Aromatic NotesCocoa and roasted cereal notes
RoastDark Roast
Cup sizes8 oz
Volume237 ml
Intensity Level10
Caffeine Content0.3 mg
Tasting FlavorsHoney, spice, citrus, and molasses
Compatible MachinesNespresso Originalline Machines

10. Cap’Mundo

Cap’Mundo is a blend of Arabica and Robusta from Latin America that has a combination of sour and sweet flavors. You will get a chocolaty and citrusy taste at the same time with a rich and intense flavor in this coffee.

Type of coffeeBlend of Latin American Arabicas and Robusta
Aromatic NotesCitrus and chocolate notes
RoastDark Roast
Cup sizes3.72 oz
Volume110 ml
Intensity Level3
Caffeine Content3.7 mg
Tasting FlavorCitrusy and Savory
Compatible MachinesNespresso Originalline Machines

What are the best Nespresso Original Decaf pods?

Nespresso has two lines of machines, i.e., Vertuo and Originalline. We already know these machines have specifically designed pods that we cannot use in any other device. Here we will see the features of some best Nespresso Original Decaf pods that you can only operate in the Nespresso Original line machine.

What are the best Nespresso Vertuo Decaf pods?

As discussed earlier, Nespresso pods can only be used in their respective machines. So Nespresso Vertuo Decaf pods are also available that can be used for Vertuo machines to give you the best decaf coffee ever. Here are a few best Nespresso Vertuo Decaf pods, along with their features, to give you a better idea about them.

Best Nespresso Vertuo PodsIntensityCaffeine ContentCup SizeTasting notesGet them
Melozio Decaffeinato612 mg7.77 ozHoney and CerealSee it on amazon
Fortado Decaffeinato810 mg5 ozWoody and ChocolatySee it on amazon
Altissio Decaffeinato911 mg1.35 ozRoasted and ChocolatySee it on amazon

What are the best Nespresso decaf pods Starbucks?

The best thing about Starbucks pods is that they can be used in all Nespresso machines, whether Vertuo or Originalline. Starbucks is well-known for its unique flavors, and you can even get Nespresso decaf pods from Starbucks that have the classic taste of Starbucks and are compatible with all Nespresso machines.

How to choose the best Decaf Nespresso capsules?

1. Cup sizes

The first thing that you should keep in mind while buying a decaf Nespresso capsule is the Nespresso pod cup size, i.e., how much volume of the coffee it will provide you. If you want your coffee in a small volume, you should opt for decaf pods with fewer cup sizes, and if you want a large cup of coffee with the same intensity as the smaller one, then you should choose the pods with larger cup sizes.

2. Machine compatibility

Specific Nespresso capsules are designed for specific machines, which cannot be used in other machines due to their compatibility issues. So, while buying a decaf pod, you should see which machine you have. For example, if you have a Nespresso Vertuoline machine, you should only buy the pods made for Vertuo, as the pods made for Originalline or any other machine will not fit.

3. Intensity

Different pods have different intensities, and everyone has priorities concerning this factor. The intensity of decaf capsules usually ranges between 3-12 and you can choose any of them depending on how intense you want your coffee to be.

4. Roast

The coffee beans are roasted to give them an intense and dark flavor. The roasting level is low to high, and people who love bitterness in their coffee can choose highly roasted capsules. While those who love their coffee to be a little sweet can go for a light roast, and medium-roasted beans are perfect for those who love the balanced flavor in their coffee.

5. Flavor and aromatic profile

Flavor is the key as people are crazy about different flavors introduced by Nespresso, whether for its Vertuo or Originalline machines. Some pods have chocolaty aromatic notes, while some have a spicy touch in their flavors. So, you can choose any of the capsules depending on which flavor and aromatic profile you like.

What Recipes can you make with Nespresso decaffeinated capsules?

If you are switching towards decaffeinated capsules and are concerned about having limited flavor options, then you should stop worrying. Because there are a lot of delicious Nespresso coffee recipes that you can make using these capsules. We are mentioning a few recipes that will give you a rich flavor and are healthy for you.

  1. Nespresso Decaf Arpeggio Chocolate Noir.
  2. Nespresso Decaf Arpeggio Coco Chiller Recipe.
  3. Decaf Vanilla Macchiato.
  4. Nespresso Decaf Intenso Planalto.
  5. Decaf Honey Cappuccino.
  6. Decaf Vanilla Latte: Starbucks
  7. Decaf Macchiato Starbucks
  8. Decaf Frappuccino.

Are Nespresso decaf pods for you?

Nespresso Decaf pods are perfect for perfection as the reduced caffeine content eliminates the chances of many lethal diseases. If you are one of those who cannot quit drinking coffee but are concerned about the caffeine content in it, then Nespresso Decaf pods are the best option for you.

