keurig coffee maker wont turn on

I assume something terrible is going on at home if you are here reading my blog. Things will go downhill from here for the rest of your day. To put it bluntly, having a Keurig that won’t drive you insane. We’ll be ready to leave with just one cup of excellent coffee. It is frustrating when the simplest things work differently than they should. The good news is that there is usually a solution to the problem, and you can get your Keurig back up and running in no time.

Keurig won’t turn onIn some models, check the brewer’s plug and switch. Details are below
Keurig won’t turn on after a power outageDisassemble the machine and reset the switch
Keurig won’t power on after descalingDisassemble the machine and reset the switch
Keurig isn’t heating water properlyTry descaling the Keurig coffee maker
Keurig brewer is leaking waterRealignment can fix the problem
Keurig is not brewing the right amountRemove the clogged stuff
Keurig is noisy when brewingMove the water storage tank
Keurig isn’t brewingWhen Keurig says, descale but won’t brew, you should descale the brewer
Keurig is not dispensing waterUse a different water source
Keurig keeps turning offChecks on/off features
Keurig coffee tastes burnt or bitterClean buildups in Keurig
Keurig says to add water, but it is fullThe solution is to clean the reservoir
Coffee grounds in the cupDon’t use softened water 


Keurig & how it works

Keurig is a single-serve coffee maker that uses pre-measured coffee grounds pods to brew a cup of coffee. To use the machine, you first fill the reservoir with fresh water, then insert a K-Cup pod into the machine. Once the pod is inserted, select your desired cup size and brewing strength. The device will heat up and brew the coffee, and you can enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee

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Why won’t my Keurig turn on?

If your Keurig won’t turn on, it could be due to a number of issues. Common causes include a faulty power cord, an issue with the outlet or power strip, or an issue with the internal components. If none of these seem to be the problem, a solution for you is explained below.

Keurig won't turn on

Step 1: Press Keurig’s Power Button

Keurigs feature power buttons or ON/OFF switches. The brewer’s control is on the rear or side of the bottom. Touchscreen Plus and 2.0 models have the power button in the bottom right corner. If the power button symbol is missing, your touchscreen may not operate. See my associated troubleshooting page.

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Step 2: Secure Plug-In Outlet

Unplug. Replug it. Push to secure the plug in the socket. Start the coffee maker.

Step 3: Test Another Outlet

If the Keurig doesn’t turn on, try another outlet. Use the outlet you just tried. Move the brewer to a kitchen wall outlet.

Step 4: Test Another Appliance in the Outlets

Your Keurig won’t turn on after two outlets. The brewer or kitchen power may be the issue. Plug a separate kitchen or portable gadget into one of the two outlets you tried to rule out power issues. If that gadget turns on, your coffee maker is broken. If the other appliance won’t turn on, it’s your electricity, not your Keurig. If so, check your circuit breaker levers. Kitchen breakers should be on. Reset it if it is off or neutral.

Step 5: Try Resetting

If the preceding methods don’t work, try a factory reset before contacting assistance. Reset buttons are rare in models.

Debugging the common problems in Keurigs

Problem 1 – Power outage makes Keurig unusable

Power outage makes Keurig unusable

Solution – Check the brewer’s plug and switch

After a blackout, the fuse box is probably the cause if your Keurig stopped functioning. A power surge might have damaged your Keurig if you didn’t turn the fuses to OFF or SAFETY before the energy was restored. You can attempt a brewer reset if you like. If it doesn’t work, you should contact Keurig’s customer service and explain what happened.

Check the Keurig brewer's plug and switch

Problem 2 – After descaling, Keurig won’t turn on

After descaling, Keurig won't turn on

Solution – Disassemble the machine and reset the switch

A device that has yet to be descaled recently might cause unexpected problems. A tripped thermal switch might be at blame if the machine turned off during the descaling cycle and now won’t turn back on. Assembling the machine again and resetting the switch is their advised remedy. It’s not a piece of cake! Moreover, doing so can render your guarantee null and invalid. If you are still under warranty with Keurig, please contact them first before attempting this. If your system overheats when descaling, consider leaving it inactive for 30-60 minutes to let it cool down.

Disassemble the machine and reset the switch

Problem 3 – Keurig leaks water

Keurig leaks water

Solution – Try descaling the Keurig coffee maker

Realign your water storage tank to fix the problem. Make sure the brewer’s seat is secure. It’s possible that needles used to pierce K cups will get clogged. For proper water flow through the K-cup, clean the exit needle hole with a paperclip. Use a few of these sanitized pods to de-gun your professional brewer. As opposed to competing brands, this one cleans. As part of a general coffee machine inspection, I also advise using a good descaling solution.

It’s essential that the K-cup pod you use fits your brewer properly and has a secure foil lid.

A broken O-Ring seal in the base of your Keurig maker might cause water to spill.

 Descaling the Keurig coffee maker

Problem 4 – Keurig is under or over-brewing

Keurig is under or over-brewing

Solution – Realignment can fix the problem

Check that the water tank is installed correctly to the Keurig’s base. If the brewer is appropriately positioned, sufficient water will flow into it.

If your water filter is clogged, you should get a new one. You need to replace the water filter.

The exit or entry needle might get clogged with debris. Use a paperclip to plug the hole left by the needle. You may wash all that unpleasant grime in your brewing chamber away with only one or two industrial-strength cleaning capsules. This is especially true if you own a commercial brewing Keurig model like the K150, K155, B150, B155, K2500, etc.

Realignment of Keurig Coffee maker

Problem 5 – Keurig is noisy when brewing

Keurig is noisy when brewing

Solution – Move the water storage tank

If your Keurig is on but making strange noises and not brewing enough beverage, the brewing needle is likely clogged and needs to be cleaned. If your Keurig is making odd clicking or popping sounds and won’t turn on, that’s not good. There may be extensive damage to the brewer’s inner workings.

Move the water storage tank

Problem 6 – Keurig won’t brew

Keurig won’t brew

Solution – Descaling the brewer 

If your Keurig is having brewing or water pumping issues, consider the following solutions:

Get the coffee maker hooked back up. The water storage tank needs to be moved. Therefore, we’ll have to raise and lower it. If the tank is in the right place and the reservoir is full, but it still won’t work, try cleaning the reservoir. Top and bottom exit needles may be cleaned using a paper clip. Take out the tank and tap the underside of the machine a few times to make sure it is level.

Descaling the Keurig brewer

Problem 7 – Failed to dispense water from Keurig

Failed to dispense water from Keurig

Solution – Use a different water source 

Problems with the coffee maker’s water supply are rather common, and the answer is simple: just use a different water source. If your Keurig isn’t brewing a complete cup of coffee or water, or if you’re getting grounds in your drink, try giving it a good cleaning. Notably, the k-cup hole and the exit needles. Descale your device now if you haven’t done it previously.

Problem 8 – The Keurig keeps powering off

Keurig keeps powering off

Solution – Checks on/off features

Make sure the timer has not been set and that the Auto ON/OFF feature has not been used if your Keurig keeps powering off.

Unfortunately, there is no quick repair for a Keurig that keeps powering off throughout the brewing process; in this case, you will need to contact customer service.

Checks on/off features

Problem 9 – Keurig coffee has a burnt or bitter flavor

Keurig coffee has a burnt or bitter flavor

Solution – Clean buildup in Keurig

Clean the k-cup holder, the exit needles, and the area around the holder if your Keurig coffee suddenly has a terrible flavor.

Oil buildups might be the cause of Keurig coffee’s bitter, burned, or otherwise undesirable flavor. This is why frequently cleaning all coffee-contact surfaces, including the removal of accumulated grounds and oil, is essential. Verify that it’s not the coffee by looking at the expiration date on the k-cups.