Where to buy Nespresso decaf pods?

Nespresso machines follow strict instructions regarding the identification of capsules used in them. Nespresso Vertuoline machines expressly do not accept any capsules manufactured by third parties, so you only have to use actual Nespresso vertuo pods made for it. Here are some websites from where you can get the Nespresso pods:

But except for Nespresso’s official site, Amazon is the most trusted platform with millions of positive reviews and satisfied customers.

Why is decaf coffee more expensive?

Decaf coffee is more expensive because there are additional steps involved in manufacturing this coffee. Regular coffee is usually grown and sent to the companies where their roasting and packaging are completed.

But in the case of decaf coffee, the beans are sent to specialized decaffeination companies which use different methods to extract the caffeine from those coffee beans. Besides this, cargo charges are also involved, which take the beans to the companies and get them back. So, the expense of $1 is increased for each pound of decaffeinated coffee compared to the normal one. This is the reason decaf coffee is more expensive.

Why should you drink decaf coffee?

Although decaf coffee is not entirely caffeine free, the caffeine content in decaf coffee is 97% less than regular coffee. We will discuss some benefits of drinking decaf coffee for your health that will help you to choose whether you should add decaf coffee to your daily routine.

1. Detoxification:

 Foreign particles and free radicals in our body are released due to anxiety and stress and are unsuitable for our health. The vitamin B3 in decaf coffee detoxifies those free radicals and helps you feel better.

2. Reduces Risk of Diseases

Having decaf coffee is good for your health as it reduces the chances of many diseases such as cancer, type II diabetes, and heart-related diseases in your body. 

3. Enhanced Memory

Polyphenols are present in decaf coffee that help to boost your memory. Usually, people suffer from memory loss or reduced memory with time. But you can get rid of dementia’s early onset with decaf coffee. So coffee slows down your aging process, and the chances of dementia and Parkinson’s disease are also reduced.

4. Improved Sleep

As we have discussed earlier, caffeine consumption can disturb your sleep if you have it at night. It will give your brain a confident boost that can keep you awake all night. So, decaffeinated coffee ensures better sleep.

5. Reduces acidity and heartburn

People consuming caffeine often suffer from issues like heartburn and acidity. But cutting out caffeine can get you relief from such problems as well.

6. Good for the bladder

Drinking a lot of coffee with high caffeine content can lead to critical situations like emptying your bladder multiple times. But a reduced caffeine content fan strengthens your bladder, and you may need to go fewer times.

7. You can consume more coffee.

Suppose you are consuming three cups of coffee daily, with 700 mg of caffeine in each cup. The calculations show that you are consuming a lot of caffeine, which is not suitable for your health. But if you are intaking decaffeinated coffee, the total caffeine content can range only up to 12 mg. That means now you can have even more than 3 cups per day without worrying about your health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do decaf coffee pods taste good?

Many of you will need help finding the visible difference between regular and decaf coffee flavors. But some people think there is a slight sourness and chalkiness due to its processing with chemicals.

Why is Nespresso discontinuing decaf?

Due to which Nespresso introduced Lungo in the market, decaf pods did not get an excellent response from the users, and the discontinuation of decaf pods was significant to make space for Lungo in the chart. 

Are decaf Nespresso pods decaf?

The decaf Nespresso pods contain 97% less caffeine than regular coffee. For example, if the caffeine content in a cup of decaf coffee is 7 mg, then it may be around 70-80 mg in a cup of regular coffee. So, you can say that decaf Nespresso pods are decaf.

How much caffeine is in each decaf Nespresso pod?

After all the processing of coffee beans, they still have some caffeine content left in them, and each Nespresso pod will have a caffeine content of around 2-6 mg.

What do the numbers on the Nespresso decaf capsules mean?

The numbers on Nespresso capsules are the Nespresso number scale or intensity level of the coffee in them. And the intensity level indicates the coffee’s flavor due to its roasting level.

Which Nespresso pod is decaffeinated?

The decaffeinated pods can easily be identified due to their red color. If you see a bundle of pods and are looking for the decaffeinated ones, then you should go for red, while caffeinated capsules are blue. Besides this, you can choose between two varieties of decaffeinated capsules, i.e., with intensity four or intensity 7-9. Some of the best Nespresso decaffeinated pods are

Do Nespresso decaf pods work with Keurig?

No, you cannot use a Nespresso decaf pod in Keurig coffee makers because both machines’ pods are incompatible. You have to buy specifically designed pods to use in their respective machines.

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Do Nespresso decaf pods work with instant pot coffee makers?

No, Nespresso decaf pods only work with Nespresso machines, and you have to use the Vertuo pods in Vertuoline and the Originalline pods in only Nespresso Originalline machines.

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