Clean buildup in Keurig

Problem 10 – Keurig does not heat up

Keurig does not heat up

Solution – System reset can help

If your Keurig isn’t warming water, the water pump or heating element may be the reason. The heating element will turn off to prevent overheating if the water pump fails to operate correctly.

A blocked water pump is a common source of maintenance issues. Therefore, it is recommended that you clean your machine, paying particular attention to the valve located at the bottom of the tank and the device itself where the tank attaches.

As an additional troubleshooting step, you can press and hold the brew button for a few seconds. This problem can be fixed by performing a system reset.

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Problem 11 – Keurig advises adding water, but it’s already full

Keurig advises adding water, but it's already full

Solution -The solution is to clean the reservoir

The solution is to clean the reservoir if there is already enough water in it and the reservoir is in the right area.

Take out the water storage tank and dump the water. Do a gentle soap and water wash by hand with a soft cloth, and then rinse.

It is also essential to inspect and clean the tank’s drain valve and the corresponding valve on the machine into which the tank is inserted. When the valve becomes obstructed, issues arise.

You can use tap, bottled, or filtered water (but not softened water) to refill the tank to the MAX fill line and then return it to the machine. Be careful to disinfect both of the needles at the exit as well.

Clean the Keurig reservoir

Problem 12 – Ground coffee in a cup

Ground coffee in a cup

Solution – Don’t use softened water

The fix is simple: Keurig machines can’t handle softened water. If you’re using paper filters and still finding coffee grounds in your drink, consider using bottled or tap water instead. Neither softened, nor distilled water is recommended for use in Keurig brewers.

To prepare the coffee maker for use, fill the reservoir with bottled or tap water, run several brew cycles without adding the k-cup, and then make the coffee. The issue should now be resolved.

It’s also vital to clean on a regular basis. Keep your machine and brew head clean for the best possible results.

How to descale a Keurig? Quick steps

1. Start by removing the K-Cup holder and drip tray from the Keurig. 

2. Fill the reservoir with a mixture of 1 part white vinegar and two parts water. 

3. Place a large mug on the drip tray and press the “6-oz” brew button. Allow the mixture to run through the machine and into the mug.

4. Discard the vinegar-water mixture and rinse the mug.

5. Refill the reservoir with fresh water and place the same mug back on the drip tray. 6. Press the “6-oz” brew button again and allow the water to run through the machine and into the mug.

7. Repeat Step 6 until the water runs clear. 

8. Discard the water, rinse the mug and replace the K-Cup holder and drip tray. 

9. Fill the reservoir with fresh water and press the “6-oz” brew button to make sure the Keurig is descaled.

Descale Keurig machine

If the Keurig still won’t turn on after those steps, what more can I try?

Keurig provides a variety of customer support options, including phone, email, online chat, and an online help center. Depending on your issue, you can contact them directly to troubleshoot your problem and find a solution.

Frequently Asked Questions – Keurig won’t turn on.

Do Keurigs have reset buttons?

No, Keurigs do not have reset buttons. However, you can reset a Keurig by unplugging it and plugging it back in.

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There is no switch on my Keurig. How do I turn it on?

The Keurig typically comes with an on/off switch located on the back or underside of the machine. If you are unable to find a switch, you can also turn it on and off by pressing the power button located on the top of the machine.

Why is my Keurig 2.0 not telling me that it needs more water?

It is possible that your Keurig 2.0 may be malfunctioning. It would help if you tried unplugging the machine and plugging it back in. If this does not work, you may need to take it in for servicing.

How to repair a faulty Keurig machine?

If your Keurig machine is not working as intended, there are a few steps you can take to try and repair it. First, try powering your machine off and on again to see if that fixes the issue. If that doesn’t work, you may need to contact Keurig’s customer support for assistance. You can reach them by phone or online, and they may be able to help you troubleshoot the issue or send you a replacement part. If the issue still persists or you don’t want to go through the hassle of getting it fixed, you may want to consider purchasing a new Keurig machine. There are many models available, ranging from basic single-serve models to more advanced espresso makers. Whatever your needs, you can find a Keurig machine that fits them.

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